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    That is going to be difficult because the youngsters will find them or perceive them to be unapproachable. Also, Gurdwarae have become day care centres for the elderly and they normally group together and chat in their own social circles.
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    I think you are taking it in a wrong way and taking it personal for some reason. I am not saying that you are stupid or anything if you are watching punjabi or indian movie. Just saying that everyone has different taste based on their own reasoning. Lets stay civil when interacting with anyone here my brother/sister.
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    The Punjabi classic and poetry are the best and unmatchable with anyone. There is a netflix movie on the making of indian cinema "Harishchandra factory" which is very good. Staying up with its own culture and tradition is the way for the movies to make sense. Indian cinema trying to copy western style does not make sense and thus no interest. Older versions were product of their own country.
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    Some homeless people have mental problems too. There was a gori who got beaten by a person she considered homeless and gave shelter to.
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    There are enough lonely old people that youngsters can chat to in the guradwara. This can solve 2 problems. Loneliness and pass on the language. It can also help develop social skills. Guradwara should try to promote this mix somehow. This will ensure our younger generation will be able to handle the guradwara in the future too.
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    shocking Those 12 people , need to be exposed. Its crazy how they ask people who know nothing about sikhi to comment on sikhi and publish reports. It has to be a political stance , to show India we are "back stabbing" the Sikhs , give us more business .
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    I will be careful as per you age. If you have any relative then you can go with them. I highly recommend someone must accompany you. I have been to that place many times. Are you directly writing to the boarding student there or someone from the office?
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