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    Dear Guest Saddened hindu jee, it is really pitiful to listen to your painful experience in a Gurdwara along with your small 6 year old daughter. I have to remind all my sikh brothers and sisters, wherever they maybe, that all Gurdwaras are not ours but of Guru Jee, who are the embodiment of all love, mercy and kindness, towards all humanity without any prejudiices, that is their unparalel mahanta. We must keep in mind there are 2 driving forces in the creation, one that of the mind or negativity, and the other one, of the kirpa of Wahiguru. Nowadays, when we see our own youngsters and not so youngsters, going away from Sikhee, let us ask ourselves, is it not because of the negative impluses of their minds, due to whatever reasons that maybe? On the other side, we also know, none can enter a Gurdwara, the gateway of the Guru, without His kirpa, His hukum. So if this family of saddened Hindu, or any others as well, come into a Gurdwara, is it not by the hukum of Akal Purukh? If they or anybody enters with sharda, prem, by His hukum, it is because He wants them to listen some Sat Bachan from the Bani, which in some future may surely sprout the truth of Wahiguru in them, it is just a matter of time, as no Bachan of the Bani goes wasted. All the sangat in a Gurdwara without any distiction, are guests of Wahiguru, and we as sikhs have a duty towards them, in making their stay comfortable and most respectable as possible during that time being, but never ever with hatred or anger, it is a sign of disrespect towards Sachay Patshah Wahiguru, to illtreat or misbehave with His guests. Guest saddened jee, I can assure you, not all my brothers and sisters of our community are as bad as they may appear to be. We have ample proofs about it, whenever there are any disasters anywhere, our community are the first ones to go and succour those in distress. This is the main and real feature of humanity, implemented on us as selfless sewadars of Wahiguru Akal Purukh. A couple of weeks ago, there were heavy rainfalls in Mumbai, and it was our community who opened the doors of Gurdwaras to assist and help with food and water, those who were caught up in the high waters I am quite aware, no one can never ever change the world however the intentions are good, because human beings are most complicated and difficult creatures. They can be good as angles or bad as devils, because of the devlish fanatism and narrow mindedness, fueled by some fools, so to say. So as I told you, Sikhee is above all religions and fanatism. It is the polluted mind of those who misbehave, which impulses them to be so devlish and unhuman. Also I will tell you, if ever you come across others who talk badly of sikhs with hatred just like that, please contribute yourself by telling them also to remove that hatred from their minds, for blood can not wash blood, there has to be a full stop and a new begining of peace and harmony among all communities. We may fall down many a times, but nevertheless should give a try, because after all it is our good karam and bhakti which counts in the end. Guest jee, may God bless you. Sat Sree Akal.
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    My brother I took my time to reply to you because your comments hurt me and I was contemplating whether I should reply or not. But I came the conclusion that if I don't reply then I defeat the purpose of my visit here. Yes, I have a very smart 6 year old who has been evaluated as gifted and doing year 7 mathematics in year 1. Thankyou that you somehow acknowledge that I'm bringing up my child the right way when you say "good for you". Now when I wrote that half of the congregation were hindus with their head covered and bowed, you answered that maybe they should pick up some books and educate themselves. So if they are educated about the issues and have comtempt for Sikhs, Sikhism, Gurus and their teachings, what do you suppose they are doing there in the gurudwara? When I wrote History is documented, I meant that if any child goes on the internet and search for 1984 riots, he/she will come across lot of conflicting information. Same goes with the books. For the sake of this argument, let's take sides. Being a hindu I can quote you books written by hindus, civilians, military personnel n analysts & Caucasians, information on websites and blogs that document The atrocities hindus endured at the hands of Sikhs. Being a Sikh, I'm sure you can bombard me with links and information depicting the atrocities inflicted by hindus on Sikhs. That's why I wrote history is documented and suffers the bane of opinions & biases. Now if you yourself witnessed the horrors of 1984, who in their sanity can question the authenticity of the experience and its aftermath.Now our kids access these conflicting sources of information and approach their parents. How you handle that query and how you answer that inquisitiveness dictates whether your kid would hate mine just because they are of different beliefs. And this is why I'm here. I don't want that ti happen. Then you wrote "No it's the other way around" to the the question whether Sikhs hate hindus. And then you ask me to spare you my BS, tell me I'm lying and call me the worst of venemous snake hiding behind kind words. You chose to ignore the kind words, my approach, my demeanour and relied on your presumption to call me names and then went on to write "no it's other way around". Brother, Gurudwara - door/pathway to Guru. I was there. And you chose to ignore that. Hope you don't anymore feel that I'm someone using spurious IP addresses & trolling the public forums on Sikhism to spew venom and then come to party to have a heartwarming discussion. Your brother Siddharth
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    Hello Premi5 Just to answer your question without implying anything, NO I won't be happy if Sikhs were wiped out/become Hindus. Now that I have answered your question, here is my question. Why would you ask such a question of me after reading everything I have so far written here in this forum?
