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  1. Worth a watch to understand Bhai Amritpal Singh.
  2. Totally, getting drowned in social media posts and news reports on the unfolding injustices is unhealthy.
  3. He is new to Sikhi, evident from answers given during interviews where he needs to call on more Gurbani quotes to refute questions on taking Amrit and avastha of a new abhikali like with the recent one on Pro Punjab TV. Time will tell where his allegiances lie, for now I have only seen positives and sing his praises, in all his talks he is pushing youth to take Amrit, stop drugs, stand in unity, fight for rights be it waters, language, independence, facing deep state and so on. Recognition that without Guru Sahib on side all else is bound to fail.
  4. Just noticed a dastar wala singing in the choir at the funeral...either a convert or a passion for Christian hymns!!
  5. Badal family has singlehandedly caused more damage in Punjab and to Sikh interests than any other person in history. Over 4 decades his successes alongside his wider cricle can be counted as pumping youth with drugs, destroying Sikh heritage at an alarming rate, be it buildings, artefacts, sites of special interest, hand in 84 attack and the subsequent genocide and extrajudicial killings, making a mockery of the SGPC and Akal Takhat Jathedari, beadbi of Maharaj, selling 368 saroops, selling historic gurdwara lands, list is endless. Afsos dhi gal hai, Punjabis voted him in repeatedly!?
  6. No one is comparable to a mahapursh unless they themselves have reached chautha pad. We can however deduce Deep had more than a few parallels in soch. He was jazbati, reporters were unable to challenge him in debate, he had almost perfect answers lined up at every turn, was passionate about saving Punjab and freeing Sikhs from gulami. Unfortunately Sikhs recognise qualities after a prominent Panthic figure dies and in other cases still manage to find faults.
  7. Vilkul teek kehiya, his passing is a great loss to the Panth and Punjab. In a similar vein, his detractors should listen to Paramjit Singh Akali from 5.24 and the Singh afterwards about Deeps intentions.
  8. Go to the Gurdwara on Princes Street, they have trained and qualified councillors. We cannot judge all Gurdwarey or people by one or two negative experiences. Pinning the blame on Vaheguru is not going to make an iota of difference to him but it might to you in the long run. No one can understand your pain but Guru Sahib is ghat ghat ke 'antar' kee jaanat, they are all pervading so know how you are feeling. From a Sikhi angle Karams are dynamic, so regardless of what we say, like someone else said they all catch up with us but some of their affects can be reduced based on what we do in this life ie losing ego through meditation and experiencing inner peace and calm. Think about the hundreds of thousands of Shaheeds, the bibis who had their children cut to pieces and placed around their necks or thrown on top of spears, shaheedi of Baba Banda Singh's 4 year old son when the mughals cut out his heart and force fed it to Baba Jee, shaheedian of Sikhs with Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib. Imagine if they blamed Vaheguru Jee, none of us would be here today.
  9. I know him personally as I've been to Lisbon x2, I think he is more than a Saint. When I saw the size of him installed at the Colombo shopping center I could not believe my eyes, huuuuge and bronze it was as if he was only average size on the pitch, yes I'm talking about head to toe before anyone gets any crazy ideas. have you read Sukhmani Sahib?
  10. Plenty of examples of here https://www.instagram.com/sikhmuscle/?hl=en
  11. First saw this posted on the Gurmat Bibek site, loved it
  12. For the youngsters out there or those new to Sikhi, it's not ok for a true seeker to date.
  13. This will be an eye opener for Sikhs who are modern in their thinking and aligned with purely missionary soch.
  14. A sakhi I was unaware of, is the one from Guru Har Rai Sahib's time and their Sikh Suthra Shah, he was full of guile and with the thaapee of Guru Sahib literally got away with murder. From 25.40 onwards
  15. Recently came across this jatha who hail from Patiala. All of their kirtan and simran is heart melting, it's all I listen to now. Does anyone have more information on them, looking at their channel, they recently opened a new GuruGhar in Aug '18. Unable to find more vichaar by Baba Ranjodh Singh Jee
  16. @RedopticsI know what you're thinking, he look like a Sikh Minion
  17. Jatinder seems to be popping up all over the place ?
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