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    This entire discussion from the beginning was wrong: there is no such thing as a white Sikh, black Sikh, brown Sikh, chinese Sikh, or whatever color they look to you. A Sikh is a Sikh! When we mention color we forget this"Regonize the Human Race as One" Guru Gobind Singh Ji! Delete this topic.
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    Unlike other religious groups, the Christians employ very deceptive methods to spread their faith. Which ever religious group they intend to target they will dress like them, speak like them and act like them. In the case of Sikhs, they will look like a religious Sikh in order to fool other Sikhs because most Sikhs have respect for a Saabat soorat Sikh. Sikhs should arm themselves with knowledge of Sikhi and also of other religions. That is the only way to counter their deceptive parchar.
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    But veer Singhbj shouldn't we all strive to elevate our conscience to be ruhani from being sansari ? Isn't this the very purpose of sikhi - making manmukhs out of gurmukhs? BTW Thanks a lot for posting the link to the entire shabad.
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    Genuine Singh & Kaur https://www.facebook.com/khalsacouples/photos/pb.792613514098506.-2207520000.1412428378./808743542485503/?type=3&theater
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    Really? Is this anyway the great Buddha would speak? If you want to be a Buddhist, that's great, but actually follow what Buddha taught,(not being a hateful bigot).
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    Khalsa ji the bibi's you mentioned aren't members of Sikhsangat.com The topic is meant to motivate modern, western, young desi bibi's. Who feel that their punjabi families are hypocrites & liars when it comes to female gender equality.
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    Why they have to tilk di shastar??? Do the Shastar really need blood of animal??? Animal blood satisfy Shastar I thought satguru guru Gobind Singh ji took sword to protect innocent people against zulam (gau gareeb de rakheya karni)? If the sword really need blood nihang Singh should kill modi or some other criminals instead of innocent animals
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    Outcome havan pooja was to open so called Brahmin eyes veer ji baman khende se guru ji tusi nah fight karro Devi tuhade sare kam Khud kare gi tusi havan karwaho guru ji neh eh Sara khed ehna deya akha kholan layi kitta because there is no naina Devi Durga was going to come and protect these baman jado kayi din havan hunda reya and guru ji ask the poojari where is your so called Durga then he pointed at baba ajit Singh ji And told guru ji kise sohnay balk de Bali daini pau Guru ji came in veer rass throw everything in the havan all the big smoke and fire came and Brahmin got all excited and happy Saying chandi pargat ho gayi guru ji took his sword and told everyone this is chandi Hun chandi nahi Khalsa pargat hau and gau gareeb de rakheya karru.
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    If he does thats his problem :lol2: I am a couple of light years away as of now.
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    Don't hope to become a Voldemort (or even a Dumbledore) through Gurbani. Do it for the benefit of your soul. That's all that matters.

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