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n total, there are 4 types of Pralayas:


1. NITYA PRALAYA : This takes place every moment, when the atoms that compose the various forms in the universe unite and disperse. e.g Birth and Death of animals, humans etc.


2. NAIMITTIKA PRALAYA : This takes place during Brahma's night in which the three worlds (Bhuh, Bhuvah and Suvah) continue to exist but are made uninhabitable. The souls of individuals also continue to exist to be reincarnated in the next daytime of Brahma. During that period Brahma holds within himself all the beings of the material and the celestial worlds in a suspended state and sleeps.


3. PRAKRITA PRALAYA : It takes place when Brahma completes his 100 years of life span. It is the change of the universe from its present to a latent condition and its dissolution in unmanifested nature, in which no evolution can take place until the dawn of a new manvantara. In this condition of dissolution, the Jivas remaining unliberated lie in a dormant state and get manifested again in the next creation. 


4. ATYANTIK PRALAYA : All forms, space, Maya, and time are absorbed into God and God alone remains. All 5 elements merged as follows: Earth->Water->Fire->Air->Sky->Maya->GOD/WAHEGURU. Anyone who actually merges with GOD can be said to be blessed with ATYANTIK kalyan because there is NO coming back to anything once merged with GOD.


Now, some of the mathematics is as follows:

The time of each yug is as follows:


Satya-yuga: 1,728,000 human/solar years OR 4,800 demigod years OR 4 charanas.

Treta-yuga: 1,296,000 human/solar years OR 3,600 demigod years OR 3 charanas.

Dvapara-yuga: 864,000 human/solar years OR 2,400 demigod years OR 2 charanas.

Kali-yuga: 432,000 human/solar years OR 1,200 demigod years OR 1 charanas.


1 cycle of 4 yugs = 1 Mahayug


1 day of Brahma = 1 Kalpa = 1000 Mahayugs = Life span of other devtas = 12,000 years of Devas = 14 manvantara periods each one lasting 71 Mahayugs


A day of Brahma equals

(14 times 71 mahayugas) + (15 x 4 Charanas)

= 994 mahayugas + (60 Charanas)

= 994 mahayugas + (6 x 10) Charanas

= 994 mahayugas + 6 mahayugas

= 1000 mahayugas


Brahma Life span = 100 Brahma years = 311 trillion and 40 billion human years


One interesting fact is that: 

1 human year = 1 day of Demigods (6 months day and 6 months night)


When the sun is in the southern side of the universe (summer in the Southern Hemisphere), the demons have day and demigods have night, and vice versa when the sun is in the Northern Hemisphere.


During our one human year, the devtas sleep for 6 months and danav wakes for that 6 months, and during the 6 months when devtas wake - denav sleeps.


The above might explain why some very old people say that good deeds done in particular month carry more fal/fruit/reward as compared to other months. Same thing as in taking bath during Amrit vela has more importance than during day.


According to Puranic accounts, we are now in the twenty-eight yuga cycle of the seventh manvatara period of the present day of Brahma. Brahma is in 51st year of his life span.


One more thing is that first 10,000 years of Kaliyug has increased Bhagti Influence. This is mentioned in mentioned in "Brahma Vaivarta Puran". 


Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji also mentioned that after some years of Kaliyug, all the tiraths of this world will cease to function, which mean they will NO longer provide good to visitors because the devtas providing the good will abandom the tiraths. 

Babaji has also confirmed that the current life of Kaliyug is around 5000 years.


bhul chuk de maffi

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