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  1. I donot think so, last timr congi was in power , now aap is big factorand fww ppl doubt their intentions.Foolka & jarnail singh & some other sikhs with independent line of thinking( above conventional bjp congi badal partylines )also supporting aap the sikh votes will be important due to very thin margins.
  2. Jagsawsingh ,why donot yoy think that Patialas were not sikh? All thr rajas of malwa were sikhs , only that they were not agreeble to dictatorial unification of territories under misles and giving away the federal structure developed under misles
  3. I would disagree to both jsinghz n jagsawsingh too. History tells us that zorawar singh was hindu, army commander of raja gulab singh of jammu ( gulabsingh was brother of dhiansingh the dogra pm of lahore durbar).And the territories won by him were added to jammu principality and whatever happened after demuse of maharaja ranjit singh is known for all. Even (it is saidthat)Dhian n Gulab singh became sikhs but only to dodge the maharaja .
  4. BJP n Badals are allies but bjp wants badal candidates to fight as bjp candidares ( they may get 4-5 seats) Aap may field 4-5 sikh candidates. I see 7-8 seats where sikh votes are decisive. The outcome of delhi electionswill effect the already strained alluance of punjab govt- bjp will go offensive or subdued in punjab depending on its performance in delhi ea
  5. Zoravar Singh was a dogra general, workung for Raja of Jammu, who in turn was a principality under Lahore Darbar( M Ranjit singh). They couldnot start any expedition without permission and support of Lahore Darbar .Thus it was an expedition & territorial expansion of Sarkar Khalsa directly or indirectly
  6. I think that we are getting personal.please all bear in mind we are all brothers and should engage in healthy discussion to clear doubts( hoi ikatar molahu mere bhai , dubidha door karahu chit lai).FYI, bhai chaupa singh was not among 5 piyare, he was a khidawa ( play time companion of guru saheb) and yes he was a brahmin, and some of his opinions are tilred views . Still all his views cannot be ignored, he being contemoorary of guru sahib ji.I would request please buy and study book - rehat namey by Pyara Singh Padam , which has almost all pracheen rehatnamey in originals. So much been said in this thread, the bibi starting the thread must have been confused by now. To end my participation here , I'd advise to beebi the question of the got has norhing to do with rehat maryada , and yes close bloid relation marriage is cinsidered taboo due to inbreeding malafies. Unless ther are no close relationship Established in recent past
  7. Let me quote for your reference - " Guru ka sikh saak dikh naal kare, den lain da lalach na karey, haan dekhey, hadd sucha waikhey, matha milda waikh laye.Further , "Guru ka sikh gareeb sikh naal nata karey , guru gandh paonda hai" this is reference from rehatnama bhai chaupa singh which brother savinderpal singh is quoting. My request to all please read books in original and not any translation .
  8. Singh sahib ji(savinderpalsingh)I simply asked you to comment on the relevent line of rehat maryada I quoted but why are you escaping ? You may quote yuor reference later , but I know there nothing of that kind even in the book you are quoting. Please ,please ensure that you have read befire quoting something . Our ignorance may causr confusion to many Fateh
  9. I assume after reading all rehatnameys that there is nothing found anywhere prescribing matching ig gitras, but yes social structures do have their own considerations. We shouldnot link it with sikh rehat maryada. On the contrary i find it linkrd to khap mentality ( in vogue in haryana & west UP jats)
  10. JKV , yes nanke of my father & my fatherin law are the same clan , but its ok for all concerned
  11. JKV , yes nanke of my father & my fatherin law are the same clan , but its ok for all concerned
  12. On the lighter side, remember what is the name of movie, MSG which is short form of chemical name of "aaji no moto" (mono sodium glutamate)the chinese salt very frequently used in chinese cuisine and now used in bakery products too. It is taste enhancer and many manufacturers of cheap cookies use it to suppress bad taste of substandard materials used by them . He is also , I feel, using to uplift the sagging spirit of himself & his followers .after nailing Rampal of haryana who pretended to be incarnate of Kabir Saheb, the high court is after him now. These are his cheep tricks to up his own mood .so i think
