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  1. VJKK VJKF Sorry I am not trying to cause any fights but I have a question. I’m not much of a jathebandi guy because high avastha gursikhs are in every jathebandi, but a question popped into my mind. What maryada of preparing Amrit is the one Sahib Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji used? I understand that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji approved of the SGPC rehit maryada, but here’s my problem. Taksali Maryada states that a Shri Sahib has to be kept of the edge of the batta while stirring the Amrit with a khanda in the right hand, and these two are to be passed with the Shri sahib remaining at the edge and the khanda remaining in the Amrit.. SGPC only mentions a khanda being used, and from what I know, Buddha Dal has all of the panj pyare having their shri sahib drawn and on the edge of the batta while one pyara stirs the Amrit with a khanda in their right hand. I also know that SGPC shortens some bani while the Amrit is being prepared. My question is, because I am taking Amrit in a few months time if I don’t fall from my rehit, what jathebandi should I take amrit from? Should I just take amrit from whatever gurdwara is closest and follow their rehit? I am utterly confused at this. Is one type of amrit sanchar parvaan and the other isn’t? Should I just get over differences and just worry on taking amrit? thanks.
  2. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/archive/amritsar/10-hurt-as-damdami-taksal-dera-pala-singh-men-clash-812204 Taksalis and nihangs fought and taksalis opened fire just because some cows entered the fields of taksal. Taksal is vegetarian. Nihangs are non vegetarian. But it seems nihangs hv much more love for the cows and horses than taksalis.
  3. About Vadde mahapurkh's early life before joing Sant Sundar Singh ji's jatha, is it true they had taken pahul from Budha Dal and had been a nihang singh before hearing Sant Sundar Singh jee at a smagam where budha dal mukhi Akali Baba Teja Singh were also present. There are several different views on this, and since most of sangat here is from England, fortunately residence to sachkhand niwasi Giani Gurdev Singh ji, Giani Pritam Singh Likhari ji and other prominent singhs of jatha bhindran, I was wondering if anyone had heard something of the sort from a singh etc., there are people saying Vadde Mahapurkh used to consume jhatka once and degh as well until becoming mukhi of Taksal. Just want to clarify the details. Would appreciate any further khoj done. Anything about this in sri gurmukh prakash or giaan kirna or khalsa vachitar jeevan?
  4. This is not mine. Found on Damdami Taksal website. Ik 1. He is the only God and his shape is one which has no limits. He is all-pervading. 2. He is God having a real shape. By writing one the Guru showed the real traits of God. 3. He has no caste or creed and is free from such things. 4. He who is immortal. He is one. 5. He is the only conscious object and has the shape of oneness. During Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji's travels, he visited Kanshi. At Kanshi there were differences in opinion on the word Onkar. 63 sects of different people where having different opinions on it Sri Guru Nanak Dev resolved these differences by putting One before Onkar. Guru Nanak Dev Ji pronounced it as Ik Onkar and everybody was convinced. Among the Christian religion this is a belief that heavenly light is three- pronged – one pertaining to soul; two regarding God and three Prophet Jesus. The Muslims have faith in two- one is God (Allah) while the second is prophet (Nabi Rasool). But Guru Nanak Dev Ji put the figure one in front of Onkar and convinced all the sects that one means we believe in One God who is merciful to everybody and has enmity towards none. We write one name (of God). We recite his (God’s) name. We worship One God. We are servants of One God and our advice is that everybody should believe in one god only Oankaar He who is creator of everybody and everything who has given celestial light to everybody. With his own will from one he has taken the shape of every human being. He has no shape but he has taken shape. According to Muslims the God (Allah) said Kun and with it the whole universe including men animal and vegetarian were created. According to the tenth master first of all he uttered the word Onkar. Whole of the universe took its shape with the sound of Onkar. Onkar means he possesses all the virtues. Onkar means he is without a virtue. According to Vedant from one he has taken the shape of ‘many’ or innumerable. Ik Onkar is made up of the words ekohan. From ‘One’ I have taken shape of many. Meaning according to Yog: in the Yogic parlance one who goes to Dasam Duar by means of pranayam is said to have achieved Ik Onakar. According to bhagats (devotes): One who accepts his devotes is called Onkar. Acceptance means the one who recited Onkar his word is accepted by the God as well. Sat 1. Indestructible 2. A thing which remains in all the three periods (i.e. past present future) is called truthful of indestructible. 