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21st century khalsa

Guest balwinderkaur

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Guest balwinderkaur

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

21st Century Khalsa

The Khalsa Panth (pre dominately males) from the majority that I have

Come across are a bunch of hotheads who are living in the past. In doing so have

forgotten what their very existence is about, who they represent and what

are our needs today.

The khalsa panth credit themselves of being AKAL POORKH KI FAUJ, they

believe they are God's army set out to protect humanity and earth’s very

existence. However instead many do not hesitate to kill a soul.

I do not believe that Guru Gobind Singh Ji created a force to sit and

Do nothing. I also do not believe Guru Ji taught us how to become violent

people, misfits in society.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji awoke a spirit within each and every one of us.

Guru Ji gave a cause to a belief, Guru Ji gave me the right to be who I am. If u

believe in saving animals from extinction is righteous or Godly then go do

it. If u believe in helping the poor, feeding the world or preventing AIDS

then go do it. Guru Ji has taught me that being a saint soldier is yes a

responsibility (as some would say) but for me being a saint soldier is

being Guru Ji himself. Guru Ji is my father and my father is who I wish to


To be like my father means to let go of my children, my wealth, my

health and more importantly my life. For Guru Ji is now my life and his

instruction is my command, his instruction is my breath.

Guru Ji has shown me that to love humanity and all its existence


not end on the battlefield. Today’s khalsa panth want to shed blood of one

another, want to prevent the progression of ones mind, instead of saving

lives, saving the whole eco system, they want to end it. Forgotten the Guru

Ji they have, they talk that Guru Gobind Singh Ji said this, Guru Ji said

that, we must do this, we must do that, Oppressive they have become, yet

they sprung out of oppression to remove such action, how now they oppress

us today.

They say to me why bother with dialog, bani has all the answers.

I do not dispute that bani has all the answers but why is it I do not see

the same faith in he who speaks it. Why is it the khalsa who says it loves

its Guru do everything but love the Guru. How can I love the Guru if I do

not see my beloved khalsa love the Guru.

Today’s khalsa think that raising the sword is their authority, their

right, but why help where help is not needed. Trees are falling, animals

are dying, babies are crying does this not matter to God's army, is this

not a righteous cause, they talk of responsibility, where has your

responsibility gone now?

You draw your sword against the weak. You keep talking but you do not

listen, help is needed but you keep talking. Your mind is somewhere else

you are stuck in the past likening yourselves to the true khalsa, the

khalsa that I seek, the khalsa that will love me for me, the khalsa that

protected humanity and all that came with it including me.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji I know loves me as he would not have sacrificed

his sons for me. He was the perfect master of his time, in tune with the lord.

If he is all he is said to be then I know he has already met me as he is

said to be the lord himself. If the lord was satisfied when he created me

then why does the khalsa his army look down on me as if I a

m the devil


I stress again how can I love my Guru if I am told he does not love me.

The khalsa today say they are not khals or pure then what has the lord

given you that he has not given me. Some would say Amrit. If that is the

case then I do not want this physical Amrit.

The Amrit that I want is the amrit that Guru Gobind Singh Ji begged

for. I want the amrit that will allow me to sacrifice my head. I want the amrit

that will allow me to be sawn in half. I want the amrit that will not let

my hair be cut, instead my scalp. I want the amrit that will allow me to

watch my children be cut into pieces. I want the amrit that will allow me

to watch my son’s heart get ripped out and put into my mouth. I want the

amrit that will allow me to give aid to my dying enemy. I want the amrit

that will never fire on a running enemy. More importantly I want the amrit

that will take me home to my father the SatGuru himself.


The Passage above was written by lad who had no intention of writing

it. He just sat there one say and starting writing with his pen because he thought

that there was someone in the same room as him who could have been listening! He knew not of what he was writing, but when he'd finished, he realised that the revelation was an extraordinary one indeed!!!

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!


the only way ppl are gna realise this is if we do sumthing about it n tell ppl wot the Khalsa is really here for. I think that this post has also brought me to my sences to what Khalsa really is, and that it is up to us to tell evry1 else wot it is. We Sikhs are born as leaders, and this will be a good way of showing it.

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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