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  1. I heard Suleman's tape. He was speaking like urdu like paki despite his claim of being 1000 years old.
  2. The person who is the mastermind of air strikes against Pakistan is Air Marshall B.S Dhanoa He was one of the best fighter pilot in Air force who flew Sukhoi at great height of Siachen during Kargil war. Sikhs all around the world should give his reference to their country who don't allow turbaned sikhs to be fighter pilots
  3. But still he remained a sikh and was well accepted among sikhs. BTW why didn't he converted Moran to sikhism?
  4. What about Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He had affair and married a muslim woman. Never heard any sikh saying he was not a sikh.
  5. Amrita Singh's mother was muslim. She was stupid enough to marry 20 year old saif when she herself was 27. As usual the marriage did not last long
  6. Rahul won because of stupid economic policies of Modi Government like demo and bad implementation GST. In last few years millions in India lost jobs because of that
  7. Appeal in SC did not mean he will be free. He will be free only if SC grants him bail.
  8. https://m.jagran.com/punjab/amritsar-kiranbala-lying-alone-in-pakistan-after-husband-leaving-her-17960039.html Her husband now left her for Saudi Arabia.She also lied to him that she is childless
  9. Karishma is not related to Sonam.Sonam Kapoor is daughter of Anil Kapoor while Karishma belong to Kapoor family starting with Prithviraj Kapoor.
  10. Ok lets reverse the relation , Daughter of some singh married into a Family of Hindu pandits ,but husband died , went to Pakistan and converted to islam.In that case would you have accepted her as Sikh? The fact is she is daughter in law of Granthi so most probably she converted to Sikhism at the time of marriage.Now when she got widowed with three kids she had hardly any personal life left.Moreover I don't think his father or Father in law thought of her re marriage.TBH there are hardly any sikh or Hindu men that marry a widow who is mother of three.So she may had found a Pakistani who was willing to accept her.Moreover she may had thought that she changed her religion for first marriage what's wrong if she did it for second time
  11. First question is who is transgender?? 1) There are many transgender men that are living as women but have male sexual organs, in that case if they don't shave their beard they can hardly look or live like a woman 2 Natural born transgender. These type of cases are 1 in Lakh .it is very rare 3 Indian Hijra or eunuch , the castrated males.Many Indian Hijra's are product of forced castration .Some do join Hijra groups and willingly castrate them , they have their own rituals guru etc .The question of Amrit only arises if someone leaves Hijra groups and want to become sikh. So it will depend on case by case
  12. I used to believe this until I started managing my brother's matrimony profile a year ago who received lots of interest from girls who are looking for non trimmer , vegetarian and religious. My brother being less religious created more problem for him in finding life partner. The main factors that people see in India for marriage is how much a guy earn , how much property his family own and what the status of his family.If by any chance .If by any chance your these factors are on weak side then even super gursikh families won't consider you as rishta
  13. Desi cows in India live by eating trash , nobody even give them proper food
  14. What are you talking? How can calves make their mom sick, As a child I was fond of going to Doodhwala's and calves love milk as much as they get especially desi calves. May be now foreign breeds like Jersey or Holstein have different requirements because they are artificially milked and western nations have turned them completely into just milk producing machines,. What I saw was that calf was given milk of 1 udder after 6-7 days for few months, if it survive good luck
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