3. Whose power is in everybody and who gives power and alertness to everybody. 4. Whose consciousness pervades everybody. 5. In everyone his true shape is to be found. Nam 1. It is very important. Everybody in this world all the Vedas and Shastras are full of the name of the God which is not a secret or hidden from anybody. 2. Who does not contain Nam but is an embodiment of love and affection. 3. (N+am) who does not contain ant formality which is not ordinary and at the same time is not extra-ordinary too. 4. (Aam) name of a disease which is without any disease. 5. Relative meaning: a thing which is heavenly is called Nam. Sat (truth or indestructible) makes a person recite His name. Satnam: his name is embodiment of truth. Karta 1. He who is the creator of the universe. He (God) has created everything. 2. He who has got the power of command sustenance intellect etc. in his hand. He may keep us living or order the hounds of fate to take life out of us. He is called the creator. 3. He has created everything and everybody and it is with his orders that the world is seen to be busy in different tasks. His benevolent hand protects us. He also gives us salvation. 4. (Ka+rta) he is in deep love with everybody. He is present in everybody in the form of love. 5. He who has made everything that can be seen or perceived. Purkh 1. He is complete in every place. 2. He is the only man. Rest of the world is like a woman. 3. He saves us from the cruel hands of hell. 4. (Pur+kh) – (Pur) which has the shape of the universe. He is in Puris. In our bodies (which are like Puris) he is present like (kh) i.e. like the sky. The meaning of the whole world Purkh is God is in everyone. 5. All the bodies have the shape of Puris (Kh); can destroy these bodies or Puris. 6. He sustains us. 7. He gives us thought. 8. He gives us mental and physical alertness. 9. Man is called Purkh also. 10. Purkh is a symbol of husband 11. It is indicative of male also. 12. A Mahatma (sage or recluse) is also called Purkh. 13. Purkh also stands for Satguru. 14. God is also called Purkh 15. Soul and all Souls (human beings) found the true soul (God) and they get perfect salvation. 16. It is also indicated as Brahm. 17. It also stands for Great God (Akal Purkh). Nirbhau 1. Without fear. He is always without fear. Truthful Lord Himself. 2. (Nir) – One who keeps everybody under his command. 3. He keeps under his command even the most horrible and terrible person. He can finish and destroy all these obnoxious people. 4. (Bhau) Bhau is the name of emancipation. (Nir) is especially (fear) and thus Nirbhau means one who is without fear. 5. Bhau is also the name of the creation. He cannot be created because he has created himself. 6. This universe is also called Bhau. He is away from the sins and ignoble acts of this world. Nirbhau also indicates One God. Nirbhau means unique also. The air blows under his fear. Satguru Ji has used the word Nirbhau for God (Akal Purkh) only. Therefore our Satgurus have used the word Nirbhau wherever it is indicative of God (Akal Purkh). Nirvair 1. He is without enmity or he is with malice towards none. He is not at loggershead with anybody because he is like a soul inside everybody. 2. (Nir-vair – Bad habits) he is above bad habits. He is not addict to opium bhang poppy alcohol etc. meaning thereby: he has not fallen prey to any bad habit. 3. He finishes up the devils like harnaksh by taking the form of Narsingh. Thus he does away with all these evil forces. He is such a Lord who has no enmity with anybody. He lord is a single force of this type. Akaal Moorat 1. He is above deaf. He can not be destroyed. 2. Kal means a thing which is away from imagination. Moorat means a personality which is perpetual. 3. Kal means one who is away from ignorance. 4. Kal means who is free from all blemishes. 5. Kal means who is ever free from taking alms. 6. A+Kal means he has been found in all the three periods (past present future). He (God) is always present. 7. Kal is the name of time also meaning thereby he is not bound in present past or future. 8. (A) Vishnu (Ka) Brahma (La) Lord Shiv are from Him. 9. Akal (Ak) to the troubles (La) destroyer meaning thereby he does away with all the troubles. Moorat - Identity presence picture personality Meaning thereby he was in the past or is in present and will be in the future. He is always in the same state. Ajooni 1. He has such a form which does not come into birth. He is away from birth and death. 2. (Aj-uni) – (Aj) Brahma etc. are also much less than God. None can compete him. 3. Jooni is the name of Maya; (A) means that he is away from Maya Jal also 4. That God may be perceived in this vicious circle of birth and death. Though he is above birth and death. 