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    I know why you are barking so much nonsense. I as many others, have also seen how stupid you are apart from madly barking. So no matter how much you keep on barking, the best thing is either to give you an injection for rabbies, or leave you to keeping on barking .... That is the best medicine for a stupid and an arrogant dog like you. Do not guess anything for you have no brains, even a donkey is better than you. It is quite clear from the amount of nonsense you say, that you have not seen your face in the mirror or how stupidly you bark, so here you go, look at yourself in the following video.
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    It's good to see people are now FINALLY waking up to what these Kar Seva Babas (which SGPC gave permission) have done. Here are a few pictures of Anandpur Sahib (Qila Anandgarh Sahib): Old: New: (notice the similarities, keep in mind the angle is a bit different) There is hope, look at the original brick work exposed.
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    That brick is the original Takht built by Guru Sahib. Maharaja Ranjit Singh built on top of it. I think if you go there today, the brick is exposed behind some glass. Where Parkash is done is on top of the Brick Takht.
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    With Kirpa am finally married. Wife still in Ludhiana need to sort out spouse visa. ANYway... A low educated guy with no decent job (please don't start with the "Sacha kirt atleast" nonsense) GETS MARRIED! So far one thing pushes me far in life. My Confidence. I confidently got married at 29 last month. If you're aged between 28-40 you need that confidence! I understand you may think "What if I get divorce?" Or "What if he/ she changes?" Of course I too had these insecurities but you'd be surprised the joy it brings knowing someone's in your zindgi. New relationships open up also (In laws, cousins) etc. Of course it also depends on your demands. For foreign Sikh women it Might be, the baptised Sikh must be highly educated. BUT... How many such men came to see you and wha happened? Why are you still single? Personally, I had zero demands. My wife took Amrit 2 months b4 marriage I did not even demand that!!! I let life take its course where it goes, it goes. I have the confidence to know I can make this rishta work for life. My wife can work or we can move out from parents if she says so. Of course I had one drawback last week but I learned from it n moving on with it. So if you're highly educated, life is good, financially sorted, let go of the insecurities n think positively about a future with your spouse, women. Men, learn to understand feelings and look at positive points in women over the negative ones, once you're in front of her during pre engagement meeting. Is she A. In same educational level B. Lives with family C. Gurudwara goer? NOTHING else should matter. Your confidence might wayne you from seeing only 3 positive points. Don't let it!
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    They'll rename it Baba Gangu Ka Isthaan.
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    I know right, some how the kar sewa babeh havnt got their hands on it yet and demolish it and turned it into a marble gurdwara.
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    Most people ignore the good the British did, they industrialized India and Indians are still using that machinery and methods the British left them. They even outlawed things such as Sati and did promote education somewhat. They built infrastructure that India still uses. Yet the British were demons who terrorized india and did nothing for them says most Indians.
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    All former colonies actually gained and not lost with the British. You are right. Ignorant people always like to say the colonials powers gained with colonial rule. Ask how and they'll say they 'took our gold, iron....resources'. But were these ;resources' free and magically appeared in the British hands? Lets take rubber as an example. The British brought the rubber seed from S. America and then cultivated it in Asia. It took huge amounts of resources to clear the jungle and plant the seeds and then seeing the end result of profit. The final price of rubber in the market is inclusive of the cost of cultivating it and not something free that magically given free to them by indigenous people whom they colonized. Many Indians gained by obtaining employment in rubber plantations under the British. Perhaps the British should counter sue India and ask the Indian government to pay for creating a country called India and handing it to them on a platter. They should also sue for all the institutions ie road, bridges, universities, hospitals, police stations, court system....all given free to India. If colonial rule is so bad, why did Hong Kong proper so much under British rule? This is all nonsense and propaganda. The truth is that the British and to a larger extent western people knew how to create wealth and all those losers who hate them just despised them. OTOH the Asians like the Japanese were smarter and instead chose a different destiny and chose to work and learn from them and know they enjoy the fruits.
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    India would have been much, much better off under British rule as opposed to Indian rule today. Just compare any major city in India eg. Delhi to say Bangkok or Ho Chin Minh city, all 3 are poor nations but the difference in living standards and general happiness/well being so startling.

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