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  1. We keep falling for the same trap each and every time. A Sikh who tries to lift the Panth and Punjab out of his deep and endless abyss we entered into many decades ago will always face more opposition from apnay than even our enemies. All those who are questioning how Amritpal Singh has achieved so much support and a base is Punjab do not understand the power of social media. Social media has caused revolutions in many countries such as the Arab Spring, do these people not know how much social media influences our community in Punjab. The youth these are very engaged with social media and social media has been used to create branches of supporters in many villages and this they are able to mobilise the youth to attend rallies with Amritpal Singh. Simranjit Singh Mann's victory was very much due to the use of social media by our youth. Another reason why Amritpal Singh has captured centre stage is that the Panth and especially the youth have in the last few years become much more grounded in reality and started to cleanse itself of the liberal BS that the likes of Ravi Singh and United Sikhs have bought into Sikhi. He talks unapologetically about how he wants Khalsa Raj just as Hindus openly talk of Hindu Rashtra, the youth wanted a leader who talks in such a manner and not some pyjamay talking constantly about helping others and Sarbat Da Bhalla. The opposition to Amritpal Singh is because he has done more for the Panth in the last few months than all our paper tigers combined in the last three decades. Look at Kuki Gill, he has been badmouthing Amritpal Singh for the last few weeks because since his release in 2009 his achievements for the Panth have been a big fat zero. He keeps harping on about how he sacrificed his career and how he is so highly educated as if no other Kharkoo sacrificed their entire families for the Panth and all he has sacrificed is his career.
  2. He is being deceptive of course, using the voting percentage of the 2019 Lok Sabha poll against the combined nine assembly segments that make up Sangrur Lok Sabha seat vote share just three months ago. The vote shares from both elections in Sangrur Lok Sabha seat for all parties is March 2022 June 2022 Total votes 1370K 710K AAP 642K 46.9% 247K 35% SAD(B) 134K 9.79% 44K 6.4% INC 237K 17.29% 79.5k 11.19% BJP 28K 2.05% 66K 9.3% SAD(A) 76K 5.5% 252K 35.5% The BJP percentage increase is deceptive because they only stood in 3 assembly seats out of the 9 that make up the Sangrur Lok Sabha seat in March 2022. . Simranjit Singh Mann's win was astounding because he did not have the same party machinery that any of the other parties and was mainly helped by the youth who took to canvassing for him on a big scale, Also social media helped because the Mann supporters were able to utilise SM much more effectively that they could in March 2022. I have always written that a Panthic party should be the real third alternative to the Congress and Badal Akalis, now with the defeat of Badal, it looks like the Panthic party will be the third alternative between Congress and AAP.
  3. Watch the film Taras Bulba A very entertaining way to get the low down on Polish-Ukrainian relations.
  4. I think some writer used the word Kali the godess and added the word Stan for country. Bit like how the Simpson's have managed to predict some events.
  5. You are right that there are people who through their childhood experiences go on to become sociopaths and psychopaths. But not every one of these peoples' mental condition can be traced back to childhood or the way they were raised or even events in later life. There are lots of people who have had the perfect childhood and they have gone on to become psychopaths. These are probably the ones who entered the Maanas Janam before their time.
  6. That and the fact that he has a very well oiled PR machine. Although I think KA has probably reached a plateau and will not go any higher. The amount of pushback it is getting even from people in Punjab who tend to be more emotional than the diaspora and for whom the sight of a Nishan Sahib is some out of the way place seems more important than looking after our own. The Sikh focussed charities are getting more and more popular now and I can see in the next few years that they might surpass KA.
  7. BSC income £ 442K in 2019 expenditure £427K in 2019 -- Income £710K expenditure £786K in 2020 Your Seva income £180K and expenditure £127K in 2020 Compared to Khalsa Aid income £5 million and expenditure £1.7 million in 2021 These Sikh focussed charities are gaining more traction especially now with social media where KA pretty much gets a drubbing every day whenever there is an issue of Sikhs needing help comes up. All Ravi Singh can do is block people.