5. He can be seen in everybody; though he is away from birth and death. Saibhang He gives his celestial light. Moon sun stars etc. give light to the world. These sources of eternal light are said to be six. Some people regard Gurbani as a source of heavenly light. Others regard moth also as a source of heavenly light because it emits light at night. But the Almighty God is a source of hundreds of luminations. Every luminary object gets light from him. Even the sun gives light with the grace of God. 4. (Sai) Sainkre meaning thereby hundreds (bhau) one who breaks or destroys. He destroys hundreds of objects every moment. Everything laminates with his eternal light. 5. He is the source of light. 6. All the live things have his eternal light inside themselves. Everybody has life (light) because of his blessing. He is omnipresent and he destroys everything after giving them survival for a certain period of time. Gur 1. It has a conscious form. He is worth worshipping for everybody. 2. Gur destroys ignorance and bestows his celestial light on everybody and object. 3. Gur is the name of the elder. According to Sanskrit word Gur has been coined from Gir. 4. Gir means to devour. He who devours ignorance etc. 5. Gir is the name of Bani. Bani is a form. 6. Gir also means heavy. 7. They also call immovable Gir. 8. Gir means light. Guru has his light of every Sikh. 9. A mountain is also called Gir. Prasaad 1. He has the form of perpetual benediction. 2. It means away from all the tastes as well. 3. Prasadan is also the name of a Mandir. This Mandir or temple is inside everybody. 4. He is merciful. 5. He has the form of contentment. 6. Gurprasad means- He can be found with the grace of God. Jap It is the figure which becomes very clear after we worship the name of God. 1. (Jap) it is of Sermon (Bani). Sri Jap Ji Sahib bestows upon us the eternal sermon of our great Guru. 2. (Jap) is the name of Ved where in Ved means knowledge. Our great Guru bestows upon us the eternal sermon of bani. 3. (Jap) means it is worth worshipping or reciting. Those people who are blessed with Jap and Jaap are very fortunate people. 4. Jap means you have got the permission of recitation of Gods name. 5. It is worth worshipping. 6. Jap washes away your sins. 7. Jap is pious. It purifies the hearts of those who recite or worship it. 8. Jap is worth knowing. Ad Sach That which was true when the universe was created. As we go on reciting his name we begin to recognise the creator. Means that which was true at the initial stage. Sach is the shape of truth. Jugad Sach 1. He was having the form of truth in the previous three periods i.e. in Satyug Theta Yug and Dvapar. 2. Truth was present before their creation of living beings and their consciousness. The truth prevailed before the creation of mankind and nature. Hai Bhi Sach 1. It is the truth that prevails in the present time. 2. There is strength of truth in each individual. Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach (O Nanak! The truth will prevail) Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji says that the truth will remain even after the destruction of everything. (There may be dooms day and nothing will remain here. Even if the whole universe is finished the truth shall remain even then). It was requested to the Guru that how God can be realised? Then the Guru said (truth in the initial stage) first perform the selfless task afterwards worship the truth. Have faith in him. (Jugad) - As there are four periods (Jugas i.e. Satyug Treta Dvapar and Kalyug) similarly there are four different stages of meditation as well; namely renunciation detachment desire of emancipation etc. First grid up with them and then search for the truth and listen the truth. Believe only in truth. Follow the path of truth. Only then will you be in the position to find the truth. Only then the true God will appear before you in its real form. (A Sikh asked to Sri Guru Nanak) “O’ Maharaj when the real form of God is realized will it be with me at the time I breathe my last?” Then Sri Guru Nanak said “O my Sikh! You will perceive such a form of God which will be eternal and remain even after you leave this material world and attain moksh. It will not die with your death. “You will come across such a real form of God which will be indestructible. Then you will get perfect moksh or emancipation or salvation. You will be free from the vicious circle of birth and death." “That God is perceivable in the form of this universe. The universe has been created by Him and He is to be seen everywhere. He is always true. The steel is steel after taking the form of a weapon. The gold remains gold even after an ornament is made of the same. The water remains water though it may be in the same shape of a stream wave bubble or stream.” Sri Guru Nanak finishes the Mool Mantar here after putting the figure One. The whole sikh scripture is one. The whole scripture describes the true form of God.