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    Dear Harsharan Your wisdom is heart-warming and your benevolence is contagious. Even though I can't be as eloquent as you, I concur with your comment in it's entirety. This is exactly why I am here. I'm not here to seek apology for what happened at the gurudwara. How can someone apologise for a thought process? And as you have commented how could the wisdom of bani go waste. I could already be a Sikh in the essence of the gurujis teachings. Harsharanji I don't have such a morose outlook of humanity that I would believe that all my Sikh brothers are the same. And you so very well epitomise that belief. As you've advised me to attempt to wash away the discord within the hearts of hindus I come across, this is my attempt to reach across to my Sikh brothers because I felt this hatred. And I decided that I have to do my part to alleviate this suffering. I look forward to more words of wisdom from you. Regards Siddharth
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    Simran How can you deduce from all the posts here so far, the words I used and how I articulated, that I'm painting all the Sikhs with the same brush. Why would I conjure up a story, look for a forum and then not spew venom? Do you think I have a thirst for apology or a false sense of propriety that I need to satiate by commenting in public forums? I'm not the apologist kind. I am a very confident individual at peace with my being because I have no malice and I believe in doing. Some or any action is superior to an inaction. To answer why I didn't approach the gurudwara committee I'll ask you a question instead. You aren't willing to believe in my story, interpreted my comments here in your own way despite them being unambiguous, believe that I had an ulterior motive by apparently making a mountain of a mole hill and "extending it into what it's not". All this presumption and ill will just through my inoccuous comments and you ask why I didn't approach a committee who would have approved the speech & the presentation thus possibly would have been the epicentre of the concern I have. I don't need to read my comments again to be sure that I didn't take any "sides". Neither did I point a finger or used a broad brush. To someone who has approached the supposed "other side" with his concern/feelings and someone who is trying to have a discussion to sow a seed of harmony against this dividing rancour, is " if you had any care for sikhi", "go to a different gurudwara" is all you can say. Please don't try to read between the lines because there is nothing. I'm writing plainly and respectfully. Just take my words and the concern they are expressing in an absolute way. I am not here to imply. If I want to say that all gurudwaras are discriminating, I'll write it exactly like that. To forget history is the biggest mistake. It is our responsibility that our progeny is aware of our roots and history. Just like you, I too have no influence over the my whole community, their actions and their thought process. But the whole "hindu community" has not approached this forum and neither am I representing them. So please don't presume my thoughts, my intentions and connotations of the words I use to express myself. Kindly make an exception & extend me the benefit of doubt and then have a discussion. Much regard Siddharth
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    Ajeet...what do you think I'm doing here in this forum my brother? Seeking apology? For what? And you say it takes two to tango and in same breath you say don't go to gurudwara, no one is forcing you. Brother...ek haath se taali nahi bajti...I'm requesting you to not hurt...and you are telling me to introspect...what do you think I have done that I'm here? Who is blaming sikhs? Did I even mention it? How did you deduce it? Mere bhai...taali meri gaal pe baja ke kuch shanti milti ho to aisa hi sahi... I can't stop words coming from your mouth just like you couldn't in case of your hindu friend. But I also would have not let go the opportunity to put him on his behind if he had committed such disrespect. I can't stop what MY RSS is doing and you can't rein in the conduct of various factions in SGPC. Circle of concern and circle of influence. We have our concerns Ajeet about which we can't do anything but what are we doing with issues that we have influence on? This is why Im here. We should be doing our bit to reduce this hatred by inviting eachother my brother. Not push away by saying no one is forcing you to go to gurudwara. It takes two to tango. I am here my brother with open mind and open heart.