  8. Bhagat Kabir would be a poor example of someone reforming Islam. His Shabads are the most critical of Islamic theology and his most famous verse "Awwal Allah Noor Upaiya" which is used (wrongly) as a solidarity Shabad by those who do not even read it all is an outright negation of the concept of Allah contained in the Quran.
  9. Interesting thought. I remember elder members of my family used to say that those people who appear incapable of human emotions and general humanity had been born into a human body before their time. Some kind of glitch has caused them to be born in a human body before they had gone through the necessary experience and development in other life forms which would have set them up to attain human birth. Watching that video of those girls being attacked in Pakistan, their abusers do display classic pack like behaviour. Unfortunately for those born into Islam, both nature and nurture screws them up for life!
  10. It is virtually impossible for Ravi Singh to change the whole strategy of his charity and concentrate on Sikhs, He has become a part of the woke worldview and has created a niche for our people to be mindless drones whose sole aim is to open up a free food stall at the drop of a hat. It is better to focus on other Sikh charities such as Your Seva and British Sikh Council which have been helping our people and are not involved in the constant self promotion that Ravi Singh and Khalsa Aid do.
  11. Doesn't the very fact that a convert to Sikhi becomes a son of Guru Gobind Singh give him the right to claim all of our heritage from Guru Nanak to now?
  12. Demonic would the right word for it. In fact in one sakhi Guru Gobind Singh when forbidding the Khalsa from rape in war states that Islam is the religion of Bhoots and Rakshas and that the Guru's path is set on a higher moral plane.
  13. Where is the human attribute that is inherent in most people to help someone who is in distress? I cannot imagine this kind of thing happening among out people. The way that a lot of them rather than helping the girls actually joined in with the abuse shows that this kind of behaviour is inherent in all of them.
  14. It was the attempt to prove that Jinnah's two nation theory was wrong even after he had managed to snatch away the Muslims' share of south Asia, the secularists still held on their dream that India was one nation. This was the reason that MK Gandhi and Nehru begged the Muslim Meos who had migrated to Pakistan to return to Mewat. They sent police to get back their Meos' land which was being taken over by locals. The fact that these Meos could see that they would never get any land in Pakistan in exchange made the majority of them return and the problem of Muslim majority Mewat was created. This was also to reason why Nehru never really took the two nation theory to it's logical conclusion that of the complete exchange of populations. He never understood that the creation of Pakistan had proved the two nation theory and what was needed was now acceptance of that fact. This was why the constitution was framed so that Muslims would feel at home in India and not want to migrate in the years after the creation of Pakistan.
  15. Honestly, this guy is all over the place. My own views of Deep Sidhu's comments are that he was saying that unless the farm leaders up the ante and bring more pressure of Modi then simply sitting in a location expecting the government to bend to your will is unrealistic. His point was that giving Shaheed status to those who had died while sitting in the andolan was legitimising the aimless strategy of the farmer union leaders. Modi had he wanted to could have stayed obstinate as is his reputation and then what? What was the number of deaths that would finally be unacceptable to the farmer union leaders and that they would then change strategy and bring more pressure on the government? He was also comparing the way that the farmer union leaders had refused to call Navneet Singh, the youth who was shot by the police while driving his tractor on 26th Jan as a Shaheed. He was saying how can you have people being called Shaheed who died of health issues sitting in the andolan while not declaring Shaheed someone who was shot while protesting the farm laws? If you watch the video, the emotional outburst by the guy sitting in the audience who attempts to call out Deep Sidhu on his speech, that guy was not understanding exactly what Deep Sidhu was saying. Swaiman Singh is also following the same flawed understanding and this shows just what his agenda is. In the video you will see how Deep Sidhu tries his best to respectfully explain to the guy who disagreed with him, it shows his humble character. Can you imagine what the comrade goons would have done if someone had protested Rajewal's statement during a Rajewal speech? The fact that Modi acted out of character and took back the farm laws without any further pressure from the andolan does not negate Deep Sidhu's analysis. https://youtu.be/h_QHFnrR0XA
  16. This is a common thing now in the west as well, it is the drift towards liberalism, which in my view is a mental disorder which acts to prevent the sufferer from even acting in his own self interests. Think what you like of Tommy Robinson but essentially he is someone who saw the takeover of Islam of his hometown and the victimisation of his people by Muslims and he tried to awaken his people. Look at how he was demonised by the leftists among the goray. Add to this how the white police officers and social workers were quite happy to see females from their own community be groomed by Pakistani Muslims. Only fanatical adherence to liberal principles can explain such suicidal behaviour. When you ideology trumps your common sense then you really are up sh1t creek without a paddle. The situation is not so gloomy though because there has been pushback now both in the west and among our people. Ravi Singh is being ridiculed by our people now for his one track liberal BS when even a few years he was considered almost a saint. The next generation they say is much more conservative than the generation before. We are seeing this more and more in real life and online.