  5. What are your thoughts on Dhuma? Some like him others hate him. What good has he done and what bad has he done?
  6. why don't taksalis drink tea
  7. (Request, please leave in general section) SikhVibes.com A Sikh Multimedia Website with thousands of rare Audio recordings, Videos and Katha from Worldwide. We have recently redesigned our layout with links to the following: Gallery section - connected to our Instagram account. Videos section - connected to Youtube! Events section - updated of local Toronto area programs. Visit our website daily for updates! www.SikhVibes.com FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || YOUTUBE || TWITTER
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I am interested to know what exactly is taught at Damdami Taksaal. I am vaguely aware that they study Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Dasam Granth and historical manuscripts such as Suraj Prakash. However I read in Cynthia Mahmood's Book on Kharku Singhs that the Taksaal also teaches students Sanskrit and Indian history. I would appreciate it if Singhs who have studied at Taksaal, or who know more than I do, could give me a rundown of the DDT's curriculum. What does it consist of? Thanks
  9. Watch for yourself. jkv, you should watch as well and learn something. Stop making an ignoramus of yourself. Look at all these cows in their hundreds in other peoples fields. Would you like your house ransacked like this ? Listen to their excuses here:
  10. I got extremely curly hair that is hard to keep un tangled and un knotted. Any one got any tips for keeping curly kesh under control between washes?
  11. Guest

    Harnam Singh Dhumma

    Wjkk wjkf! Sangat ji I don't have much knowledge about the Damdami Taksal's current affairs. Can somebody please enlighten me by telling in brief why is the current Jathedar Harnam Singh Dhumma considered by many Sikhs as corrupt? Thanks! Wjkk wjkf!
  12. The Nirmale are a very old sect that was apparently started when a few sikhs were sent to Kanshi to learn Sanskrit from Brahmins under Guru Gobind Singh Ji's instruction. As a result, these Sikhs came back full of knowledge about Sanskrit but had been influenced by Brahminism as well. Thus this group twisted sikhi with a Vedantic view and claimed things like Guru Nanak Dev ji was an avtar of Vishnu and stuff. This sect has also had very close relations to Damdami Taksal. In the past, Nirmale Mahants/sants have had Taksali sants as their students and thus I think it is reasonable to assume that the Nirmales had an influence on the teachings that the Taksal subsequently taught. When listening to some Taksali prachar, I've heard things like the 5 pyare were not random, they were devte/bhagats that reincarnated. So basically saying that instead of being normal everyday people who courageously and wholeheartedly chose to become a part of Sikhi and Sikh tradition, they were preplanning to stand up in the crowd on Vaisakhi since their birth. Things like this make me question this prachar and think maybe Nirmale have a hand in combining Gurmat with Brahmanism in these jathebandis. Anyone else agree/disagree?
