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  1. Dalsingh Ji broke a lot of hearts in the late 80s and early 90s. Now we all have to live with the consequences.
  2. I was being sarcy - I dont think a case was even brought against this guy. If you want justice, form a Punjabi Legal System based on Sikh values that could be used in a real country. Trial them fairly in absentia and put bounties on their heads (if they are guilty). Then let the hunt begin!
  3. I wasnt trying to offend. I'm sure a lot of good is done there. But at the same time the things that happen there lead to attitudes and mindsets like the OPs which are self-defeating/corrosive and ultimately self destructive. I just want people to do better and not being near the problem areas or joining with people who you like is a lot better than letting this build up.
  4. The one who earns the most should give their wages to the one who looks after the home and children. So a joint account would make sense.
  5. East London seems to be a breeding ground for weird self-defeating Sikhs. Move to a more middle class Sikh community in London, or move to somewhere else in the South East where there are more Sikhs/Sikh Schools.
  6. Poor sod. Not that most Sikhs actually give a hoot what happens to Afghan Sikhs. But show a picture of some dead Talibs and our lot start frothing at the mouth towards the evil West! lol.
  7. Oh man, and we were so close to bringing him to justice.
  8. Preach peaceful resistance while getting beaten/abused/raped/killed, wait for India to go bankrupt in a World War, then refuse to give them food until they tear our country in half. That's how it worked last time, wasnt it?
  9. So much racism against Nelson Mandela on this thread, it's unreal. One love y'all.
  10. Wow, the usual reactionary silliness to history. WW2 is over! Get over it.
  11. Just because something may be good for you doesnt mean you can go and overdose on it.
  12. His video on the racist tram lady is funny.
  13. HSD1

    Gossiping Neighbour

    Crazy people are crazy. She wont change in a million years. Try to avoid arguing with your own relatives so you dont give her anything to gossip about.
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