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  1. Doesn't change the fact that Cali guys talk like blacks. Canada isn't tiny either, we have quadruple the Sikh population. Bro, you need to focus on your own Sikhi, you come off completely negative and bitter.
  2. You need to do some paaht or something. Every post of yours on here is negative and hate filled. Do you have nothing else to contribute?
  3. What makes you think that's a problem for them? They couldn't care less about the Guru, or being close to the Guru.
  4. Oh Please, as If UK Punjabi Sikh women aren't perfect. Don't you guys have some Muslims to run off with? Then complain you were groomed.
  5. This is VERY prevalent in California, your home state??? especially in the bay area (Santa Clara, Hayward etc). As for Canada, it's quite true in Toronto area. Not as much in BC & Alberta. The Punjabis in BC are very active in their underworld, more so than any other diasporic community.
  6. Idk if that tweet is true, however, she is from the leftist circles. We should be careful how we proceed with her, and Mandeep Punia. Their contribution is well appreciated, but their loyalty to leftist ideology vs Sikhi is questionable.
  7. I'm not disagreeing with what Sant Ji said. And I'm most definitely not, but a lot of kharkus were. I just understand why you're on your own high horse. ? Now a days a lot more monay are willing to ride than Singhs.
  8. Like I said, Sant Ji has EVERY right to make that statement. You are a nobody on the other hand. I'm praising people who put in work for and kaum. I'll take 10 Monay like them over 100 typical keshadhari Sikhs of today. Monay have plenty times risen to the occasion.
  9. You pathetic losers. If you guys even had any common sense, or if you were remotely associated, you'd reach out to someone IN the movement. They'll tell you just who Deep Sidhu's family is. You clowns believe every video you see? You people were the same type who jumped to call kharkus and Sant Ji agents because the Akalis said so. Our kaum is weak because of YOU. And by movement, I mean Khalistan, not this protest.
  10. Sant Ji had every right to be able to make such comments, you on the other hand are just lucky your parents didn't cut your hair. Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana have done more than you ever will. Before calling them clowns, why don't you go step foot on the front line? You're an embarrassment to sardars.
  11. Miniature? You're forgetting social media was less prevalent then. Punjab was under lock down from all corners, Singhs were killed. It wasn't as big as what is happening today, but that can be summed up to social media.
  12. Perhaps holy is the wrong word, since holy would be where Guru Granth Sahib Ji is. Better word be significant. Darbar Sahib was built by our Gurus themselves, hosts Akal Takht, and the history behind it is VAST.
  13. I don't believe this is the first time they've done work for Sikhs. I'm quite sure I've read that they do work with shaheed parivaars. From my personal opinion, I say Sikhs should close the doors to others until we fix our own house. From a Sikhi perspective, we are equivalent of the Singhs who spoke against Bhai Kanihya ji.
  14. I would never be one to believe the Indian govt has any decency, but I don't think there will be any sort 84 actions right now. Even police crackdown may be quite far down the road still, but this scenario is definitely possible. The folks on ground level seem confident there won't be any police action soon.
  15. This forum usually hated on Khalsa Aid for their global work, and not discriminating against who they help. They're easily one of the most useful organizations at Singhu and Tikri right now. Certain few people here should be ashamed.
  16. Primarily because the Phulkian rajas chose to be British lapdogs. Ancestors of modern day traitor Capt Amrinder. His sexually relaxed behavior aside, the man was not a joke. You don't get to the stage he got to be by being JUST a "drunken" sex addict. He was a mere child when his military career began, and rose to consolidate power over much of Punjab. He wasn't no Gursikh, but he was definitely one of the more able military leaders we've had. Anyone who can't respect him in that sense is holding some odd grudge against him.
  17. I think the country side in many Latin American nations is quite conservative, unlike major urban centers.
  18. Regardless of politics, these men were still our grandfathers, great grandfathers, they fought and dies in hellish environments. Respect to the for that at least. Fighting conditions i doubt any of us will ever partake in, and definitely wouldn't voluntarily.
  19. Let the brother stick around and clear his name. Regardless of personal stances, you can tell he is very much pro-Sikhi. Putting us in the same boat.
  20. I agree with Akali Fauj often, but some of those from Nihang circles (I'm assuming his association here) have a big superiority problem. Despite Nihangs as a whole having been absent for decades now, lol.
  21. LOL. This is pathetic. You can tell this guy is a total bi**hboy.
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