  17. He's been constantly attacking Deep Sidhu because he feels that he has not been getting the publicity that he deserves. Who is he as a comrade to tell us who we should or should not consider our Shaheed? Having made a mess of his entry into Punjab politics it irks him that Deep Sidhu's had such an impact and he has pretty much been ignored by the voters. In the elections he is a comrade but when it comes to misleading Sikhs in a Gurdwara he is the biggest follower of the Gurus. The man is a hypocrite. I would not be surprised if his family background has some comrade gaddar family members who acted as informers against the Kharkoos in the 80s.
  18. I would never support any Hindu in UK politics, there will always be somewhere along the line a connection with the BJP/RSS. For someone who has £200 million to want to go into politics can only be through a desire to have political power because one could buy whatever one wants but true political power can only come from going into politics. I heard a joke about how saying that he has so much money that someone that rich would only go into politics to screw over those poorer than himself! I don't think will ever get a chance to be PM, and that's a good thing. He had his chance just before xmas with the Partygate scandal but Ukraine and now his and his wife's tax arrangement have destroyed that chance. It will take him years to get back his reputation but by then someone else new will come through the Tory ranks.
  19. It is not non-Muslim countries that actively invite Muslims in, it is the liberals in these countries that emotionally backmail the rest of the population into allowing Muslim migration in and shout 'racist!' if there is any voice which wants to restrict their migration into non-Muslims countries. In Punjab it is the same, it is liberal organisations that started the trend to build Mosques for them and started the propaganda that they are 'beecharay' Countries that have voted in right wing governments understand the danger of Muslim migrations, countries such as Hungary, Poland and Serbia. Countries with Muslim populations already have tried various methods such as expulsion like Myanmar and De-Islamification like China has. It would be interesting to see how the first group of countries fare in the next few decades compared to the second group.
  20. Let me refresh your memory, You wrote Khalsa Aid by being a charity that helps all and not just Sikhs is likely to get more donations because non-Sikhs will also donate to it and thus it will have more money at hand with which to possibly help Sikhs than if it was solely a Sikh charity which would restrict its donations to just Sikhs. I showed that they get the vast majority of donations from Sikhs ONLY anyway (98% in 2017) so your contention is false and I have shown clearly it is false. What Ravi Singh has successfully done is subvert both the concept of Langar and the concept of Daswand. Our community in the early 2000s instead of challenging him allowed the subversion and now the next generation do not even realise what Langar and Daswand is.
