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  1. Youre wrong here first of all, Kalgiya Valey maharaj Guru Gobind Singh gave siraap to sihand for the paap of what they did to Sahibzada Baba Fateh Singh and Sahibzada Baba Zoravar Singh, Dasam Pita is the one who said the bachan that Sirhand will be destroyed, that means everyone also who were living there at the time were destroyed due to their paap of not raising there voices to the wrongful acts which occured there! Thats why Dhan Baba Banda Singh Bahadur destroyed everyone within sirhand including your so called 'innocents'? why because of their maha paap! Everyone in sirhand came under the sword except the one who shouted out aload that what wazir khan was doing was wrong, 'janey ha da nara maray', he survived so did a mahapursh who when first heard of the bachan maharaaj did on sirhand, did benti to Dasam Pita that his dera would not be attacked to which maharaaj accepted and said 'take this Sank to your dera, blow it and wherever to the sound is heard in sirhind, the area will noy be raised by the khalsa'. This is the reason why muslim historians called baba ji various bad things, they thought he was going to destroy all muslims, and the other hand hindus were calling baba ji 'kalki avataar', thats how much Baba Banda Singh was a warrior!! There are countless sakhis of how baba ji destroyed everyone in sirhand, read Suraj Prakash Granth and Panth Prakash Granth, best to listen to its katha instead. Refarding this slaughter business in the middle east why are all of you getting so worked up about it, hamas and isreal are as bad as each other, its their jung not ours! How about whats going on in panjab? remember 78, 84 to the present day, rapes, murders, beaddbi of saroops of maharaaj, beadbi of singhs and kaurs there, dont you all remember what happended in delhi? or how about ram rahim? forgot about him too? how about how sgpc are trying to mess with sikhi? how about them? how drugs are in every pind in panjab! how they now are messing with our scriptures so they can destroy us, how about us Khalsa Ji? Instead of worrying about other kaums lets worry about our own!! lets enter the anandpur vala mata as Sant Jarnail Singh Describes in his speeches! What has the UN done for panjab's victims?? The reasons to why all this stuff is happening in the middle east is to do with them, you can even say that there is paap on all their kaums there due to past events in history that have occured, because i can tell you one thing the way you lot are feeling sorry for them, with all your emotions to protect them, they dont and wont give a dam about the khalsa, wake up! Very good post! Getting too emotional about this war is just HAUMME. At the same time, I feel all this is going to affect Punjab. Sikhs need to side with the minorities of India(muslims christians) and showing some concern for palestine is a politically correct thing to do. Many Kattar muslims respect the sikh faith(I dont trust their respect but still I appreciate it). On the other hand, goraas are just PRACTICAL people . Jews are bammans in goraas and germans are jatts in goraas.
  2. The blog of kamalroop singh is pretty nice. He currently seems to be working on a book on Sarbloh Granth Jee. These days its almost impossible to tell who is dodgy, who is panthic, who is not panthic ? Maya has become so powerful that even great charrdikala singhs can completely loose it. But a person is known by his words and actions and unless there is evidence, a person is innocent. We shud keep restraint in calling someone an RSS agent etc..... One of my father's very good friend recently did a lot to counter darshan "singh" and promoted the bani of Sri Dasam Granth Jee and u know what, some kharrkuus(who are panthic but misinformed) called him a RSS agent. This is the state of the panth.
  3. Prof. SAhib Singh jee's teeka is nice but it is pro-vedaas. Can some veer tell something about Bhai Vir Singh Jee's teeka. Is itt pro-vedaas. How did Bhai Veer Singh interpretet tukks like "vedan meh naam utttam" and "bet katee kahuhh matt jhoothe, jhootha jo na bicharai" ???? Thanks
  4. I did go to a nihang chaunni but over there 5 patta leaves were not followed and every individual had its own amount. On this website, there are some really nice young nihang singhs and I really love and believe their words. Nihang brothers like gurbar akaal, valli singh, buddasingh have given me lots of knowledge. Then there is a Nihang veer Kamalroop Singh Jee whose blog is really informative too. I feel these type of young western Nihang Singhs can do very nice parchar of true nihang rehit, traditions and history. I have become a FAN of nihangi lifesttyle and nihangi rehit and nihangi version of history.
