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This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Pannaa 43

isrIrwgu mhlw 5 ]

sireeraag mehalaa 5 ||

Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl:

GVI muhq kw pwhuxw kwj svwrxhwru ]

gharree muhath kaa paahunaa kaaj savaaranehaar ||

For a brief moment, man is a guest of the Lord; he tries to resolve his affairs.

mwieAw kwim ivAwipAw smJY nwhI gwvwru ]

maaeiaa kaam viaapiaa samajhai naahee gaavaar ||

Engrossed in Maya and sexual desire, the fool does not understand.

auiT cilAw pCuqwieAw pirAw vis jMdwr ]1]

out(h) chaliaa pashhuthaaeiaa pariaa vas ja(n)dhaar ||1||


e arises and departs with regret, and falls into the clutches of the Messenger of Death. ||1||

AMDy qUM bYTw kMDI pwih ]

a(n)dhhae thoo(n) bait(h)aa ka(n)dhhee paahi ||

You are sitting on the collapsing riverbank-are you blind?

jy hovI pUrib iliKAw qw gur kw bcnu kmwih ]1] rhwau ]

jae hovee poorab likhiaa thaa gur kaa bachan kamaahi ||1|| rehaao ||

If you are so pre-destined, then act according to the Guru's Teachings. ||1||Pause||

hrI nwhI nh ffurI pkI vFxhwr ]

haree naahee neh ddadduree pakee vadtanehaar ||

The Reaper does not look upon any as unripe, half-ripe or fully ripe.

lY lY dwq phuiqAw lwvy kir qeIAwru ]

lai lai dhaath pahuthiaa laavae kar theeaar ||

Picking up and wielding their sickles, the harvesters arrive.

jw hoAw hukmu ikrswx dw qw luix imixAw Kyqwru ]2]

jaa hoaa hukam kirasaan d

haa thaa lun miniaa khaethaar ||2||

When the landlord gives the order, they cut and measure the crop. ||2||

pihlw phru DMDY gieAw dUjY Bir soieAw ]

pehilaa pehar dhha(n)dhhai gaeiaa dhoojai bhar soeiaa ||

The first watch of the night passes away in worthless affairs, and the second passes in deep sleep.

qIjY JwK JKwieAw cauQY Boru BieAw ]

theejai jhaakh jhakhaaeiaa chouthhai bhor bhaeiaa ||

In the third, they babble nonsense, and when the fourth watch comes, the day of death has arrived.

kd hI iciq n AwieE ijin jIau ipMfu dIAw ]3]

kadh hee chith n aaeiou jin jeeo pi(n)dd dheeaa ||3||

The thought of the One who bestows body and soul never enters the mind. ||3||

swDsMgiq kau vwirAw jIau kIAw kurbwxu ]

saadhhasa(n)gath ko vaariaa jeeo keeaa kurabaan ||

I am devoted to the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; I sacrifice my soul to them.

ijs qy soJI min peI imilAw purKu sujwxu ]

jis thae sojhee man pee miliaa purakh sujaan ||

Through them, understanding has entered my mind, and I have met the All-knowing Lord God.

nwnk ifTw sdw nwil hir AMqrjwmI jwxu ]4]4]74]

naanak ddit(h)aa sadhaa naal har a(n)tharajaamee jaan ||4||4||74||

Nanak sees the Lord always with him-the Lord, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. ||4||4||74||

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