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  1. I know this has nothing to do with this topic, but I have a question. So, when I comb my hair, tuns of dead kes fall out, so what should I do with the hair that comes out? Should I just throw it away or do something else?
  2. Ik this isn’t related to the topic, but does anyone know where I can find English Suraj Parkash online
  3. Yes bibian should keep their heads covered at all times. And I believe it should be Nd normally is same for the men. I think a Amritdhari Sikh should keep a keski on at all times instead of jus a cloth, but some believe different. I believe that just like u need a gatra with a kirpan, we should have a keski with our kesh
  4. I’m not in support of dhumma and I will never be. That man is not a sant I would never call him the mukhi of the taksal. He’s the same person who said Sri dasam granth wasn’t by dasam patshah himself. Today’s taksal isn’t the same as the real one that had ended with Sant giani thakur Singh jis death. People like dhumma r ruining the taksal. Nd I still do not support sgpc cuz the other stupid things they have done
  5. yeah there was probably some problems between them since then. but if u look at the cops record, theres a lot stuff on there that just tells u hes racist
  6. Toofan singh, mastermind jinda sukha, dharam yudh morcha,
  7. I’ve never been to uk, but ur point is very tru.
  8. idk bout housing food ect. but abbotsford is like a more quieter surrey nd theres 4 gurudwaras in our small city. also, one of the oldest gurudwaras of canada is in abbotsford
  9. Nihang chola are better for gatka and jangs. They provide more free movement of legs as they are normally shorter from the bottom. they seem to be more in width at the bottom too. nihang singhs tend to wear longer kashera. taksali chola are like long kurtas. they look almost the same but i think nihang cholas r shorter at the bottom
  10. my parents always told me nihang singhs survived of eating lots of sholay (chickpeas) they have lots of power in em. also shardai (without sukha) its full of power
  11. i would say dhadrianwale. he says hes not missionary but the things he preaches sound exactly like a missionarys preaching.
  12. anyone know that there were actually 2 hindu men that decided to fight alongside sant ji during operation bluestar!? I just found that out. its good to see that many hindus knew what was right, and decided to agree with sant ji. but these 2 brave hindus, fought alongside sant ji! I feel great to see this.
  13. Who finalizes and makes decisions at the akal takht? Is it SGPC?
  14. My recommendation is don’t tie a pointy turban like a patiala shahi pagg. First of all cuz u will have the joora problem. But second of all because those types of turbans weren’t given to us by the gurus. The gol dastar or nihang dumala was given to us and it is the original Sikh turban. The patiala shahi pagg came from maharaja of patiala. They wore those turbans to show the oppressing British sarkar that they were there “friends” I find that as a sign of slavery. The British feared nihangs, and obviously feared their great dumala sahibs. So thas how there pointed turbans came
  15. Veerji, it’s our maryada to wrap first part of dastar with dastar Kapra and make joora like that. It’s called a keski and it’s tied under dumala sahibs. Just look up how to tie dumala sahib or keski and it will come up
  16. Today I see many people mix Punjabi culture things with sikhi. Like I personally think that Bhangra, giddha and other things like this aren’t related to sikhi and aren’t allowed for Sikh to do. People need to understand that being Punjabi is different than being a Sikh. Do u guys think that Bhangra and giddha r forbidden in sikhi?? I wanna hear sum more people’s vichar in this
  17. I think it’s should come jus a lil bit above the knees. Idk about the width tho
  18. I think it’s because of the concept of how everyone of welcome to any gurudwara. But like u have a point. Why should we let the person who attacked the darbar sahib, massacred many children, and destroyed the akal takht, into the darbar sahib
  19. It’s cuz SGPC is there. SGPC literally destroys sikhi. If u look at the maryada of a sevadar at darbar sahib, it’s says the sevadar needs to have a patiala shahi pagg type turban or any pointed dastar. Sevadars cannot wear gol dastars or dumallas. Sevadars have to wear a pajami with their chola, they can’t just wear only a kashera with their chola. I’m sure these people do not also allow bibis to do kirtan. In sant jis time, bibis used to be allowed to do kirtan. SGPC probably has many corrupt people as leaders. We need Budha dal, damdami taksal, tarna dal and all other jathebandis to come together to confront sgpc and to unite under one Nishan sahib
  20. e sgpc isnt good. they r weaking sikhi. we are supposed to be keeping modern weapons, and they dont even let singhs wear kirpans????
  21. yeh i agree. Theres so many sikhs that sticked to their maryada instead of living. that is just sikhi. not "hardcore sikhi" like wat even is that
  22. They could be payed or they are just very brainwashed that sant ji was a terrorist. Many people use one reason why sant ji is bad. people say that sant ji butchered and killed many innocent hindus. but in many photos u can see sant ji happily welcoming hindus to akal takht. He welcomed subramanian swamy. he wasnt killed. theres no prove that sant ji killed hindus himself. Many hindus even have stories of meeting sant ji and they say that they were openly welcomed.
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