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  1. Krishna had 6 brothers killed before him. By no means Krishna was virgin birth
  2. 120 million Pakistani Punjabi market . Even 10 crore views from them will give them 1 crore rupees on YouTube
  3. South India and Kerala are hardcore non vegetarian people . 97% of their people Non vegetarian . It is one of few states where cow slaughter is legal as Hindu's their love beef. Per capita alcohol consumption is 8.48 litres as against Punjab's 7.9 litres . Average life expectancy of women their is 80 . Sorry but your mother must had seen some exceptions . Stats don't tell that they are some kind of simple people.
  4. Try jeevansaathi.com or sikhmatrimony.com. Sikhmatrimony.com has only Sikh profiles. Jeevansaathi.com has many filters which you can put so only verified profiles can contact you . You can also take paid services of these websites where they will allot you a personalised matchmaker which will match your profile with your requirements and contact them . Don't go on shaadi.com it has so many non serious profiles. Almost 5 years ago I found bride for my younger brother on jeevansaathi.com .
  5. Not possible. Punjab has 57% Sikh based on 2011 census. 62.5% means 35% Jatt Sikh population in Punjab but most estimate it is around 21-25% on the other hand out of 32% Dalits 60% are Sikhs that means 19.2% Sikhs are Dalits. This putt dalit and Jatt Sikh ratio very close https://scroll.in/article/959164/in-this-punjab-village-sikhs-are-shedding-their-caste-biases-during-the-covid-19-crisis
  6. Hindu and Sikhs had been marrying 100s of years. The only difference if the marriage is between Hindu male and Sikh female then 99% chance their children follow Hinduism. While if marriage is between Sikh male hindu female then 90% plus children are Sikhs. So stop looking Sikh male marriage with non Sikh female same as marriage of Sikh female with non Sikh male
  7. Afghanistan has tfr of 4.5. That means some families even have 6-7 kids. Punjab has tfr of 1.6-1.7. You think when so few kids are born parents will send boys to fight for quam. Sikhs are drowning in western modern materialistic culture. This is killing their demography as well fighting spirit
  8. Sikh and Hindu women just throw their religion in dustbin if they marry muslim man. But muslim women try their best to lure their husbands in islam.
  9. It was 27 year war between Aurangzeb and shivaji sons and daughter in law. The war broke the back of Mughal empire. Aurangzeb just invested too much of his resources in that war.
  10. It is gud if you like history. They even showed Sikh's like Ala singh agreed to help Maratha's but unable to do that. The film is also not very anti muslim as they did not show brutalities of Abdali.
  11. Panipat is available on Netflix . They showed Marathas defeated.
  12. 11 killed in Kabul gurdwara attack, IS claims responsibility Read more at:http://m.timesofindia.com/articleshow/74804271.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  13. Timur was not descendent of Ghenghis Khan . He just married women which were descendent of Ghenghis Khan . Babur too was descendant of Timur and from mother side his lineage continued to Ghenghis khan
  14. Will bring in law in assembly to block CAB in Punjab: CM Amarinder Singh https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/will-bring-in-law-in-assembly-to-block-cab-in-punjab-amarinder/articleshow/72499010.cms
  15. From Sikh's point of view law is very good. All those Afghan and Pakistani Sikh's which are in india upto 31st December 2014 will be granted citizenship. Unfortunately stupid Amrinder Singh has said that CAA will not be implemented in Punjab. As far muslims are concerned they are taking their frustration out against Modi Government.
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