  21. That's one of the more ridiculous defences I have read of Khalsa Aid. KA has always stated that they get the vast majority of their donations from Sikhs. In an interview in 2017 he stated that 98% of donations are from Sikhs. They even target Sikhs by claiming that donations to them are Daswandh which these donations clearly are not. The 98% quote is below Funding comes mainly from the Sikh community; Khalsa Aid does not receive any government funding. “About 98 percent is funded by the Sikh community from around the world. If it is a major disaster, then the gurudwaras step forward as well,” says Singh, adding that the organization has had a lot of non-Sikh supporters from UK in the past couple of years. Ravi Singh: Reigniting Faith in Humanity (darpanmagazine.com) KA's latest accounts on the charity commission website clearly prove your contention wrong. In fact one would assume that Khalsa Aid would be spending more money in India now because Ravi Singh has been defending KA's lack of help to Sikhs as part of a plan to build up KA's profile abroad and then KA would be able to work in Punjab without Indian government blocking its work. In 2020 KA spent £724,000 in India out of 1,910,000 total spent that is 38%. But last year they spent 424,000 in India out of 1,589,000 which is 26%. This does not mean that KA is spending 26% of funds on Sikhs because a lot of these funds would have been spent in states like Kerala, Uttarakhand etc. So if we estimate that half of the money spent in India is spent in Punjab then KA spends about 15% of it's spend in 2021 on Sikhs. The best way to illustrate the mentality of KA is that they spend MORE money on salaries and benefits to its employees (264K in 2021) than it does on HELPING SIKHS! So in fact KA is cutting back on both their total spend and their spend in India. Interesting enough the funds spent in Iraq have actually gone up as a percentage of total spend in the last two years, KA spent 15% of total spend in Iraq in 2020 and this went up to 17% in 2021. Another disturbing aspect of KA has been that rather than spending a majority of the donations, they are hoarding it even when someone makes a donation they expect that that money will be spent soon on helping needy people. BUT the fact is that KA in the last few years have only been spending less and less percentage of the donations received. In 2020 they spent 40% and in 2021 they spent only 32%.
  22. Here is a report where even the Langar at the Gurdwara is being affected by the cost of living crisis in the UK. The local families have a rotation system where they organise the langar in the Gurdwara and because of the number of non-Sikhs coming for the Langar this is causing them to get into financial difficulties. This just shows how pointless the donations to KA and other such charities are. When our own people even in the west are facing financial difficulties then should this not cause us to rethink what we are doing. There is no doubt that the Langar should always take place but maybe the Gurdwaras should insist on just basic langar of daal and roti and take off the pressure off Sikh families in the area to make Langar with costly dishes.
  23. You need to understand how PR works. Ravi Singh in his 23 years of running KA has become a master manipulator and master PR guy and here it shows. The interview has been arranged so that he can do his usual PR. Firstly, we all know what the accusation against Ravi Singh are, the main one is that he spends the majority of the donations on non-Sikhs. There is no doubt there are a lot of other accusations being thrown around and what this interview does is to put those accusations to him so that he can say these are false. He starts off with the usual defence mechanism, he is doing what he does and he could easily have made more money by doing something else, in this interview he claims he could have become a Baba but in previous videos he claims he could have become a millionaire by doing business in the UK. This is the kind of defence that one gets for people like Ravi Singh when they cannot address the issue itself. Honestly, this is the exact defence that many fraudsters use when challenged on their fraud. If someone thinks that fraud is not possible because KA is registered and overseen by the charity commission that they are deluded. Fraud can take place before the money is even accounted for. Charity commission only sees what been banked, money can easily be siphoned off before it gets banked. What master PR guys like Ravi Singh do is choose who and when they answer the charges put against them. It is obvious that Ravi Singh has chosen the channel and the interviewer and there is no doubt that he chosen the questions to be asked. We all know how Ravi Singh is very adept at using the blocking function on twitter whenever he get challenged on his work. Let's look at his answer about how he is now focussing on Punjab. On the Shaheed families, KA has only acted as a liaison for diaspora Sikhs to donate money for the Shaheed families. It has not actually given money itself. He does not make that distinction and part of the attacks on him are why he is not actually giving money to Shaheed families and only passes money on to them from