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  1. shocking Those 12 people , need to be exposed. Its crazy how they ask people who know nothing about sikhi to comment on sikhi and publish reports. It has to be a political stance , to show India we are "back stabbing" the Sikhs , give us more business .
  2. I'm no expert but heres my view , obviously cleanliness is important , but the our aim is to clean our inside by doing path with love . So our mind does not wander , focus on the Lord at all times. Dr Vir singh in his book Guru Nanak Chamatkar , mentions Sri Guru Nank Dev Ji , did his worldy chores and recitation of the Lords name side by side. So we should aim to do this , and key focus on love for the Lord. It mentioned as we have love for our children , our wife /husband , like the magnet attracts to iron , Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj had much much more love for the Lord. Based on this our aim should be recite Gurbani so it hits our heart and love for the Lord is ignited. So based on this , and your spiritual level you would automatically react accordingly based on how you see Gurbani , the shabad.
  3. In my view , all of those who want to make a difference in sikhi should stand up and "lead" , lead in the sense. That means all of us , lead in the sense take small steps to reach the bigger goal :- 1. Start from the Gurudawaras , make one Rehat Maryada so that all Gurudawara should follow. 2. start learning from the Gurudawara , sangat is very powerful lets learn from them , setup courses,talks,sports events , martial arts etc and let the seva daar run them. Educate the young and old . Role this out to all the Gurudawaras. I believe we all have some quality , lets put it to use. Some will be good and education, some sports , some organizing etc... 3. Organisations like Basics of Sikhi , Sikh Federation , Sikh Youth who are doing great service and parchaar. Already have foundation set , we just need to get on board and learn from them so we can then teach others as well. 4. If we ask 90% of the time a person wont respond , sometimes we just need to be a bit more forceful. From this , I believe a natural leader will evolve .
  4. DSG


    Don't stand for it under any circumstances , don't suffer in silence in my opinion I would 1. Tell your parents , what is happening 2. Tell your teacher 3. If nothing still improves , tell your parents to meet up with the headteacher and voice your concerns. Persist on the headteacher for the perpetrators parents to meet at the school so they can discuss with them what their children are doing. If headteacher still does nothing keep on applying pressure. 4. Contact Sikh helpline / Sikh youth UK who have professionals who can assist you. May Waheguru provide you guidance and make you strong .
  5. Nowadays , by standers rather than helping out , they rather get out their mobile phones and start recording and then upload to youtube. The sad thing is the "sikh" isnt even attempting to defend himself , or even run away , he is just taking it all.
  6. I agree , but I think its a starter keep prodding and probing the mgmt , will make them think twice( hopefully) of their own personal agenda . What else can we do ? I agree , but the mgmt agenda was to use the hall for social functions where meat and alcohol can be consumed . ( They posted letters to the so called members stating if no one responds to the letter they sent out then their agenda would be approved and actioned .... which it was supposedly only 19/1800 people responded , so 19 no's and default 1781 YES in favor. This was picked upon by a few and challenged and still being challenged since August 2016 . I agree long run objectives should be looked at and challenged as well . ( The mgmt have changed the Gurudawara constitution as well , which are against Gurmat and Sikhi values ) I dont think the Gurudwara should be abandoned , especially when Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj is present their. Give them the option to buck up your ideas or take out maharji's saroop from the Gurudawara , then they can do whatever they want. Some good points AjeetSInghPunjabi , I was having a discussion with someone else regarding the Gurudawara structure . I think the biggest problem is "a body/organisation" which has the power to overturn a Gurudwaras objectives/constitution. As we know this power at the moment lies with the charity commission , providing the Gurudawara is a registered charity. But their power is to make sure money is not swindled , the Gurudwaras constitution are followed . They dont have the authority to tell the mgmt how to run a Gurudwara according to Gurmat and Sikhi principles. I think a proper vetted , objectives and role based Gurudwara structure needs to be setup and passed in parliament giving that structure/organisation the power to intervene at Gurudwaras not following its objectives. How will this be setup ? I think from discussion , seeking out the Gurmats,scholars,professionals amongst the sangat to align the objectives of a Gurudwara. This then be rolled out to all the Gurudawaras. There may be information out their already , just need collating and presenting to the sangat at every Gurudwara in UK , then around the World. Because at the moment I feel there is none whatsover , and keep going round in circles. You have Sikh Council UK , Satkaar Committee , British Sikh Council , Ramagarhia Council UK , who don't have the power to override the wrongdoings at a Gurudwara. They try within their boundaries and limitations and then wither away when the response is low. Regarding India and Punjab hopefully with wahegurus kirpa if we sort out our own neighbourhood first then we can help our brothers and sisters in Punjab. Punjab referendum 2020 , is the the next milestone to determine if our brothers and sisters in Punjab require their own state ( Again 2020 is approaching fast , I don't see this being televised or how the organisations are trying to educate the people from Punjab as to it's benefits). May waheguru give us power and guidance to do the right thing even when numbers are low we can only hope and pray.
