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    Zzz your posts are incredibly dull.
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    Why? Saving face and putting a positive spin on an embarrassing -- for Hindus -- historical capitulation. They literally cavorted with the enemy and sought to profit from a union with their invaders. It's willful self-delusion designed to make subsequent Indian generations feel less guilty at having been cucked by the Mughals. A huge coping strategy.
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    Hello What makes you doubt the existence of god?
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    I think you missed the whole point. He is saying we constantly change the style of our hair and beard based on what is in trend, so we don't think for ourselves but let media, society etc think for ourselves. When the British arrived in India most of the urban Indian men shaved of their hair and beards and fashioned it into the Victorian styled sideburns, why? because the British were in power so urban Indian youth felt they had to ditch their traditions and imitate the British. He is opposed to people not thinking for themselves and blindly following trends and whatever is currently popular. Every couple of years hair styles change based on what is on trend, people are not thinking for themselves but letting media and society think for them, hence why we follow what is popular, Its the same case for hair. Men keeping their hair short is a very recent thing and became popular when western culture became dominant, especially during the empire.
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    probably because he has people who are after him

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