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  1. i think there must have been some singh archers in the past? i was thinking of taking this up as a hobby. Can anybody recommend any good equipment. vjkk vjkf
  2. vjkk vjkf Daas is intending to start playing whole akhand paaths from an mp3 file at my house and was wondering if there is any maryada i should follow? The device will be a small hifi system playing mp3 recording of akandpaath i have downloaded. vjkk vjkf
  3. vjkk vjkf. Sangat can download all talks from project 5-part 2 from here. first 4 weeks talks are up! please all make effort to attend the final talk next week! http://www.4shared.com/fol​der/XS08r59s/Project_Five-​_Part_2.html
  4. unfortunately i personally know of 2 people whom have had marriages to people in india and it didnt work out. This one person is a doctor, he has been married 3 times. His first 2 wives were from india. The first was a dentist, once she did her dentistry equivalent exams here she left him. The second left him to go back to india. The 3rd marriage is with someone from england and touchwood things are going ok so far. They make a good couple. The 2nd person i know married somebody about half his age from india. They even have 2 kids. A few days after she got her permanent residency, she left hi
  5. my dastaar looks like a joke, but i dont really care. It feels so great wearing it. Just keep practising
  6. alcoholism is a huge problem in our community. Like the irish, we seem susceptible to addiction. A major contributing factor is that our own punjabi culture promotes getting drunk, at weddings the big drinkers are praised, the songs also sing of getting drunk. I know of someone who was working a weekend shift in one of the major hospitals in the west midlands a few months ago,during the shift there were 5 admissions for alcohol related problems. All 5 of those patients were punjabi sikh men. This one man was in his 30s. Their whole lives are ruined by alcohol. Its such a huge poison. ive met
  7. i recieved a reply from the BBC Thanks for contacting us regarding ‘Have I Got A Bit More News For You’. We understand you were offended by a comment made on ‘Have I Got A Bit More News For You’ by host Chris Addison, as you felt it was offensive to Sikhs. This episode was a repeat of a show which originally aired in November 2010. ‘Have I Got News For You’ is a topical, satirical comedy quiz programme and we can assure you there was certainly no intention to offend. In this instance, the comments and satire were directed at the opponents of Nikki Hayley - who is of Sikh origin - w
  8. the fact is that this racist remark was made directly in relation to the sikh turban. just because they are joking makes it ok? If we sit back and let them joke about our religion like that then who will respect us? cant believe some sangat are defending these comments, what will they say next about sikhs on british tv if this is an acceptable comment? The dastaar is our crown which guruji blessed us with. fateh everyone please make a complaint https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/
  9. I remember teaching myself that style from a similar youtube video. I was in the same position as you. I actually went to a turban tying class on one occasion at my local gurdwara, unfortunately both of the sevadaars couldnt speak english and my punjabi skills are very limited. They ended up saying that the current style i was tying is fine and "modern" . they were going to teach the traditional triangle punjabi dastaar. The best solution is to ask local gursikhs you know for help with tying round/dummallaa. i certainly agree that all gurdwaras should have the 5ks available and dastaar materia
  10. vaheguroo ji Even if you change your physical appearance, your own perception of the world will stay the same. Some questions: Do you ever hear voices when nobody is around? do you notice significance in certain numbers/patterns. Do you feel that you are part of some sort of conspiracy and people are after you/talking about you? you've mentioned that you sometimes think people know what you are thinking, do people ever interfere with your thoughts/withdraw thoughts/insert thoughts into your head. Do they ever block your thoughts? are you withdrawn/guarded and like to keep your own company
  11. definitely agree with reciting/listening to as much gurbani as possible. I would also suggest trying some self help CBT books for anxiety. Alternatively your gp may be able to refer you to some counselling for anxiety. Fateh
  12. Vjkk vjkf does anybody have any information about the jeevan of sant amar singh ji please. I have not heard about him before. Also, does anybody have any more information with regards to the amrit sanchaar, fateh
  13. vjkk vjkf will any of the sikh channels be showing this programme? fateh ji
  14. MS1NGH


    Lay off the steroids singh, this is anti gurmat and completely against sikhi. People here seem to be completely ignoring this. I think that you yourself realise that you should have used restraint. In the eyes of the law, we are allowed to use self defence, however we should use restraint. Beg to guru maharaj for forgiveness and stop the steroids singh. fateh
  15. vjkk vjkf i completely disagree with this statement. Idont know about other cities, but in coventry there is ddt santhiya classes every sunday at gnp gurdwara, EVERYBODY is welcome and regularly around 30/40 students attend. The class is a mixture of children, adults, amrtidhari and non amritdhari including mona's. People from different jathebandiya attend also. There is no pressure from anybody to follow ddt maryada or even any mention of it! fateh
  16. vjkk vjkf thanks for your reply. can you recommend any good teachers in the west midlands area?
  17. poster for the event. Cant wait!!!
  18. vjkk vjkf Im about to have a year out of my career, and was looking into doing some voluntary work in punjab for a few months. I was wondering if sangat here had any experience with this and could recommend any organisations or places where i could to do voluntary work. I dont mind what type of voluntary work. One issue is that my punjabi isnt great (although im from a punjabi background). thanks vjkk vjkf!
  19. vjkk vjkf ive been thinking recently of attending a kundalini yoga class in the uk to help with my physical health. I was wondering if anybody on this board does this yoga and could recommend any good teachers in the west midlands. Also was wondering if anyone would recommend doing kundalini yoga? i dont want to do anything anti gurmat. i know that a lot of american sikhs do this style of yoga. vjkk vjkf
  20. vjkk vjkf! I think that this is an excellent idea. Perhaps Sikhsangat.com could dedicate an area of its website for users to upload katha/audio? alternatively, if somebody could create a site for this purpose that would be great. Please could you advise on a good audio recording device I could purchase for this seva. Vjkk Vjkf!
  21. I used to use this, but it contains Bovine serum albumin, Ingredients: Reflex Instant Whey - 909g Ingredients: Ultra filtered whey protein concentrate and ultra filtered whey protein isolate (43% B-Lactoglobulinm 18% Glycomacropeptide, 16% Lactorferrin and others, 15% a-Lactalbumin, 5% Immunoglobulin, 3% Bovine Serum Albumin.), Flavourings, Natural Colourings, artificial sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame k), Digezyme, (digestive enzyme blend), Lactospore probiotics. http://en.wikipedia....e_serum_albumin the albumin is extracted from the blood of cows. its annoying because i have
  22. some good advice. perhaps admin could make a seperate section on this forum to discuss dietary and fitness related topics
  23. The term operation does not just mean removal of a tumor. Anyway the codename for the attack was called "operation bluestar" there is nothing wrong with using this term. If we change it then that will just confuse the matter
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