diaspora Sikhs. He says he wants to set up medical clinics in Malwa and yet he wants medical organisations to contact him so that he can do so. Why is that in Punjab the sewa is always incumbent on others coming forward, does KA ever ask for other organisations to come forward when they go to Bangladesh to help Rohingyas? No, but for Punjab sewa he always lays these conditions, mainly because he can then blame the non-response from them as a get out clause for why he did not do anything for Punjab. Yes, KA did sewa at the morcha but so did other Jathebandis and the vast majority of the food and milk was supplied by the villages. I would be surprised if KA even did 1% of the sewa at the borders that the villages of Punjab and Haryana did. Even the village where the Gujjars attacked the Kisans, Inayatpura sent ration to the borders and this was the very village that KA could not even be bothered to go to even when it was clear that Amritdhari Bibis were being threatened by Gujjars. Now think why that was? It is because Ravi Singh is a leftist and like all leftists, Muslims are his favourite community. He only gives pro-Panth statements so that he can keep the money flowing in from the Panthic diaspora. PR and positive image is all well and good but it is soon forgotten in the world of realpolitik. Governments don't work on emotion, if Ravi Singh think that by spending the Panth's money on non-Sikhs will somehow earn us goodwill then he will be sadly mistaken. Look at what we did for the Kashmiri women when they were threatened with sexual assault by Hindutvis all over India. Sikhs spent lakhs of rupees to get them safely home and yet when only a few months later the Kashmiri paedophile case came up, how many Kashmiri Muslims stood up for us? To be honest Ravi Singh is an emotional fo.ol and more than most in our community. If making Hindus jealous of us was all we wanted to do as a Panth, then we have been doing that for centuries before KA came about and we are winning hands down but is that REALLY what our objective is as a Panth? This another classic defence of fraudsters. How can they be fraudsters when they 'officially' worked for nothing for many years when setting up their 'fraud'. As for JK Rowling's donation, none of that money will be spent on Sikhs and that is a fact. So what difference does it make for poor Sikhs that she donated to KA? The only thing it did was to raise his profile so that he could have an even bigger claim to a Nobel prize. The easy answer to this, why even have a choice of Patel or Khan, why not choose SINGH and KAUR every time. That sounds like a cop out. It doesn't matter whether the money available is pennies, it should be spent on our people especially as it is been sought as DASWANDH which has always been for Sikh causes. Everyone knows the SGPC is corrupt so is that a good reason why Ravi Singh should not be held to account? What Ravi Singh has done in this interview is to make sure that the interviewer has chosen to put accusations to him which are outrageous and which he can easily refute. This is a bit like, say if someone is a murderer and he has murdered two people, in a similar way an interviewer could put to him. "you are accused of murdering ten people" and the murderer could quite rightly say " These are shamefaced lies, I have not murdered 10 people" which is actually quite true but it hides the fact that he did murder two people. Ravi Singh's defence of his pay is quite disingenuous, he present the gift aid (25%) that the government gives to a charity for every donation that they get from taxpayers as if that is some kind of grant when it is actually a refund on the tax that the taxpayer had paid when he got the money either through work or through his business. This is actually the first time I have ever come across such an excuse that a charity has offered to justify their wages. He probably expects the viewers to not understand what gift aid actually is so it looks like the government is paying his wages.
  24. A good video about the village in Telangana which became Sikh in the last decade. Papalpreet Singh is a Sikh activist from Punjab who has travelled over a 1000 miles to make this video about this village after he read about it first a few months ago. The video gives more information about the villagers as well as the possibility of further parchar in the villages around this village.
  25. The plan of action you have outlined above has been taking place but not to the extent that it should but at least there is a start. I remember when the 2011 census results came out showing the Sikh percentage in Punjab going down since 2011, the Akal Takht Jathedar stated that Sikhs should be having at least 4 children, he was quickly shouted down not only by our liberal drones but even by Panthic organisations who one would assume should have known better. There was even a op-ed in the Tribune newspaper the writer of which wrote that Sikhs should ne proud that their population was going because they were helping the country deal with overpopulation! The fact is that now you would never get such idiocy being displayed by our people. Why Sikhs ought to be happy, not worried : The Tribune India
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