  13. I am seeing bitter words being used by members or followers of Damdami taksal towards Dhadrianwaley . I am not a fan of either. I respect damdami taksal because supposedly it was established by Guru Gobind Singh ji himself, while I respect Dhadrianwaley because he's spreading sikhi in punjab where it is direly needed. So then why this infighting if both the groups are about spreading sikhi ? Perhaps it reveals that damdami taksal which has long held power axis among sikhs fear losing it to the growing dhadrianwale base . We truly love the kursi more than sewa, don't we ?? this IMHO is the basic problem of our kaum.
  14. Guest

    List of 1984 Shaheeds needed

    Does any person have a PDF copy of the book released by Baba Harnam Singh Jee Dhumma which lists all of the shaheed Singhs and Singhnia of 84?
  15. WJKK WJKF, The number of "Professors"/"Teachers" is increasing, the gurdwaras, especially in Asia, are filled with such parchariks/granthis. They often claim to follow the maryada of Sri Akal Thakat Sahib, which was never approved by the panth and till date, approval is pending. The problem is, they hold "gurmat" classes, do "katha" and constantly touch on controversial topics. Their views, when compared to puratan sampardhas like Damdami Taksal, Budha Dal, Bidhi Chand Dal, are quite different. They do not believe in Simran, Amrit vela, puratan maryada of JOT, Jaal, they twist bani to meet their propaganda and ignore the existence of Sant Mahapurkhs. They also do preach reading and understanding bani ON ONE'S OWN and they have no practical experience of bani and bana. They do not do katha on gurbani, except the very literal meanings and somehow I believe it is stupidity to not be able to explain bani to others and continuous "benti" to sangat to read on their own, when in-depth katha is done by mahapurkhs/gianis from dals and taksal. They shame Taksal and Dals fore being influenced by the politics when indeed majority of the students are taught the puratan maryada, santhya and history. They do have great following, and the question is why? Is it because 21st century "Sikhs" they are too smart? Or are they looking for things that meet the worldly logic only? others?
  16. I was listening to a video from taksal who say that the rehraas they read is the final version as passed down by Bhai Mani Singh Ji. Then what about the Hazur Sahib and Nihang Singh rehraas, they also claim to be as passed down by Guru Gobind Singh ji....can anyone give some more info on this? Thanks,
  17. is harnam dhuma, ram singh or amrik singh ajnala is jathedar of damdami taksal.
  18. Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma condemns the attack on Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale in the first statement he makes on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Foow6GCyow Dhumma says: These actions need to be condemned in harsh words. Everyone should speak out against it. Sikh Jathebandis should get together to answer back on these things and need to mobilize themselves to stop such ploys. Then in the following statement, Dhumma's words take a change in direction: Check the Facebook page of the news channel for a better version: https://www.facebook.com/abpsanjha/ Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma claims Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale have been making accusations for over 4 years and has made derogatory comments on Dam Dami Taksal's dastar and reputation. The derogatory comments are claimed to be of the very low and despicable character. I have yet to see evidence of the above claim. Dhumma believes Dhadrianwale should have looked at his own dastaar and realised it has the same honour and respect as someone else's. This is a comical suggestion as Dhumma himself criticized Dhadrianwale for his choice of dastaar style, a useless critique. Dhumma claims in 4 years he never made any derogatory comment against Dhadrianwale. This is proven false by Dhumma's critique a few weeks ago of Dhadrianwale and his dress, deferring to this chola as ghagri and making comments about his dastaar styleDhumma makes a point of Sikhs only supposed to be wearing 4 colours of dastaars. A fair point, but hardly something that warranted negative utterance toward another parcharik. Calling Dhadrianwale up and raising this concern and doing benti to stick to the four colours would have been the better move. Dhumma says that the Singhs that attacked Dhadrianwale wished to get him to stop his derogatory comments about Dam Dami Taksal. They did what they did for the the honour and respect of Dam Dami Taksal. A lot of people's feelings are connected with Dam Dami Taksal and that some can handle someone's attacks while others cannot. I have seen no evidence of Dhadrianwale making any defaming comments about the Dam Dami Taksal While it is a fair statement to say that people's feelings can get hurt and they take matter into their own hands, Dhumma comes across condoning the attack when he should be