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Found 20 results

  1. Guest

    are we on the verge of WW3?

    worrying escalation in Russia v Ukraine conflict. Could this lead to global level conflict?
  2. I hv contact with sikhs from various different organizations. There is so much distrust and dislike for each other between them, I won't be surprised if they physically attack each other especially if there is some anarchy or disorder in India. Ideally if there is anarchy in India, Sikhs shud get together and form a sikh state. That's why efforts shud be made NOW to get unity between sikh organizations.
  3. If birth rates continue as the they are, and the default immigrant experience is shaped according to the representatives of the largest minority, do you people ever envisage a moment where you'll say, "Enough is enough. This situation is not looking good for us." Or will you meekly shrug your shoulders and hope the powers-that-be won't exploit you too much. Are you thinking what type of world your children, and their children, will be born into, or are you easily shamed into silence and compliance by the corrupt press and the media when they start throwing around words such as "conspiracies" a
  4. Why are these forums so inactive? Why are there only a few new posts every day? Why do most threads flop? With all of the issues that our community faces, I would hope that there would be many lively discussions, and regular, vigorous, intelligent debate. Instead, I find that I only have to visit this place once every few weeks to keep up. Is there some other place with a more lively debate about Sikh issues? Or does the lack of activity in these forums reflect the general sad lack of interest in Sikhi these days? By the way, it doesn'
  5. Found this post on yet another saabat soorat, amritdhari guy who claims to be preaching guru's shabad Notice his thinking underlined in red. Rather than having a positive outlook, he's sure sikh demography will further plummet. Since he already thinks and believes that, he will conduct accordingly. And what the heck is this "Sikhi will outlive sikhs" ?? Also notice the comment "Its quality,not quantity" . really ? do we even have the quality ?
  6. What would you say are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) facing the sikh community in present times? You can base your analysis globally or locally/nationally.
  7. interesting vichar about reversing the downturn of sikhi and the state of play in India
  8. A couple of videos let's talk about how this affects sikhi and our future, what can we do to avoid slavery like the sheep
  9. 1. Can someone provide an accurate number of how many Sikhs there are in the world and how many Sikhs there will be in the future? 2. What is the fertility rate of the average Sikh? In my opinion, I think that in order for Sikhism to become a much larger religion than it already is, the mean fertility rate of the average Sikh must substantially increase. 3. Do you think that it is necessary for the Akal Takht and other prominent Sikhs and Granthis to launch conversion campaigns in India? 4. What and how do you see Sikhism being in the future? How many adherents will there b
  10. Sometimes when I look at the current state of affairs of sikh dharam , it seems we're sitting on the edge of a cliff or rather spiralling down since the fall of Sikh empire. On my recent trip to punjab, I felt like the state is in abject poverty , and ofcourse hindus do mock sikhs now as "drug peddlers" , "udta punjab" , "you ppl lack industries and employment" and what not. Some signs of deadly decadence of Sikhi : 1) so many of our men are not committed to turban / kes. Honestly being a haircut sikh was never so easier. 2) utter jaahilta among sikh masses. Most don't ev
  11. Guest

    Seeing things in the future

    Hey guys. This happened to me a few years ago. I was like 10 or 12. So sometimes I would see a dream of a person or event happening, only for a few seconds though. But the person or event became true even though I did not know who the person was. This took time (a few years sometimes) to come true. But when that thing happening I was instantly able to remember that, that thing happened in my dream. I used to do a lot of mool mantra and simran, before going to sleep. It was only for a few months though. But I think the effects of that lasted for a few years......... Also sometimes the pers
  12. Guest


    I came to know of bachans about the future (few years ahead from now till Khalsa Raaj). Something in me is itching to share this but I don't know If I should
  13. baba Hardev SIngh Lulowale's words on the state of kaum and gurdwarey:
  14. Guest

    Basics Of Sikhi

    Superkaur highlighted positives and negatives and potential improvements to the format of Basics of Sikhi videos. Agreeing with some, not all of her points I would like to ask how the Sangat here feel Jagraj Singh can better his channel and parchar, he is already doing a fantastic job most of the time which is what counts. So do we all agree with his views or not? I for one believe that Sikhism is not compatible with homosexuality, whereas their leaflets say it's acceptable in not so many words. Please post anonymously if that's your preference, I think it will be constructive feedback.
  15. I have always wondered how to implement a change in Golak reliance and the arguments for control of it ... no golak no power games/politics just read this , made me smile https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=375746569284717&set=a.188247924701250.1073741833.100005481313139&type=3&theater
  16. I have a feeling that religion will be the dust in the future. Technology is rising, and stuff is changing. Our youth do drugs and other bad things. But, I think that religion will still stand in the future. We will colonize other planets,but like our Gurus said the humans wanted more from God in the Earth. But God got disappointed. I hope that we won't do bad things to he planets we colonize. It will also be neat if we have Gurdwaras on different planets.
  17. I know a-lot of sikhs here and elsewhere are passionate about this. But I have a couple of questions about it, things that confuse me. Firstly im assuming that Khalistan is an independent nation for Sikhs, That's all cool and something I would support, but economically and even looking at the state of the world is it possible? Our global economy isn't all too good right now and im no economist but how would people start a new currency? Then we have politics and govern-ship. I'll assume that we would want a Sikh leadership but how would politics and religion mix into things. Would keeping th
  18. Every peoples in the world have affinity to the place of their origins. For example look at Jews and Israel. We, the punjabi peoples, come from Punjab--our holy land. Our ancestral homeland. The core of our culture and traditions. There are around 120 million Punjabi peoples in the world, majority residing in Punjab and diaspora spread across the world, specially in Canada, United States, and British. Out of 120 million Punjabi peoples, there are around 80 million Punjabi peoples who are Muslims. Around 30 million of Punjabis are Sikhs..and rest are other categories. As sad it is, I must ag
  19. Do you think that many Sikh youth today should influenced into doing Sikhi parchar?I know it might be a lifetime job or can be a part time job but if you look at our quality within our quantity (24Mill) the state of the panth is pretty bad and silent. Our population is decreasing. The Akal Takhat jathedar telling us to have 4 kids is a excuse for his poor management of parchar in punjab (no surprise). I really think the upcoming generation can use a lot of parchariks to make Sikhs keep their faith intact and welcome others into Sikhi. Many will disagree with me on the part that Sikhs are more
  20. In these interviews, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Roberts explains to us the current financial situation facing America and the world. I recall that Giani Thakur Singh ji once mentioned in his katha that the food, homes, jobs etc we have are a result of our past kamai. Difficult economic situations come about b/c peoples' kamai runs out. part 1 http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2013/3/15_Former_US_Treasury_Official_-_Fed_Desperate_To_Avoid_Collapse.html part 2 http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2013/3/16_Former_US_Treasury_
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