  5. I have some questions about shaheedi degh. Is it true that according to puratan maryada, only 5 leaves of cannabis are added ? Secondly, is there some standard of the minimum size of bata, other ingredients because if there is a small bata, even 5 leaves can lead to intoxication. BAsically, in short, how to prepare non-intoxicating shaheedi degh for a person who has never had it earlier ? Is there some place/chauuni where non-intoxicating shaheedi degh is prepared on regular occasions ?????? Thanks
  6. You should contact the security agency who are providing Mahendra Singh Dhoni with female bodyguards. Mehtab singh jeeoo, Its not time to be joking. I fear that my parents might chose a girl for me who will marry me for my zameen,house and worldly education but deep down will mock my banaaa and my pyare sarbloh utensils. As a fellow sikh, its ur DUTY to find a suitable singhni for me.
  7. Will I be able to find a nihangnee or will I die kuaaraaaa ? I want to marry a nihangnee who can teach me proper gatka, horse riding, a nihangnee who can protect me from dushts and insane people.
  8. I dont hide behind a computer with some fake id like happy-loves-kirtan. The information I gave u is TRUE. 3 years back I was not given sarbloh because the jathedar of punj himself gave up the sarbloh bibek rehit. People these days differenciate between dietary bibek and sarbloh bibek. When we talk about proper dietary bibek, SARBLOH IS A PART OF IT. Dietary bibek means saving the food from maya(this maya enters the food through the physical touch, eyes and words of the person preparing the food) and putting maximum naam into the food(this naam enters via the medium of SARBLOH JEE through the gurbani singing, eyes and physical touch of the gurmukh jan preparing the food). According to Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee(who was one of the top gursikhs since 1699), giving up sarbloh rehit is like removing ur kachehraaa..
  9. I want to get married and I am a PROPER nihang. I am the NIHANG the world is going to remember for a long long time.
  10. AGGGGGGGGGG la dao angreji nu and teach PUNJABI to the goraas. If u wan to learn a language , i feel learn russian or GERMAN. I love GERMANS. If germans convert to sikhi, ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffff................................................ they will make the STRONGEST KHALSA EVER. nah.. not germans.. kala singhs all the way! )))) Yea kala singhs nice but german white singhnis will be OUT OF THIS WORLD. I hope i can marry some german white nihangnee.HAHAHAHA
  11. My parents looking to get me married for the last 2 months but here in Punjab people seem to have a big problem with the banaa. How do people in the nihang community get married ? Is there any newspaper/website for nihangi matrimonials.
  12. Nope, that will break the punj kakaari rehit I feel. Place of keeping kirpan and kangha can be altered for some time but NOT karra and kachehra. Karra on the wrist is a kakaar and anywhere else is NOT A KAKAAR.
  13. AGGGGGGGGGG la dao angreji nu and teach PUNJABI to the goraas. If u wan to learn a language , i feel learn russian or GERMAN. I love GERMANS. If germans convert to sikhi, ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffff................................................ they will make the STRONGEST KHALSA EVER.
  14. hahaha, there is no such thing as DEMOCRACY in this world. All this worldly tamasha is about the survival(and enjoyment) of the fitttest and the STRONGEST. All the media, armies, UN are just KOORRRRR and hahaha, there is no such thing as DEMOCRACY in this world. All this worldly tamasha is about the survival(and enjoyment) of the fitttest and the STRONGEST. All the media, armies, UN are just KOORRRRR and SELL-OUTS. USA and Israel are the GLOBAL TERRORISTS of the last 50 years.
  15. Many punjabis like to glorify the rule of raja ranjit singh but I feel that in this period the NIARAPAN of khalsa was COMPROMISED. As a result the singhnis lost their niarapan and strong rehit and began to get influenced by hindu and muslim females. Yes it was the weakening of sikh males that lead to weakning of sikh females and their kids they gave birth too. Singhnis are the key for the charrdikala for the panth as a singhni is a mother, sister and a wife and a charrdikala singhni can make charrdikala warrior husbands, brothers and bhujangis. It was MATA BHAG KAUR JEE who awoke the weaking khalsaspirit of 40 muktas.
