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  1. I prefer to believe the scientists. Scientists at least admit when they get things wrong.
  2. The scientific evidence clearly doesn't support this. In fact humans have only been farming for 12,000 years. So settlements are only that long. Before that we were just hunter gatherers with no civilisation. Hinduism whixh first mentioned the yugs is only around 6000 years old.
  3. So Sikhi is the only path to salvation? There are 7.8 Billion people in the world and Sikhs are just 30 million. So those other 7.77 Billion have to be reincarnated as Sikhs to end the cycle of rebirth? And that is just human lives. If you include animals and insects it is even more. It would take a ridiculously long time for every person to have the chance to be born a Sikh. In fact the world would probably have ended by that time. What about prehistoric animals like Dinosaurs that were around hundreds of millions of years before humans, what was happening to their souls? Were
  4. What happens to all of the atheists in Western Europe whose countries we are desperate to immigrate to?
  5. Yes but why not have such gatherings during Guru Nanak's Gurpurab which is a far more significant event. Buddhists don't celebrate or get together on Diwali.
  6. So why celebrate in a very similar way to the way Hindus celebrate Diwali, with fireworks, lighting candles etc. And in terms of importance is it up there with Vaisakhi and Guru Nanak's Gurpurab? The celebrations certainly make it look so.
  7. The vast majority of Hindus do not know this. I would say over 90% don't know. I reckon around 50% of western Sikhs don't know the reason we celebrate it either.
  8. What I meant in my original post was if Sikhs give too much importance to Diwali/Bandi Chorr Diwas. Is it really a big important event in Sikh history? There are more significant events in my opinion. It seems that someone just decided to tie in Bandi Chorr Diwas and Diwali together so that we Sikhs didn't feel left out when the Hindus were celebrating. It's a bit like how the European Christians replaced their pagan winter solstice festival with Christmas. They felt guilty to celebrate their old pre-Christian festival so decided to give it a different meaning that fit their new reli
  9. Thankfully things are better in Punjab. Sikhi really did civilise people. I have seen countless dirty comments and rape threats online from Indians, they have all been from Hindus. The reasons for India's shocking rape statistics are: 1. Sexual frustration and Indians getting married later in life. Previously people used to get married as teenagers or in their early 20s, nowadays it's late 20s or early 30s. 2. India in general is a very conservative country which leads to a lot of sexual repression and when Indians see highly sexuallised scenes in Bollywood movies this makes th
  10. Someone told me it was a very sparsely populated area in Ancient times and that most Punjabis are actually from Rajasthan originally.
  11. We want to be seen as seperate from Hindus but we celebrate Diwali with great gusto, more than even Vaisakhi. There are many great significant events in Sikh history but we choose to celebrate the release of Rajas as if it is one of the most important things in our history. Most western Sikhs don't even know the jail story. Did we correlate this event with Diwali like the Europeans did with their winter festival with Christmas?
  12. As good as though. It was unsafe for them after what happened in Uganda. Why else did they leave en masse for Britain?
  13. Things have improved though. I remember being at Delhi train station as a 11 year old back in the mid 90s. I almost burst into tears seeing the disfigured children with Polio pulling themselves along with skateboards. Thank God Polio has been eradicated there.
  14. It is sad but one of my cousins over there told me if you offer them a job they will refuse it and prefer to beg, there's more money in it.
  15. Unfortunately my one was born in the UK or came here at a young age!
  16. My nana was born in Pakistan, although his ancestral village is on the Indian side. Thankfully he left a year before the violence started. He did go back to visit once but I have no inkling whatsoever. Why go back to a place where you were thrown out of? It's the same with East African Sikhs.
  17. Get ready for the obligatory episode of Who Do You Think You Are on BBC1. She'll probably uncover the usual Jewish roots.
  18. I was shocked by this story but I have had first hand experience dealing with volatile apne builders. Some of these guys are extremely rude, aggressive and full of rage when you critique their work, they are full of ego and won't think twice of getting violent. They are like those comical bad guys from an awful Punjabi movie. They are all nicey nice when trying to get the contract but can flip out afterwards.
  19. These are the same people who say everyone should stop procreating. Most of them have children already and then tell their own children not to get married. Really twisted people.
  20. Exactly. Otherwise we are living up to claims like 'Sikhism was created to protect Hinduism.'
  21. They ruled half the world, what did we do? Rule part of Punjab for 50 odd years.
  22. She's no different to war criminal Barack Obama. The man who started wars in Libya and Syria and was then given the Nobel Peace Prize. Their skin colour allows them to get away with this, if a white person had done what Obama did he would have been ridiculed like George Bush was. Say what you will about Trump but he at least hasn't invaded a new country and things seem to be relatively calmer in the middle east.
  23. I think you live in some fantasy land. The average gora is bigger than the average Sikh. They also have a long history of being successful in combat sports.
  24. Stupid people, they are further trying to emphasise that Sikhi is only for Punjabi people.
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