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Is cryptocurrency worth it


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Guest Noone

Nah not worth it, it's like gambling. If u do do it, once invested don't get obsessed with looking at performance. Just leave it for a while and visit once in a while, otherwise will take over you like gambling does. I got caught up in it and currently seeing losses

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In response to your question - I dont know!

I started investing in to it myself from December 2022 and continue to put a little away. Its my first time doing this and I have spent alot of time researching different coins and what makes a successful investment. The truth is, yes it is a gamble, but any investment is a gamble.

Some key things I have learned that make a successful coin to invest in:

> Price - where has the price of the coin reached previously before?

> Narrative - does the coin provide a real world solution e.g. AI coins seem to be a good investment at the moment as thats the way the world is going

> Use case - is there a genuine use case for the coin which you can see in the future?

> New/Existing coin - the research that I completed suggests that its the new coins that have had no prior bull market exposure are the ones that gain the most and make the most profit


I thought I would try investing and take it a bit more seriously so I keep on top of the news and research. If I lose I lose but atleast I gave it a go. Understanding the market cycles is key to it all and being patient - don't expect to see any huge profits till mid 2024 - 2025.

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.

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Guest Mr Lynx

Some of us invested at the peak which was a poor decision, now markets are at the bottom so it's not a bad idea as you could easily 5x your investment with the top 10 projects!


Only invest in the reputable coins! Stay away from the get rich quick coins as they will nearly all collapse!



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