  16. One of the biggest reasons I am against touching the feet of elderly sikh men is because by doing so, we are admitting that these elderly men are somehow more wise and spiritual than the youth. During the sikh freedom struggle in the 80's, many of these "saintly elders" got the sikh youth killed(and got their sons and families settlted in the west). Even at present, all the mess in our gurdwaras and the dirty politics happening is the work of the "saintly elders". Youth of Gurdwara Sukh Sagar in Vancouver shud be the role model for the sikh youth. I think istead of touching the feet of elders, we need to learn to respect the old age of elders. Touching the feet of an elder in a prettty easy thing, but how many of the presentt youth are ready to take care of their own elderly parents(forget about other elders) ???????????? How many of the present "singhnis" are ready to take care of their bazurg parents in law ??????????????????? There are some really spiritual old nihang singhs in chaunnis. HOw many of the presentt day "charrdikala youth" is ready to take the responsibility of taking care of ONE such elderly nihang ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
  17. I personally would NEVER touch the feet of anyone other than Satguru jee. Having said, touching the feet of a saintly elder person is not a kurehit. But we need to understand thatt the 5 thieves doing die with age. There are some really bady elderly people in thtis world. Some elderly are even more lusty than teenagers. I had an elderly professor who broke all records of lust. Such elderly people are asking for a gandaassaa to be honest.
  18. Dont u feel shy asking such questions ? Or may be something is wrong with me. God has made me too sharmeelaa for kaliyug. If I was the singhnee engaged to u , I would have beaten u with sotaa if u dared to ask me for going out for shopping. Innee ve kee aggg lagg gaye shopping dee. Patience rakh, anand karaj kar lai pehlaan, fer ih ghumman firran de shauk poore kar layeen. ajj kall de mundey ve naaaa....................................hahahahahahahahahahaha
  19. In the future, only the pakke sikhs will survive or some lucky non-pakke sikh(and even non-sikhs) who will get pakke after the khalsa raj gets established. I really dont have any hope on the present day sikh population in general when it comes to khalsa raj. Only the chosen powerful dasam duaari, brahamgyaani khalsa with akaali shaktiyaaan is going to establish the khalsa raj and finish off the manmukh raaj.
  20. I feel there are great chances we can have khalsa raj in 10-20 years time. This world is on the verge of the biggest catastrophe in the history of last 4 yuggs. The present economic crisis is a PERMANENT one. Then we have also reached peak oil. Sikhs need to start practicing the 18th century lifestyle or the present nihang lifestyle. This is the lifestyle we will be having in KHalsa raj.
  22. Khalsa Raj will be WAY BETTER than Satyug. SATYUG IS SATOGUNNI MAYA. Khalsa Raj will consist of humans who live in the 4th level and have broken the shackles of trai-gunni maya. It is more of hinduized thinking of considering satyug as the ideal yug. It is in the kaliyug that God in the form of Guru Nanak Dev Jee came to earth to finish of Maya by giving Gurmat Naam to humanity.
  23. Thats true. This seems to be an attempt to brahamanize sikhi. Such fake nirmalas who cut ther kesh, dont chakk amrit SHUD BE BURNT ALIVE.
  24. Its very important to teach the civilian sikh population gurbani santhiyaa and gurbani meanings. May be the Dal Panth can create a new battalian by the name Tarna Dal Taksali Misal where the traditions of jhatka and shaheedi degh are not practiced and greater emphasis is given on santhiyaa than warrior aspects. I do feel that in the future when the sikhs will have a country, the ARMY SHUD HAVE ALL THE POWER. The army shud be running gurdwaras, controlling golakks, giving santhiyaa, giving martial arts training. Anyone who eats the golak money of the sangat shud be burnt live, same way Dashmesh Pita burnt those corrupt masands.
  25. People might call me mad or trying to be over technical but I do feel that amrit power depends on the naam kamayee of punj pyaare. During an amrit sanchar, the jyot of Satguru jee present is Sri Guru Granth SAhib jee works through the 5 singhs. At the same time, the HAUME of 5 singhs negates the power of the jyot of Satguru jee. All this has an effect on the amrit. If a non amritdhari eats the sarblohi langar of a brahamgyani, that non amritdhairi can have a spiritual experience that even amritdharis never had. If a non amritdhari chakks amrit from 5 brahamgyani singhs, he can have his dasam duaar open RIGHT THERE. Thats what used to happen in 1720's-30's I feel. At present we are living in GHOR KALIYUG where forget about non-sikhs, sikhs have started to question the gurmat rehits like naam abhiyaas, sarbloh dietary bibek etc. So the best thing to do is to LEAVE EVERYTHING IN THE HANDS OF SATGURU JEE. Chakk amrit from a place where singhs keep a decent rehit. DAmdami Taksal, Budha dal Rakba Chaunni are 2 places in India I feel have singhs with very good jeevan. AFter chakking amrit, try to keep full rehit and japp as much Naam as u can. By doing so, the weak aspects of ur personality will be removed and u will start to experience charrdi kala, positive thinking, fearlessness, peace, sehaj, humblesness etc.
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