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  1. Nonsense post mate, utter <banned word filter activated> , this Jesse is most likely a secret member of the village people
  2. The poster clearly took a high dose of crack cocaine. I hate magpies will I turn into one?
  3. Well he had the chance to rectify but he just complained to the british about getting his raj back as more money. He was a businessman that's all not a Sikh. If he care for sikhi would he have cut his Kesh all his life or smoked tobacco or been a womaniser? I say it again. Why do we put shitbags like duleep on a high platform because he would have stepped on any of us to et back his raj. E was greedy for money that is all. <banned word filter activated> him and his pathetic life. His mother jind "kaur " was a <banned word filter activated> it is a known fact she was
  4. Who the hell are you kidding ???? I've seen your posts since ive been hoovering on this forum since 2007, you are a scumbag with no shame. Proactive I think you are a cunt please <banned word filter activated> off elsewhere . I hate your posts and your stupid anti Nihang beliefs. Stupid khalistani <banned word filter activated> face
  5. I think toofan Singh was an amazing movie. I went with some people who don't know much about 84 and those events, it engaged them and after they were very curious and reading up about the events themselves. I urge all to go and see toofan Singh and NoT to see a crap movie like the black prince. Duleep is not what he was portrayed in the movie...in real life he only cares about £££££ once he realise how rich his sandanwala cousins were doing. He was a womaniser who left his wife and kids for a <banned word filter activated>. Why do we hold those who do not care for sikhi in high e
  6. If you want to destroy something do it from the inside. ... They are scumbags
  7. Destruction


    The way i do it i wrap up my jura then tie a ghol dastaar, if my dastaar does come off my jura is wrapped super tight so it won't come undone. In your case wrap your Jura do ur bunga and tie your dumalla so incase it can come off it won't drag you with it. Hope I make sense Khalsa Ji?
  8. Destruction


    This is a bad idea...reason being if you have ever been In a real fight you will know your enemy will pull your pagh and your kesh and use it to your disadvantage. You should tie your dumalla in such a way that if any scum bag hanks or grapples you , your dastaar will come off and they can't drag you...and no your kesh will stay intact in your head without coming undone. Didn't some sings die many years back because their dastaara wrapped around their arms in the water? Something to think about.
  9. Why were Sikhs of the 1700s persecuted? Why were Sikhs of 80s persecuted did the root cause and you will see both timelines are two different things and in no way can be compared with each other I feel sick at you even making me read such a vile statement. There is a bit in prachin panth Parkash which mentions how the singhs could not even buy from various towns products and resources had you read that? Could te Sikhs walk down the road and buy daal flour and other things? You make me sick.
  10. Sorry to burst everyone's bubbles but how dare some of you compare mahan panth de shaheeds such as baba Singh and methab Singh who willingly gave himself for shaheedi after hearing f his friend Tara Singh being captured:killed to the shaheeds of 80s. what at you need to understand you blind people is Sikhs back then were not well off compared to 80s. They did not have massive kottis in the 1700s comparing to 80s, they could not go and buy utensils/products from the local shops in the 1750s compared to te 80s, they could not peacefully visit their guru ghars in the 1700s they lived
  11. Don't think we realise how many gay/bisexual Sikh turban wearing men there are. I know if a few jatt tarkhan even khatri turban gay Sikhs who are obviously not out but do this undercover. Then there's that feminine namdhari gay. There are loads and I bet they feel they are stuck with no voice as their family will disown them and lose their friends. Quite tragic
  12. Destruction


    Accept it,one truth in life that we all will perish , all our loved ones ,friends all will face death. Accept it and try to jorrrr with satguru only peace you will find on earth, unless you own 100acre land away from cars and planes.
  13. Welcome to the new age of the phudu panth pathetic so called khalsa sir
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