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  1. So was looking for an English katha of Sukhmani Sahib, and stumbled across this video, for some reason it sounds hollow, may be its the presenter, but something is missing, cant put my finger on it.
  2. What are the best type of white people/races/cultures? From my experience of the English white people. I would say they must be the most uncultured and bland. I dont mean this is a derogative way. But the experience I have had of let say of Italian, Spanish or even Scottish. Is that they seem to be more cultured and nicer people. Wheras the english seem to be so dull and many can be a bit racist and ignorant. Other issues I have found with white English is they lack a good sence of humour, are quite dull and lack respect for other races. Just look at the Euro 2021. All other european nati
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=trLiOS0QEIo With all the wrong 3ho do. Putting out audio files of Gurbani recitations in english is a beautiful service. It sounds like Guruka Singh is reading Jap ji Sahib here. I don't fully agree with all the translations but this is a good start.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/KhalisFoundation/photos/a.1411614132408596/2590445897858741/?type=3&source=57&__tn__=EH-R
  5. WjkkWjkf Sangat Jee Does anyone have a link or copy of an English translation to the paat Att Chandi Charitr (the short one, but don't mind the long version)...?
  6. Guest

    Please translate

    Wjkk, Wjkf sangat ji, My siblings and I sat our parents down for a serious conversation about their health. They’re getting older & they need to be eating healthier. My dad said that his body isn’t healthy if his food has ਬੈਅ. My question is.. ** WHAT IS ਬੈਅ? Pronunciation: B with short A sound [ back without the ck ] It would be great if someone could let me know what this translates to in English, please. That way, we can do better when we prepare our parents meal plans. As of right now, my parents & other uncles/aunties have given vague explanations of the w
  7. I really want to understand Jap Ji Sahib better. I have listened to some Punjabi katha but would like links to good audio/video in English so I can better understand the messages
  8. Guest


    Hi This is a really good site, especially for those of you that do not know how to read Paath: https://www.gurbani.org/articlemenu.php I am not involved with the site at all. Also I do not agree with all their views, approach and translations. (e.g. They take a Advait approach, but I follow Bhakti) But it still makes "food for thought", and is nice for those who do not know how to read Gurbani.
  9. Hello people this is a bit or harmless (depends who you ask) advertising to let you know that for the past year I have been sunning a podcast called Sikhism in Snippits and through this the sponsors have enabled me to write and publish a number of books. These are Sampardaic and in English. The opportunity was taken to translate and promote Sikh books and literature not available. If you are interested they can all be found ont he link below. Please take a look and if interested you can order directly off the site. If you have any questions please contact me on kam1825@hotmail.com
  10. Anyone have Kalgidhar Chamatkar in english? Or sooraj parkash granth in english?
  11. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I have a couple of dictionaries and recently got a book on Gurbani grammar from Sikh Research Institute. But I cannot seem to find a good dictionary in English to help translate the words used in Gurbani. Does anyone know of a good dictionary to help with my reading? I prefer to read the Gurmukhi instead of the English translations that are available, but I just still need help with a lot of the words. Thanks!
  12. Guest

    Urgent Question

    I am Amritdhari for a week or so. I am learning Gurmukhi and I can read Gurmukhi at a slow and okay pace. Is it bad if I do my nitnem in gurmukhi english. Is there a less benefit doing it in gurmukhi english. I am very anxious to know. As sometimes when I do my nitnem I do it right with the pronunciation but I thought to myself as long as I am saying the word right it is the same benefit. Any answers or advice. I will be taking santhiya later on but I was wondering is there a difference?
  13. Wahiguroojikakhalsa!Wahiguroojikifateh! 8 new Katha audios by Bhai Sukha Singh have been added to GurshabadVeechar.com, including Katha from Suraj Prakash, Bhai Sahib Gurdaas Jee and Shabads from Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji! Follow the link below to listen ---> http://gurshabadveechar.com/andromeda/andromeda.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha sada ang sange Gurshabad Veechar Team
  14. I came across a link for Read Along Gurbani Tutor. Supposedly, it goes through word by word of the SGGS text, highlighting the word, reads the word aloud, and moves to the next word. It's meant to help people who are unable to read SGGS to understand how to pronounce the text. Unfortunately, I am unable to get the link to post in this textbox, but it's at www.ektuhi.com, and then click the third option from the left in the top links bar. It should show an embedded YouTube video of the Gurbani Tutor and a button to download it. I haven't downloaded it yet, does anyone know if it's safe to dow
  15. A Grand Mother (Dadi Maa ) Speaking Fluent English !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeV58WieKEk
  16. Wahegurujikakhalsa, Wahegurujikifateh! Sangat Ji, as you know www.gurshabadveechar.com was launched on 1st November 2013 on the Prakash Purab of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji. We are hoping to collect together as many audio and video recordings of katha, kirtan and vichar by Bhai Sukha Singh as possible. If anyone in the sangat has audio/video recordings or photographs of Bhai Sukha Singh doing katha, Kirtan or vichar. We humbly request you contact us ASAP so that we can add these to the website. Also please contact us if you have any suggestions for the website. Either comment on this post or email u
  17. The guy who makes these videos on Youtube needs to do lessons in English on the: Sikh Channel, Sangat TV and also other channels, who agrees?
  18. Guest

    Punjabi Talk.

    Im a westerner..but im a proud Punjabi Sikh! the thing is I don't know alot of Punjabi and I would love to learn and speak it. mum and dad were born in the uk, they sent me Punjabi school but I got kicked out -.- are there websites that teach you or whatever?? would really help..i don't wanna go Punjabi skool again.
  19. With Guru Sahib’s and Sangat’s kirpa, Basics of Sikhi was invited to Calgary, Canada to do katha and deliver our One day course called, “Re-Assessing the Fundamentals – Vaheguru, Guru and You” on Sunday 17th March 2pm-7pm. More than 100 youth and elders attended the course, which was in English and designed build up from core concepts. All the talks from the pilot One Day Course are already on .The talks were: (1) What is Vaheguru? (2) What is Guru? (3) What is a Sikh? (4) The Breadth and Depth of Sikhi (5) The science of connecting to Vaheguru (6) How to unite as a Panth? (7) How could
  20. waheguru EnglishTranslationofSiriGuruGranthSahib.pdf
  21. Has anyone been able to find this book in english/pdf form? I went to the local sikh book store and they were sold out. Tried reading the punjabi version and was left even more confused than before.
  22. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh Sangat ji, you may not have heard of "Everythings 13" a sikh educational charity, however some of you may know about our YouTube channel "Basics of Sikhi". Most of you may not be aware that (with Guruji's kirpa and aagiaa) we're embarking on a new and comprehensive project to spread Guruji wisdom across the UK and Globally. Its called Plan BE13. Here is what our channel has on it currently.. Here is a video about Plan BE13 for 2013 Essentially we are hoping to do a 5 stage process of Parchar (1) Getting people into Sikhi (already happe
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