condemning it. Dhumma originally condemned the murder, but since the perpetrator are the student's and friends of his institution, the attack is now being condoned and justified. Hurt feelings over the alleged bad-mouthing of your institution's leader is not sufficient justification for attacking and attempting to murder someone Dhumma should be vehemently criticizing and denouncing what occured but instead has shifted to defending and tolerating the attack Was the killing of Bhai Bhupinder Singh, who made no utterances toward anybody, not wrong? Should his killing not be condemned? The vehicles being destroyed, while a minor misdeed in comparison to the life lost, is the loss of property funded by the Guru's sangat. Is that not worth expressing regret over? A chabeel was made part of the ruse to trick the targets into the trap. An age old tradition of seva was utilized by the perpetrators to commit murder. People will look toward chabeels with suspicion, the government has outlawed them without prior permission, and beadbi of the tradition has occured. Is that not worth condemnation from Dhumma? Dhumma says he will be supporting and helping those charged with these crimes. While raising concerns about potential police torture and brutality is legitimate, unequivocally supporting those who committed such disgusting acts is lunacy. The following is a news article following Dhumma's press conference on May 23rd, 2016: The article states: Dhumma admits the perpetrators and vehicles used are from Dam Dami Taksal Dhumma states he has no knowledge about the Chabeel being used as a tool in this attack (how is it possible to attempt to even feign ignorance about this). HERE'S A BOMBSHELL: The press note being used during the press conference (which Dhumma read from) was prepared by the media advisor of Punjab cabinet minister Bikram Singh Majithia and Dhumma read it word for word When the journalists had one on one interviews afterwards (as in the ABP Sanjha video above) what Dhumma read and what he said in those interviews went in opposite directions Questions that need answering: Why are the media advisors of Badal's cabinet ministers helping Dhumma with his press statements? Why is Dhumma putting up a farce in his statements? He is blatantly being deceitful and disingenuous by stating one thing through a press note (probably things he doesn't actually believe) and then airing his real thoughts and feelings in the interviews. Why the two-face bigotry? Overall, Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma has proven that he severely lacks skills in leadership, strategic thinking, conflict/crisis resolution, honesty, and accountability. Operating as the head of Dam Dami Taksal's Mehta faction, his weakness and ineptitude in being a competent leader does a disservice to the entire Dam Dami Taksal. This incident and the subsequent severe mishandling of the response by Dhumma has eroded the reputation and respect for Dam Dami Taksal in the eyes of Sikhs world wide. Those close to Dam Dami Taksal have to deliberate with themselves and ask, is Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma's handling of the situation helping the taksal? Will it help them engage and connect with the hearts of Sikhs? Will it help them prosper and flourish going into the future? If the answer is no, we may have someone in a job way above his skill set. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I did this quick analysis just pouring over the information on the internet. If you find any mistakes, any additional relevant information, or have any analysis of your own to air, I would welcome your feedback and will make any corrections necessary.
  19. DAMDAMI TAKSAL GIVES PANTH RATTAN AWARD TO MAKKAR The Damdami Taksal held a Samagam to honor shaheeds of 1984 where Harnam Singh Dhumma gave Panth Rattan award to SGPC head Avtar Singh Makkar at Gurdwara Sahib in Mehta. In the eyes of the Damdami Taksal under Harnam Singh Dhumma, Avtar Singh Makkar must have done something to get such an award. the award has upset many sikhs worldwide as they wanted to know the contribution of avtar singh makker dailysikhupdates.com if anyone wants to see pictures of dhumma giving the award to makker the link is below http://dailysikhupdates.com/damdami-taksal-gives-panth-rattan-award-to-makkar/
  20. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh ji. I would like to know if there is anyone who can give me online Gurbani santhia (Taksal) over the skype. There are a number of videos online, but I am looking for someone to do mehnat with and help me with my santhia. It would be great if someone can help me with this. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh ji
  21. Khalsa Ji, as per the Sarbatt Khalsa Harnam Singh Dhumma and Balbir Singh are no longer the leaders of Damdami Taksal and Budha-Dal; they have now been replaced with Baba Ram Singh Ji who will lead Taksal and Baba Prem Singh Ji who was Baba Surjit Singh Ji's choice to lead the Budha-Dal.
