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  1. I'm gonna be real, this is pretty funny. This. Honestly, I do think it's a little shady; in terms of copyright law, but oh well. There's not much anyone other than the owners of these shops can do about it. Unoriginality sucks, but its not like we can stop them.
  2. Maybe I have a different take on this stuff because my mom is white, but I personally don't have an issue with it. I don't have any children, as I'm a bit too young for that now, but if I were to I wouldn't care so much if they married someone who wasn't a Jat or otherwise Punjabi. I would be more concerned with their hypothetical spouses faith/morals. I say faith/morals, because well... the faith aspect is obvious. I would GREATLY prefer they marry a Sikh, even if they were non-practicing. That said, if it is a person of another faith, I would hope they would be of some high moral standing
  3. I vote Mahandulai leader of all sikhs Jai sri Mahandulai, the great
  4. Oi Sangatji, I have a problem. So, I noticed today that on my right forearm, in the area that my kara slides up and down, the hair has become sparse. When I look at my other arm, which I don't wear a kara on, it's hairy. I'm not especially bothered by this, as it's really not that noticable, but aside from wearing the kara on my other arm, I was wondering if anyone had any sort of solutions to this. Wkjkkwjkf
  5. Something tells me right-wing extremists wouldn't write "1 Jarnail", veerji
  6. And we don't have to accept Muslim concerntrolls
  7. Granted he could come back with a VPN but heyyy it might deter him some
  8. I don't really like asking for this, but can we just ban him now? He's been more of a disruption than anything else, and it's been proven that everyone else thinks so.
  9. Make knowledge of it publicly available. Find some way to make it a public domain type thing. I think copywriting or selling something like that would be wrong.
  10. If they do this to Sikhi in India, we will come back stronger. The diaspora was a blessing as it put us all over the world. As long as we stay on the path, will we never perish.
  11. Oh no doubt! Some Hindus have done monsterous things that no Gursikh should forget. That said, being in the west, I find it easier to relate to Hindus than to Christians.
  12. Imo the abrahamic religions tend to have this childish insistence that all other paths are demonic and evil. Say what you will about other dharmic faiths, but they are nowhere near as cancerous as the abrahamic ones. Not to say that there isn't some good stuff in those religions, they're not completely worthless. But historically they've done some really slimy stuff. As it pertains to us, between the British and the Muhgals, they've shown their hand.
  13. I mean, I am inclined to agree with you. I don't like 3HO, or even Yogi Bahjan, buuuuuuuuuuut he was right in capitalizing off of the hippie craze. We could do something similar with the modern push for progressivism and the sort of hipster-ish fascination with eastern religion many westerners have now. At the very least, I think it would be more palatable to them than Islam.
  14. Wjkk wjkf Bro it's just a plant. Besides, would it be a bad omen to have a pet dog and feed it meat? Of course not. Don't worry so much.
  15. This. We have to keep in mind that many faiths have nuggets of truth in them. Some more so than others. Some may have only 20% of it, others 80%, but they all still have some element of truth to them. It would be frankly idiotic to abandon practices in Sikhi because they appear similar to a different faiths practice. That said I do understand the ever present threat of Sikhi being saffronised. I understand that we cannot let our faith be diluted and destroyed, but we also have to keep a level head about these things.
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