  13. Svinderpal singh , would you pkease quote lines from the rehatnama yoy are refwring to?
  14. For benefit of all let me quote sikh rehst maryada published by SGPC which was approved by panth after much delibrations and taking view of all sampradayes on 3 feb 1945. It says on page page 25 under the heading "Sikh sikhnu da vyaah bina jaat , paat , got de vichar de hona chahiye" .Would any one singh give interpretation what does this mean? So far in our family (we are five brothers ) neither our parents or we nor our next generation gives any preference to jaat or gots in making aliances fir matrimony.
  15. Savinderpal singh , I disagree , I have not come across sucu lines in any rehat maryada.Its only brahminical kind of views. Even otherwise, pepple frm different castes have similar surnames , so ppl with same family name come from same genepool may not be true
  16. I do not think there is any freewill. What we deem our free will ( discretion to make decision) directly depends on factors not under our control- our social conditioning since our birth, our sphere of knowledge,our family background, education limit our decisuin making skills
  17. What we are missong in discussion is to ask the perptrators ghar wapsi why some one had to or wad forced to leave the Ghar ? Do they have anlysed the reason ? Will the Returnees have the equal religios & social rights ? What about the caste system they still cling to?Why should some one willingly embrace the slavery of Pandas? They havve no answer to these wquestions
  18. I feel it is sahansarnama I saw with some Nirmaley sant ji in my childhood days .He told that this was told by SGNanak Sahib ji to qazi of makka & thete was another one called pran sangli which was told to Raja shivnabh if sangladeep( srilanka) by guru sahib but not fond any metion by others till date
  19. Jsinghanandpuri ji you have described the present state of affairs in nutshell & very interesting humourous way. Sometimes I too think on the same lines .we are lucky that during transformation of khalsa the election process was not in vogue & our panj piyare were selected on merit only. Hope to read your unique style & views on future too
  20. CV bro, even Ravan and Kans have been mentioned in gurbani, does it make them venerable in our eyes? Bharthati had a lifestyle diametrically at variance to what is prescribed for Singhs .Alas I didnot know there are so many of his supportwrs among sikhs. CV bro, even Ravan and Kans have been mentioned in gurbani, does it make them venerable in our eyes? Bharthari had a lifestyle diametrically at variance to what is prescribed for Singhs .Alas I didnot know there are so many of his supporters among sikhs. My point is very clear , do we not have many singhs and gursikhs since the time of our first Guru that we have to look outside for guidance?
  21. The original question is lost- thete is a website where we can know about his life. His actions show he was muslim , but never bothered about what ppl felt about him .Now there is a whole lot moneymaking going in his name , and vested interests have taken over . Knowing about someone enables us to respond to querries better. If someone wants to know more , may search web for site of shirdi saidham
  22. Our grear guru sahib ji gave us a reference book on hindu mythilogy forgetting to know about hinduism .And what fool we are indulging in existense of these entities while gurbani rejects their existense every now n then .The literature describibg 24 avtaar , rudravtsar ,devtas & durga was not availanle in simple language other than sanskrit and guru saheb just made it available to us all fir reading and know the reality . It is just like it.
  23. We are missing the point , what is impropriety in this all act? In our faith panj pyare are gathered on what circumstances? What I gather from my studies so far is - A- for amrit sanchar and B- to consider a matter of religious and immidiate importance . I do not think the situation on this case warranted so .Second panj pyare are always tyar bar tyar( Amritdhari and with full sudhayi) which is not in this case. Hence the local singhs should collect full info with evidence and report the incident to Akal Takhat. As there had been impropriety on many counts
  24. Yah, when young we all 5brothers used to tailor kachera ourselves, its not much difficult. But fir now I rely on Brethern from AKJ. They make really good ones, available at all their functions.We in punjab wear the size just above knees while rhose at hazoor sahib(nanded) and Patna sahib wear the size covering kneecaps , just long enuf to cover knees what we call dakni sryle
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