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    There is so much pain, so much hatred, so much anger... it is horrible, just sickening, zombies having thirst for blood. Found these soothing words, may those who so wish, take advantage from their contents and calm themselves, there is no need to set fire, from no one, from no side. If you have wisdom, you don’t have to go through pain to learn. We go through pain because we lack wisdom. But remember that you will come out of pain or hurt at some time or the other. It is important for one to have a larger context to life. When you have a larger context, then trivial things don’t really bother you. They are like waves on the surface of the ocean – they rise and fall. So, if you are in pain, or have been hurt, here are the four ways of looking at the situation that will ease your pain! 1) The one who has hurt you is pained Many a times, people cause hurt to others because they have scars, and they are unhappy and miserable. They can only share what they have. They are hurt and they are sharing the hurt with you. You might think that these people are hurting you purposely, but in fact it is because they do not have happiness inside them, they don’t have joy or peace. They have pain inside them, which is why they are causing you hurt. So, what should the wounded party do? Compassion. You have to be compassionate to those who hurt you, because they are wounded themselves. 2)The one causing you hurt is just ignorant There are people who hurt others out of sheer ignorance. They are not sensitive and they are not aware that their actions are hurting others. They don’t know themselves and they don’t know what they are doing. They are ignorant and arrogant. You can only feel sorry for them and hope that someday they will become sensitive and intelligent. 3)You’re hurting, because It is just karma You had to get this hurt, and if not this person, then someone else would have given it to you. You must have caused some hurt to someone in the past, so nature is bringing it back to you now. When you know that it's just the karma being repaid, you feel very settled. 4)It is being done to make you strong Nature is bringing this pain to you so that you become strong, so that you discover the strength and power within you. Usually, when a pole is being installed, after the installation, they shake the pole to check whether it is rooted well enough or not. Hurt is just that, to see whether you are well established in yourself, whether you are in wisdom or not. Every hurt is trying to shake you, to see whether you are strong or not. It tests your strength. It is to make you stronger. If you think a wise person or someone intelligent is hurting you, then you should be thankful because there is some purpose in that. They want you to be strong. If your mother is scolding you, she is not doing it with bad intentions. If your father is scolding you, you can’t say, “Oh my father hurt me! My mother hurt me!” Your parents are not hurting you – they are coming from a space of care and concern for you. We must recognize that they are doing things out of their limited understanding and love for you. *Having said all this above, in my personal opinion, terrorists, criminals, and racists, they should get punished for their evil acts against humanity. Of course, there is no doubt, there is no escape in the hereafter world, they will get their dues, but they should get punished here also, and the punishment should be exemplary, in the sense that if someone wants to do some wicked actions, will have to think twice before doing so, though I am quite aware, that when they do all those evil acts, it is evident, they neither have brains nor heart. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Seriously? Take a chill pill, bro. He's discussing his experiences with words (that, too, pretty seriously), not taking an AK-47 spraying pilgrims in the parikarma.
