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    I know why you are barking so much nonsense. I as many others, have also seen how stupid you are apart from madly barking. So no matter how much you keep on barking, the best thing is either to give you an injection for rabbies, or leave you to keeping on barking .... That is the best medicine for a stupid and an arrogant dog like you. Do not guess anything for you have no brains, even a donkey is better than you. It is quite clear from the amount of nonsense you say, that you have not seen your face in the mirror or how stupidly you bark, so here you go, look at yourself in the following video.
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    It's good to see people are now FINALLY waking up to what these Kar Seva Babas (which SGPC gave permission) have done. Here are a few pictures of Anandpur Sahib (Qila Anandgarh Sahib): Old: New: (notice the similarities, keep in mind the angle is a bit different) There is hope, look at the original brick work exposed.
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    That brick is the original Takht built by Guru Sahib. Maharaja Ranjit Singh built on top of it. I think if you go there today, the brick is exposed behind some glass. Where Parkash is done is on top of the Brick Takht.
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    They'll rename it Baba Gangu Ka Isthaan.
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    I know right, some how the kar sewa babeh havnt got their hands on it yet and demolish it and turned it into a marble gurdwara.

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