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  1. when I first saw the photo they just looked like typical indians, until I saw them using names like they are amrit-dharis. It's so unfortunate that many sikhs use Singh and Kaur as their main names and yet aren't even tyaar bar tyaar to be protected from such a situation, especially in a country which allows guns! Regardless, this is so sad what happened and especially the baby.
  2. what's happened to posts, why do they need approval now, was there some kind of hack?
  3. I think it is rehat to keep joora as mad-sees. maybe it's in rehitnama?
  4. hmm I doubt he literally meant gurmat against bhai Gurdass vaaran!... did he actually say anything objectionable in the videos?
  5. so is India and Pakistan, sooo same difference if they went there?
  6. there are so many sikhs in Canada, they are still not reducing the incidence of Kuttha such as Popeyes (I heard this from a Canada sikh online, probably on reddit or twitter) and Hortons, and even Kuttha is high in restaurants in Punjab such as Mcdonalds and possibly Subway. removing most of the polytheistic elements. some are still there such as the black stone, and Kaaba's origin is still a polytheistic Mandir.
  7. this guest is not me, I did not write this comment. and besides, I don't brag about my car at all. I am more likely to brag about the amount of RAM, storage and dual sim capacity in my non-Apple phone.
  8. will they do Chaupai Sahib properly with full kabyo baach benti and Arril bani read when performing amrit sanchar? Many months ago I listened to Rehraas Sahib paat at Park Avenue gurdwara and Chaupai Sahib was cut, so I don't have full confidence.
  9. Ranjit Singh probably took pahul from Budha Dal at a young age. Guru ji created instruments, it doesn't matter which Guru created instruments. When Bhai Satta and Balwand were temporarily excommunicated, Guru Arjan gave hukam to the gursikhs to start playing tanti saaj and to pick up the instruments such as rabab. Jori uses half of a mridang, I don't think this is called tabla? Rabab has been part of sikh tradition since Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana... Guru Gobind Singh's sikhs performed aasa di vaar in tanti saaj outside even during battles as Guru ji ordered this during one battle, the gursikhs didn't make excuses like today's sikhs! maybe dholki is used now but I think the puraatan gursikhs used mridang since Guru Nanak times.
  10. I worked in IT support and still work in tech support. First thing you need to do is change your number, and in the meanwhile just put your phone into airplane mode or take the sim out. Make sure you backup your all your stuff, whether into cloud like Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox etc. Or might be easier to move your stuff to memory card or USB memory stick. Then you should factory reset your whole phone. And stop using that online account the hackers have. Also you must report to the police!
  11. udasis and sewapanthis aren't khalsa sects and are sikh sampradaiye. Due to not being part of khalsa, they do not cause division in the khalsa and behave as part of wider sikh panth, in a bohpanti sikh panth. Those sampradaiye existed at the time of dal khalsa and didn't cause issues, and helped support sikhs and gurdwaras and seva. To include these sampradaiye in divisions of khalsa is completely illogical ! To be honest it doesn't really make sense to include bedis and nirmalay either because their roles didn't interfere with the main khalsa panth the way today's jathas and sgpc try to control! Normally Every Singh took pahul from Budha Dal and then either stayed with dal khalsa and had the one panthic maryada, or maybe went into their life or grihast jeevan, maybe joining Maharaja Ranjit Singh's army or whatever they wanted, but still keeping the dal panth maryada, and theres other went onto some sect or dera to follow their maryada... None of this stuff with "take amrit from my jatha and follow our maryada" and "we are the correct khalsa way", there just was't any of this ego or erosion present! The issue NOW is there are sects and divisions within the khalsa! Don't worry about sects outside of the khalsa, those have always existed going all the way to Udasis, and only aim to spread prachar and bring people into sikhi! some sects such as panch khalsa diwan with Bhasauria, jathas and sgpc must take the blame for mutilating chaupai sahib and printing gutkas throughout last century with this presentation! harmonium is maybe nostalgic, however if we really are independent from colonial rule, then we should not use it over Guru Arjan dev ji's hukam of using tanti saaj for raag keertan! nostalgia is one thing but Guru is always main thing!
  12. well the fact he wore bana, and also I can see often wearing shastar in the photos, both of these combined are an actual connection to Akal Bunga in some way! HE is the connection! Now it makes even more sense why the gurdwara was named Akal Bunga. Did he pass away young? Does the gurdwara follow any specific maryada such as dal panth Budha Dal maryada or similar?
  13. I would like to find out more about Sant Baba Mani Singh ji please? Also why is the gurdwara called Akal Bunga Sahib and what is the connection with Akali Bunga/ Akal Takht?
  14. will the mods be ok if we call out some groups for butchering chaupai sahib at amrit sanchar? On the top of the list is SGPC... The rest of the list, could be risky....
  15. make sure they read Chaupai Sahib properly, and not one of those shankawadi amrit sanchars where they stop reading bani because they ran out of bentiyaan!
  16. Tie in a boonga, and I hear that maryada is that sikhs should be trying boonga anyway.
  17. yeh so I just combined both of them since both can have the same issues and both can have their stuff forgotten by distancing with time and social circles. Even divorce can be hidden by moving to another country. Yes exactly. I think so many females are using make up now we can't see their natural skin glow anymore.
  18. I wonder if chand-tora is recognised by modern hindus, especially connecting to Shiv/Shiva?
  19. she just has to adjust her make up for age I think it someone has a bad rep or some other excess baggage such as ex partners, then if they put a few years distance between those events and getting married, then a lot of the bad rep stuff becomes a distant memory. Also during that time changing social circles, such as if the stuff was done at school then going to university (maybe far away) and losing contact with school friends, or if the stuff was at university then graduating and then ditching that social group (works even better for those who went university far away). And if they were doing stuff at work, then there's probably no choice but to switch jobs, although in a big company switching departments may work? Even after all that, exes can still pop-up out of nowhere and ruin a marriage (yaari is hard to hide), even for those pretty hoes, although there's a good chance people with reps will ruin the marriage themselves anyway! I know some women have difficulty conceiving in their 30s, must be difficult to have children in 40s!
  20. So I saw naamdharis pop-up on my youtube on my TV, it was some programme in Canada with their current Guru and even their really famous top Raag Keertani was doing a speech. So I was just fast-backwarding through the video (I think because it was live on youtube you reverse instead of forward), and I saw them doing the ardaas. I was curious to listen to how they do the ardaas. Then I head the notorious patshahi 12 barvi mentioned at the start of the ardaas. Since the 1st pauri of Chandi Di Vaar is universal in sikh ardaas, then how can naamdharis change patshahi 10 dasvi to patshahi 12 barvi if it's technically changing 1st pauri of chandi di vaar? Also why only 12 if they have had more Gurus now who they do name in the ardaas?
  21. still wears a pagh (and that hindi movie even put an aad chand on his turban for some reason)
  22. it's only when modern Sikhs let go of their jatha egoes and start understanding the rehitnamas and itihasic granths, then they will understand the value of da khalsa and what dal khalsa achieved!
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