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    Hello BhForce My friend, I'll attempt to assign words to my thoughts in the best possible way that I know of though might not be able to answer to all your points/questions in one sitting. Beautiful shlok that rings so true with what I stand for hence rendering every other point of yours in condradiction with the message in that shlok. You have taken undue advantage by apologising for someone else's actions thus putting me on a backfoot. Such is the nature of this gesture. I thank you for it. You will have no argument from my side in relation to the exploitation and sheer inhumanity perpetrated by priests and Brahmin class amongst Hindus. I am a Brahmin by birth and absolutely abhor the past n present conduct/rituals that would dehumanise. I won't go into my faith n beliefs. That's for some other day. The social structure of that society was lateral with equality which was exploited by people with power and so called knowledge and was turned into a caste system. That was an act of men in the name of a religion. I'm sure you would be aware that some Sikhs consider themselves superior than other Sikhs and won't marry their daugthers into some family names that they consider inferior. I'm sure you would be aware of terminology widely used in Punjab in denigrating tones for field workers from UP/Bihar/Bengal/Pahadi and their treatment. I am aware that ancient caste system still prevails in sections of Hindu society. My point is that that dehumanising that you mentioned still happens. Within your n my community. Do you support it? No you don't. My comment of Sikhs making Hindu jokes have been given too much significance where I felt the hurt behind the need for such jokes. But since you made point pertaining to that comment that no wonder such denigrating jokes are being made, so I'll assume that you include Sikhs amongst the group that were dehumanised alongwith Shudras. But I dont see Hindu "lower caste/shudras/BC's making Hindu jokes despite of the atrocities. So its definitely only Sikhs making Hindu jokes. Now comes the topic of content of these jokes. I have cracked many a Santa Banta jokes in life and never have I come across a content of the joke that potrays anything but foolishness/dumbness/stupidity. Meaning that if Santa/Banta of that joke were replaced with Ram/Shyam or Nasir/Beg, Irish/Yank/Jap/Pommy the joke would still potray the same meaning with no hint of religious/communal undertone. I understand that some Sikhs play along by their own choice or they feel they don't have a choice but bear/laugh or some retaliate and express their displeasure. That's a personal choice. Where I choose to laugh on a pandit joke, brahmin joke, indian joke, currymuncher joke, jew joke, irish/scottish joke, jap/chinese/go.k joke etc., I am acutely aware of the setting the joke is made in, the content of the joke, the intention of the joke and most importantly the sensitivity of the audience. And I vehemently check anyone cracking any hurtful joke. Then you have drawn a parallel with the white/black situation and the related jokes. About KKK and no issues in denigrating them. And in another point a joke about "sardarji barah vaj gaye?". I completely understand your logic behind these points. I completely understand that some Sikhs might feel offended by Santa/Banta jokes just like some Hindus with pandit jokes. And I implicitly understand that some Sikh might feel the right to making such jokes due to the oppression they felt and/or feel. I completely understand that what you might think as funny I might consider offensive and vice versa. But are the likes of Colbert/trump denigrating white people or KKK? Do you think everyone paints white people and KKK with the same brush? Are white people represented by KKK? Are the black priests/preachers deriding/condemning white people or KKK? Have you ever come across a Sardarji joke that is about Sikhism, teachings, any gurujis, Sikh women, Sikh sexual prowess, Sikh valour/cowardice etc.? I have never. Never would I ever be a part of such demeaning act. Again, I understand your logic of denigrating while/after being oppressed. But Sir, this is today. We don't need this hatred now. Are Sikhs still feeling oppressed in USA, Uk, Canada n in other countries? Why do we have to teach our kids that Hindus did this and Hindus did that, even while living overseas? One of the brothers in this forum has asked me to spare him my BS etc. Why such hate? Where is the need of such hate? To support a cause? Does the faith need the crutches of insults? Sir, you are forever vigilant as to what your child might read/watch/hear on the internet, in a mall, on the tv. But we apply no filter in preaching hatred. I have heard arguments that our children need to know the history. And my answer to that is with the same analogy of what you allow your child to be exposed to on the media. A child will learn history, will learn of your viewpoint/stand and will learn of the hurt it has caused to his/her community. But when he learns that, how he learns that dictate whether he develops hate along with that lesson. Unless the motive of that lesson is to teach hate too. Then I'm fighting a lost battle. A brother here said that I might show my true colours after a bit of prodding. Isn't it sad that he feels the need to prod? I have searched for a forum to discuss how I'm feeling about our children and their future. And he could only see a snake behind kind words. I don't consider Guru Nanak Dev Ji as hindu. I don't consider Sikhs as Hindus. I don't consider Buddhist as Hindus. And even if I do or anyone does, does that falter your faith? And then because you deride other sikhs you can do the same for Hindus? And if I take a stand, as many (most?) Hindu, that Sikhs are Hindus, then does it give me a right to deride Sikhs? No one in their right minds would call a wrong right. No one human would call 84 riots anything but a heartbreaking and abhorrent tragedy. Sir, I filter violent/sexual/age-inappropriate content for my kids, same as you do/will do or would have done. But when I was sitting in the gurudwara and on both sides of Guru Granth Sahibji the images/videos of Sikhs been beaten and burning bodies were being played as a backdrop to an 8 year old's speech that Hindus did it, I couldn't filter it for my 6 year old. My children would learn about this tragedy themselves. And children when reading about 84 riots will also come across numerous articles about Hindus being segregated and killed during terrorism, whether you and I believe it to be true or not. But what I'll ensure is that they have the mental acuity to understand the nature of a man before they are exposed to such sufferings . And then when they'll approach me to ask whether it's true or not, I'll answer that it hurt deep. Hurt millions. Inflicted millions. Wounded milions. Such is what a man is capable of. Not Hindu or a Sikh but a man. And that the lesson is to not hurt and when you know someone is hurt, you be that extra compassionate. Same as you. Koi bhi anjane mein hui galti ke liye maafi maangta hun.
