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  1. For a long time allegations of homosexual abuse were made against bhai Sukha singh Uk, despite denying it for many years he has now left sikhi suddenly , cut his hair and announced he is actually gay. See photos attached.
  2. Hi am Ranveer coming to UK next month for studies i have listen from my friends that sikh girls in UK dont like punjabi boys with turban is that true ?? i have also attached my pic
  3. I am 20 year old boy. Yesterday i went for peshi (I thought Panj pyare sahiban would just put some tankhah).But they said you have to take amrit. My parents are restrictive ,I wouldn’t have got another chance to go take amrit ,hiding it from them.So i ended up taking amrit without washed hair and it’s bothering me so bad.What should i do?Can someone help?Someone who has served in Panj pyare sahiban?
  4. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Samson Samson, Hebrew Shimshon, legendary Israelite warrior and judge, or divinely inspired leader, renowned for the prodigious strength that he derived from his uncut hair. He is portrayed in the biblical Book of Judges (chapters 13–16).
  5. ? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/sikh-boy-dragged-hair-robbery-ealing-london-crime-b975079.html Sikh boy, 18, ‘dragged by hair’ during street robbery in Ealing By Barney Davis 14 hours ago A A teenager who was “jumped” by three violent thugs was saved by a heroic supermarket van driver who stopped when he fell bloodied into the road. The boy, 18, suffered an injury to the face after he was attacked in Windmill Road, Ealing at around 7.10pm on Tuesday. His brother claimed on social media that three men grabbed him by his Joora, (topknot of long, unshorn hair worn by Sikhs) and beat him up before stealing his phone, school work and tablet. The boy reportedly got help when he stumbled into the road covered in blood and a supermarket delivery driver stopped to phone police. A Met police spokesman said: “Police were called to reports of a male being attacked. Officers attended but there were no signs of any suspects or victims. “A short time later a further call was received to Windmill Road, where the victim, aged 18, was located. “He was assisted by members of the public who called 999. He was reportedly approached by three males who chased him before stealing his bag and phone. “The victim suffered a facial injury. He declined treatment from LAS.” There have been no arrests and enquiries are ongoing.
  6. Gur Fateh Ji, I want to become a true sikh and not one just in name and want to follow my 5 kakaars. But for that i have to stop getting my hair cut every month and i feel apprehensive about difficulties i will face in growing my hair. Can someone help me with the journey or more preferrably who has gone through this process before?? Thanks. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  7. Have been wondering this for a while. I have decided to stop using conditioner and use oil instead, plus many Gursikhs also give importance to applying oil to the scalp and hair. So the question is, what's the cheapest....ermmm....best oil? My mum uses this green coloured oil called "amla", I think. I didn't like the smell, and it also stained my white dastaar :D Baby oil is cheap, but it doesn't give the smoothness I want. any suggestions? also, are we meant to oil the beard?
  8. Guest

    hair cut

    I am 26 year old . I have not cut my hairs or bread ever till date, but now after so many years i feel disillusioned with sikhism ( in general all religion). I lost my youth under constraints like not smoking, and having low self confidence. Even now i struggle with my life on academic front. In my circle i have Sikh friends getting hair cut but they are not punished by god for that act. life goes as it was before .
  9. "Why do Sikhs keep a traditional look by keeping Hair and Beard? Why are they not unto date with modern?" ----- This was a question asked to me by a Chinese 1 year ago and then a hindu replied "very good question". I have found the answer to this question finally, but first I want to hear what the SikhSangat.com forum has to reply if someone asks them the same question?
  10. Guest

    Cousin wants to cut hair

    So my brother doesn’t keep long hair, I do. My brothers reason is. ‘I just wanna live life, I don’t wanna follow being a Sikh even if it’s true I don’t care’. Now my cousin keeps long hair but he’s been pushed into being a Sikh. He really doesn’t know much. Now recently, My brothers been asking him ‘when he’s gonna cut his hair’ like it’s a definite thing. It seems that my brother is getting around to my cousin now and I’m asking my cousin why would u cut it and he’s staying stuff like ‘it’s too hard to manage’ like what? He’s saying he might cut it before uni or something, How can I persuade him around? I’m trying to learn myself as much as I can about sikhi but I don’t really know much and my parents personally aren’t that supportive of me, my dad actually wants me to cut my hair he has said many times wants me to ‘sort myself out’ and ‘get a nice haircut’... some people don’t understand... But I don’t know, what can I say in a small conversation? I don’t know enough really to start giving him a lecture but I know personally that sikhi is undeniably 100% the truth it makes too much sense which is why I attempt to peruse sikhi as much as I can and I will start doing more and more in the future. But he... he doesn’t know anything... I mean like I can’t just let him step away from out purpose in life like that can I? What should I do?
  11. Guest

