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  1. Thank you Boss! May God keep you in Chardi Kala always and thank you very much for your patience, sir! I have certainly learnt my lesson. Cheers!!
  2. But they don’t look like philosophers to me. They look like ordinary.
  3. Welcome back. Pls, before you hand it over to someone else, can you remove me from the restriction you’ve imposed upon me? It would be nice to be free of it. I know I am not a regulator poster here but it would be good to be free, especially now that I am stranded here due to COVID travel restrictions and have no Sikh brothers or sisters to talk to. My hormones were playing up and causing a lot of aggressive behaviour in the past but now they have settled and I have grown up since then. Thank you.
  4. Ever so sorry to hear about your illness. Some people still don’t realise how serious this virus can be, you still see many people not wearing masks or adhering to 2 meters distancing. It is not nice to get sick but they don’t care. I am very happy to learn you are safe and sound and back. Still take care and follow the instructions to keep yourself safe and protected. Welcome back. You are totally correct, until something as serious and life threatening as this happens to a loved one people regard it as nothing to worry about and ignore its implications. There are some that think i
  5. @ADMIN Wishing you a quick recovery and apologies once again for using ‘bad language’ in some threads. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Please listen to bani everyday and you will be back on your feet in no time. May vaheguru Ji bless you with Chardi Kala.
  6. I apologise if I have used bad language but I am not sure in which post or thread I have done so. Could you please let me know where I have done so. Thank you all very much in advance. I promise not to do it again. I will be more careful in the future. Thanks again.
  7. 96 Crore is the target, the real Khalsa, and not some turban wearing sheep or goats with shaved beards or shaved heads but with nine feet long beards.......... not some enuchs in other words. Real Khalsa men and women with one aim to restore sikhi first and then spread. Don't forget 96 Crore is the figure to start with. Let's see if we can manage this first.
  8. Yes, I am a sikh. I do want sikhi to spread but I am not god. The missionaries are targetting the marginalized and the vulnerable people of Punjab, not the educated and the wealthy. Why are they not taking responsibility of stopping them from becoming their targets? We are not allowed to convert. We may speak about it but we are not allowed to convert anyone, that I know. If sikhi were meant to be given freely to every Tom and whoever walked past you, there would be no requirement for charan pahul or khande di pahul rehat to start with. This requirement is also Gurmat. It's a pre-requisite
  9. We will have to take care of our own and see they are not harmed or converted in any way whatsoever then. Each kaum to themselves. Take care of our own in everyway we can.
  10. Nor is Christianity or Islam, or Hinduism etc don't you know? Why do you complain,when they convert one of ours' then? They are also doing what we want to do, spread. Live and let live then. Accept the consequences for our actions. Stop complaining.
  11. If that's the mentality you are going to move forward in your life, then don't complain when a member of your sikh kaum gets converted. Convert your own to sikhism first.
  12. Not Punjabi or Indian, I say. Would you have made the same amount of noise if this had been our girl?
  13. harsharan000 simran345 dalsingh (where is dalsingh by the way?) chatanga as well as Kira I forgot to mention N30Singh. N30Singh and dalsingh are the most favorites.
  14. I truly wish I could help you by providing a perfect answer but I can’t.
  15. Listen to this Bani very, very carefully. LEARN IT AND MEMORIZE IT. The whole world needs redemption.
  16. Obviously they survived on lots of nuts plus dry fruits. Did you know almonds are extremely high protein food? Moreover, their diet was free from pesticides and preservatives in those days. They were very lucky.
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