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    Get a vacholan 4 help this is traditional way .
  2. Sikhs bigger threap . . . Sikhs that moan all time on forums an do nothin for problem
  3. IS went all way to this . It was waste time. The piece of plastic model was only interestin bit an maybe the piece of warrior suit ok 2 . Waste my time all the way ther for some blown up pic out of some books? Boreding
  4. Wait until case an you find out. Innocent until proven
  5. Widow some comp on me i say thanks. Than i say thanks to god
  6. Panth time used to b interestin now it just aint
  7. Simple tell the youth that the iz llot o meat n sharb in guru Ghar . Look How these youth r runnin in2 guru ghar for it ! 'We urge anyone with information to assist with identification to come forward and help us at their earliest convenience.' Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2048164/The-terrifying-moment-hundreds-Sikh-protesters-smashed-way-community-centre-protest-selling-meat-alcohol.html#ixzz1aZMRQMoo
  8. Since when was tshirt = pothee Isnt that a misquotin ? Wh iz the rest of the gurbani quote also poorly misused here? Aren all kirtani giani selling gurbani by u definshin.
  9. Yes u can . Do it lots. I cannot see y not. Ther is story of a prosutute th did Simran . I cant think of the name. So u should to also
  10. check the label as some are halal certified sikhs dont eat halal and this is one reason y http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_153679194675198#!/pages/Public-being-misled-over-halal-meat-What-about-our-rights/133416350039096
  11. y sikhs dont eat ahalal watch the video if you can stomach it http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_153679194675198 join the movemen
  12. no its a wastwe of 2 times in the tyear, onece is enough thanksyou, i was so bored there, i felt i shoudl be in the gurdwara sahib prayeing
  13. no big surprise, the first post and complaing already, why uou not say something good and + for first posting ? typical punjabi yaar ...................:angrymonkey: tell uis some good things of the school first,also what they have done nicely for young personss
  14. i heard previous lion committeee flopped . also they were liars and mostly fraudsters, (some were nice people, but mostly not) but i dont live ithere so you should ask the forum peple who live there.
  15. i dont see a group of charddiii kalla singhs doing the protesting on these gurdwaraas, the haukam is there, so wheres the protest kirtan date, come on singhs u did so much on party halls shurely thise is more important. also gurdwara in southampton has tables in it,,,
  16. nihals programmes speak truth, this is happening and so many no like it. he says things to provoke, and upset. to get mioe oppl listening, like you have promoted him on heere well done to you
  17. Please please does anyone no singh jee training guide seeing his videos make me wnana B jus like him. is there a way to contact him also, what is his diet? he is great
  18. I eat cakes and they hav some small amounts of egg in them to make them raise, theiur R reasones not too eat meat in this country but these i feel r personal choices to B made perasonally .
  19. it is haard , u can do it though guru ius wiv u always...we must clean the mind with the baaanee and then the thoughts will be less, they will always be there, that cannot be removed, but the effect they might be having on us can be less. Sometimes I will be sitting doing nothing, or trying to sleep and these kinds of thoughts will pop from no were. If we learn from our mistake and move on then ask for forgiveness from Guru Jee U R not alone in this, the duniaa is filled with ppl effected by th e past but Guru Baanee has blessed us with answers
  20. But how can the be meat in the Guru gar? This is not correct?
  21. ...by sharing and caring you can win this things...
  22. the asian network was a wastage of tv licenice payers money , its great it is going. No one listens to it and those that do are coconut types
  23. depression it can make you feel like this all time. sangat is right you need help you need conselling. this is free on the nhs your gp will send you there to help. put your mind on your daily deeds. it might not be work many who go to work are mnore depressed at work and want to be not working. read hukamnamas from darbar sahib every day. guru is with you always
  24. would this be the memories or your families or are you sayiing you are visit by the soul of the beloved departed
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