  7. Some good points in the post jashb If there were establishments that had the authority to clamp down on such issues then I think whoever is in charge would think twice about their objectives to serve the Panth based on Sikhi . If the sangat woke up , got together and acted ( peacefully of course) then they would think twice especially when at any Gurudawara the hub is Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth SAhib Ji Maharaj. Its not about crying , its about making sangat aware , and with Wahegurus Kirpa , keep knocking at their door making them aware the sangat are "watching their moves" . We can only hope and pray few individuals in charge realize they are truly blessed having the opportunity to the serve the Guru and should do so whole heatedly. Thats why sangats support is crucial regardless of which Gurudawara they follow , what pend they are from ,, a simple letter,call, email telling them about the concerns goes a long way. To make a change , sadly its based on membership , the more members you have on your side who can vote , then they can be kicked out of power and then changes can be made such as Gurudwara name , no elections , select amritdhari's etc........ then the question arises , how many of the sangat are willing to stand up for this cause and put their names forward ( not many) as I understand its not an easy task takes a lot of commitment , but then the few who have that passion for Guru Maharaj is what I think we need to seek out , get their guidance , help hence asking the sangat for help and to act .
  8. We hooked them up , and spoke to the trustees .... one was neutral and very pleasant guy , 2 were Amrit Dhari , even though agreed with us ( No meat alcohol should be served in the hall) but wanted to wait for the decision of the members . When queried about members , that it is a Gurudwara not a Club , they were not willing to convince the management , but rather wait on "members decision" . I think if we keep quiet , consciously knowing their response , they will have a field day and keep making wrong decisions and see the Gurudawara not as a Gurudawara where our Guru resides , but a mere building to make profit , but profit for whom? ( is another topic /food for thought). I appreciate bills , building maintenance etcc cost money and need funding but I also believe if Guru Maharaj Ji;s message is portrayed with love and compassion with no personal gain , aim to share the Guru's messge whoever walks in to the Gurudwara so one takes something away which can enhance ones spiritual journey , then with Guru Ji's kirpa there will be no shortcomings. ( AT LEAST TRY !!!!!! ) ( Their aim should be at least "try" sharing and spreading sikhi and run the Gurudwara according to Gurmat principles ). Up to an extend i agree , and have seen that , they are not bothered, simply because we have not enough "people" behind the cause.As i mentioned before its a numbers game , bombard them with phone calls, letters , messages at least then they'll know the Sangat ( where ever they reside and not just there so called "members" or their relatives are responding to them) are awake and they cannot just willingly do as they please , may make them think twice and change for the better. I believe the power is in the sangat and with Guru Maharaj ji's kirpa. Absolutely agree . then they can make as many members as they like ( obviously this should be the last resort though)
  9. And on that note , How many of us are willing to CALL , WRITE , MEET the management , and express our views/concerns about use of hall to serve meat and alcohol ?
  10. With Guru Maharajs kirpa , we are trying ... nut no one is listening , as i already mentioned sadly its a numbers game , need the sangat to wake up and provide support , the more people knocking at their door , hopefully they will listen , one or two then they will carry on with their own agenda.
  11. I agree , but do we just let them carry on and say its karma , or do we make a stance and try to educate them , make them see sense . If an individual dont want to then its their prerogative , but i think we should not just let it be but try our best , especially when Guru Maharaj has given each one of us a choice , make a stance where things are wrong , wherever there is injustice , you will see a sikh .
  12. Where there is prakash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj , is it termed as caste based Gurdawara ? .... No Again I think we are failing to understand that where there is Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj , and practices are not according to Gurmat , sikhi principles then :- a) do we just keep quiet and let it be b) try to make a difference and keep knocking at their door . Interesting comment . The Hall is owned by the Gurudawara , daswand of the sangat. So do you not think the hall should be used to tell the sangat about Sikhi , abide by Gurmat principles. In Bradford near a Gurdawara a slaughter house was opened , sikhs rallied, petitioned to get this closed or moved away from the Gurudawara. In fact the Sikhs believe Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj as the living Guru. If in physical form Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj was present at the Gurudawara and these things were happening , would it be acceptable ? ( the fact is Guru Maharaj is present , but we dont acknowledge it ) .
  13. Its so sad i know , but the point here is not about whether they are ramgarhia, jatt ,or whatever ... but do we say what they are doing as conforming to the Gurmat Marayada ? The understanding I have is that Gurdawaras are registered charities, Charity commission who register the Gurdawaras as charities have a set of rules and regulations they need to abide by . For example , charity name, the charity structure , who are the owners , what their objectives are etc... This is where you have trustees, committee which should be selected from the sangat , but rather its more of an election , where only members can vote.... then it becomes a numbers game. Gurudawaras commitee, trustees should be those who believe in Gurus teachings and want to provide a platform for the sangat to learn and take somehting away in order to make that spiritual journey. Where these things happen and in this instance meat and alcohol are served in the hall owned by the Gurudawara which is about 50 yards away ? , Should we " the sangat" regardless of background, caste, colour , who believe in Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and its teachings to be the living guru for the Sikhs especially in Gurudawaras make a stand or let it be ?
  14. I think its more of protecting your own back. Make sure you dont make the wrong move as we know the people in charge get Solicitors involved , make allegations against you , etc.... but they dont see that a Gurudawara is a central hub for sikhs and non sikhs to get enlightened from the teachings of Dhan Dhan sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj , but they dont see that , they see a building and profit. Sadly its all a numbers game, a few of us have been trying since August 2016 to have dialogue with the management , but they dont want to discuss. Back in 2010/2011 ( see thread attached) response was good . People called the gurudawara made their point , Satkaar committee wrote them a letter , held peaceful demonstrations and got them to stop using the hall from 2011 for consuming meat and alcohol . Now in 2017 same this is happening again and response is very poor. I personally believe sangat needs to apply pressure in numbers , bombard them with their presence be it on the phone, letters or in person, hence why i see it as a numbers game .... in order for them to respond. But the sangats views even on this thread is very minimal , which then makes me think , the cause we are fighting for is it a worthy cause .
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