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    We need to think why our guru sahib ji invented 35 akhar instead of adopting any other readily available language? Our guru sahib inventing a language naturally means that we sikhs need to learn how to read, write and speak Punjabi regardless of where we resides. It must be one of the qualification of calling ourself Sikh. We also should (after learning Punjabi) to try to learn other languages as well like Urdu etc.
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    Is that true? Gurmukhi is more a medium for language rather than language itself
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    I think you missed the point of the video.
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    Bhai harcharan singh ji's hands down amazing..
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    I think that is a phenomena based in Punjab only. I've met a few diaspora Pakistani Punjabis who are trying to organize forums etc to preserve Punjabi and their respective dialects.
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    I never said that dogma gives way to freedom, instead I believe dogma and more importantly religion require restraint. Seva is also every Sikh's duty, therefore a principle and dogma of Sikhi. But the Guru's have told us the answers, the truths in a way. They have enabled us to do certain things, and restricted other things through their bani. So I fail to see how is Sikhi not dogmatic. Casteism, idolatry and such are things that have been accepted as false in our religion, and we do not accept as truths. Bani states there is a creator, Waheguru and therefore it is an accepted truth in Sikhi. We as human beings can challenge the existence of a creator, but as Sikhs we cannot, because it has already been accepted by our religion. Also, how does accepting certain truths inhibit us from learning further, learning is not only gaining new knowledge of whether something is a truth or not, but also applying that knowledge in our day-to-day lives. I would say that Sikhi is perhaps the closest to the Abrahamic religions out of the Dharmic religion group, as we have a fixed set of principles that are incontrovertible truths, just like Abrahamic religions.
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    "Chaudry" Sahib da export da kamm hai: Here's his website: https://www.exportersindia.com/punjab/socks.htm Why are you all getting into his business? He was asking an earnest question, as to whether these Sikhras don't own any socks. He was a poor exporter looking to make a fortune selling each Sikh in the world two pairs of socks. Vechara Chaudry Sahib! Reminds me of this tuk: ਇਲਤਿ ਕਾ ਨਾਉ ਚਉਧਰੀ ਕੂੜੀ ਪੂਰੇ ਥਾਉ ॥ Eilath Kaa Naao Chaudhri Koorree Poorae Thhaao || The trouble-maker is called a leader, and the liar is seated with honor. ਮਲਾਰ ਵਾਰ (ਮਃ ੧) (੨੨) ਸ. (੨) ੧:੩ - ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ : ਅੰਗ ੧੨੮੮ ਪੰ. ੪ Raag Malar Guru Angad Dev
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    By the way, Guest Saddened Hindu, please make an account. It's free. You get notifications when someone responds to you. It makes having a conversation much easier than posting something, and hoping that the other guy refreshes the page and sees the new post. I do look forward to your reply to my post above.
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    @Siddhartha you don't seem uneducated or not intelligent enough to have done something a parent would have done if they felt a child was talking in an inappropriate way. You are painting all Sikhs with the same brush of "badness" from an experience that you had. Firstly, nobody else reading your post was there, but you and your daughter were. But still you expect everybody to agree to the "badness" of what happened, when we've got no idea of how and what had been said by a child. We can only take your word for it, but why should we? We don't know what the exact words were said do we? If you had any care for Sikhi or for the sangat also, wouldn't it have been wiser to approach the Gurdwara committee? Why didn't you do that, instead of extending it into something that it's not. And if you don't like that Gurdwara, then go elsewhere, to a different Gurdwara. It's like your saying all Gurdwaras are discriminating.
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    How is talking about 1984 going away from Sikhi? It's not only Sikhs that were affected by it. Stop making this into something it's not. The facts are there, ask any one that lost their loved ones then how it's affected them.

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