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  1. well thing is amrit sanchaars on saturday gives me a day to speak to them, i decided late was bit of wierd experiance that lead me to want to take amrit but.... i'd rather take it without telling the school as they might take a long time talking to govners and stuff, and i asked some of my friends would your parents feel comfortable with me wearing a kirpan and some said no. so, parents might object and so i might not be able to wear the kirpan and it will take a lot of time
  2. thanks for your help i enjoy p.e and i'm quite good at it so i think i'll try to conceal my kirpan maybe by tying a cloth over it, i'm sure waheguru understands.
  3. i don't want to ask incase my school says no, i just want to take amrit, without hassle. i mean waheguru must undrstand that i want to take amrit and he must understand that i will have trouble wearing a kirpan in this one lesson. :|
  4. ok, so i want to take amrit but theres a problem. i want to go to school and do p.e (sports), but my kirpan will be seen by my classmates and p.e teachers and i'm not telling anyone i'm wearing a kirpan. so, can i do an ardaas before school and leave it at home on p.e days and wear a small kirpan around my neck?
  5. i think they use money from gurdwaras and by selling sikhi stuff like guru granth sahibs. i think they do that not sure.
  6. this still happens. that program on the sikh channel by sikh awareness society was on like couple months ago. girl got converted and ran away from home. and didn't proph. mohammed also die?
  7. so many well off sikhs that have good jobs. they can't support a channel that tells us everything that goes on in Punjab. we want our own country yet we can't even run ONE channel. we can't cooperate with each other and don't like each other because of the different groups we have. there are probably more sikh groups than sikhs in the world! people watch this channel for free and don't bother to support it.
  8. Sumedh Saini is back. look at the timing of his return, when the sikhs rose up in protest for bhai rajoana. the goverment knew that sikhs will rise up for rajoana and they put saini in charge. a man who could have up to 30,000 sikh murders on his hands.more singhs will be tortured like this just because they stand up for themselves. indian goverment is disgusting.
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