    Help - Hair washing question

    Sadh sangat ji Due to laziness , i had not washed my hairs for two weeks due to this i was having itchiness in my scalp and i was scratching it so much that it starts paining , then i saw from internet that scratching your scalp can damage and breaks your hairs. I am in big tension now . Have i done beadbi of hairs?? . What to do now ? Should i be tensed or not?
  12. Reasons that allot of sikhs give for not cutting hair is due to we are abiding law of nature and that even if we cut hair , god wil continue giving this to us. My question is what about Grass. Even grass keeps coming if we cut it. Why do Sikhs cut grass in their gardens. shouldn't we let it grow and abide law of nature?
  13. Guest

    Embarrassing Nose Hair

    im a singh, im really embarrased to have long nose hairs sticking out of my nose and i obviously dont want to cut it, but i was just wondering if theres anyone else with a similar problem and if so what do they do about it. this is a serious topic and its affecting my self confidence
  14. When someone asks why Sikhs don't cut their hair, most people on the internet and in real life try to be oversmart and end up giving stupid reasons. Like "hair is a gift from god and we honor that" or "it makes us stand out" or "we maintain the form that god gave us" . Even if these answers are partially true, these are not the reason we keep our hair. So why do we keep our hair? Because the Guru said so. Simple as that. [ Sikh - student (of the Guru) ] So when someone asks you, Why do you not cut your hair? Answer, because My Guru said so.
  15. I stopped cutting a couple of months ago. My hair is about shoulder height now. I have thick hair, growing at medium-fast pace. I am young guy. My question is how long do you think it will take for my hair to reach it's final length? I looked up some info online, there's not much surprisingly, some say a 3-5 years some say more like 7+ years.. Thanks
  16. I took amrit as a kid and trimmed my hair due because I was stupid. Now im older and want to go to pesh but im scared of what the punj payare will say.
  17. Guest

    Washing hair

    What's a good way and effective way to wash hair without doing beadbi of hair, I normally wash my hair on a sink, and I can feel a lot of hair breaking how can I wash my hair without breaking any kesh?
  18. Guest

    Unwanted hair

    I’m a teenage Amritdhari and noticed I’ve started to get really hairy ears and long nose hair. It’s really embarrassing and I hate it. People have commented about how much hair I have on my earlobes to the extent I want to get them waxed off. It’s not even about what people say, I find it looks disgusting and I can’t even hide them well with my dastaar. I’m considering getting the hair removed from my ears and my nose hair trimmed. But then there’s this issue with going pesh. I know the hair will grow back again but I’d get them removed again. I just hate the look of it and find it repulsive when I look in the mirror!
  19. Guest

    Upper lip hair removal

    Im not sure what to say. I myself am a female. But i get put off when i see a female parcharik that has visibly removed hair on the upper lip. It is hard to understand. I know these bebeyaan have kamai and are doing seva but i just cant accept the beadbi. That is why i had to make.gupt.topic as this has been bothering me. It is popping up everywhere. Facial hair bleaching and removal. Its sad. I wish if the women parchariks are having trouble they should share their journey??? Im not sure. Its one of those things that you are a walking parchar of sikhi. Whoever sees parchariks do this start to think if they do it, it must be acceptable. Very hard to understand please share your views. Because i cant share or out these ppl publicly i wont share photos. But its obvious
  20. Can anybody share some tips for treating trichobacteriosis without cutting the hair off? It's not as serious as it sounds and is pretty common. It is the condition wherein the hair strands near sweat glands (armpits/groin) develop a sort of coating/nodule of bacteria around them. I'm asking this because I don't wanna cut the hair off. Thanks for your help in advance!
  21. As a male, I realize that this might be insensitive but let me preface by saying that a male cannot understand what it is like to be a female in today's society so if an Amritdhari bibi is cutting her facial hair/wax, it doesn't bother me. It's the bibi's decision. However, what does bother me is if that same bibi is wearing a keski. I don't understand the logic here? Either: 1) cut your facial hair/wax and don't cover your hair on top of it; OR 2) don't do the above and wear a keski. Sorry if I have offended anyone. Thanks.
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