  22. Guest

    Jathebandi Confusion

    Ok So I tie a round (gol) style dastaar. Almost everyday I have people who think I am a singh from Damdami Taksal. Now I don't have any problem with taksali singhs, but I don't want to be called a taksali because I haven't gone to any taksal its kinda like having a false identity but I have been told by some people that when I do path I am just like a taksali. ( I have done akhand path seva bfore). I know It seems like a pathetic problem, but it could turn bigger in the future What should I do Should I go along and act the part of taksali and then go to a taksal later in my life or should I start tying a normal dumalla to avoid confusion? Help plz I get hard staredowns from missionaries at gurdwarey sometimes. I don't know whether I should argue with them or just walk past
  23. Chaos erupted inside Turlock Gurdwara Sahib in California after a Taksali Singh asked Prof Sarbjit Singh Dhunda a question on Dasam Granth. The question revolved around the maryada of Akal Takht Sahib on Dasam Granth and whether parcharaks are allowed to protest against it. After the question was asked a person with Sarbjit Singh Dhunda somehow felt offended and walked out of the Gurdwara. Sikh sangat became upset on why the question wasn’t fully answered and the urge to leave. Some members of the sangat felt Prof Dhunda was corned on the topic while some said he avoided the questions. SIKH24 OP/ED Do you believe that Professor Sahib Singh’s teeka is the best ever written on Guru Granth Sahib Ji Dhunda: Yes Do you believe that everything written in Guru Granth Sahib Ji is true or not? After some thought, Dhunda answers yes. Do you believe in 8.4 million lives and if there is a life after death or if the soul continues its journey? Dhunda is not able to answer this because he believes there is nothing after life and God has only created us to be better human beings. Dhunda’s explanations are then questioned by references from various shabads in Guru Granth Sahib. Over and over, it is mentioned that there is an after life and what we do, we will have to repent. After this was the biggest question - Do you believe in the super natural concepts mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji? And do you believe that these were just written or those events actually took place? Dhunda answers, however he tries to be smart. He questions that how can a fish go in the air and how can a cow be back alive after it was dead? Responding to Dhunda’s questions, Singhs mention that Professor Sahib Singh and other scholars have all said and interpreted those gurbani verses in the way that those incidents have occurred just how they have been written. S. Kulwant Singh states that if God wants, anything is possible. So if that means the cow was alive again according to Gurbani, then it was, because God made that happen to show and honor the protection of his devotees. After this, Bhai Amarbir Singh from Manteca asked the following question - Does any Sikh parcharak have the right, according to Akal Takht Sahib to openly condemn Sri Dasam Granth? Dhunda asks that the Singhs provide him proof where he has gone against Akal Takht Sahib. Amarbir Singh mentioned that Dhunda has done so many times and there are many recordings. However, during the debate, Dhunda then cleverly changes topic and Balraj Singh, Dhunda’s main sponsor from Patterson gets up and says this was not part of the debate today. Singhs however stated that we are not asking if Sri Dasam Granth is right or wrong, it is only asked if according to our Akal Takht Maryada, is it right to condemn Dasam Granth. After this, Dhunda and his supporters get up try to leave the debate. However, Singhs pose the next question - Do you believe that doing Waheguru Simran is a waste of time and if that had any meaning for the after life. In response, Dhunda pauses for a moment, and then finally answers that Simran is only for us to get a peace of mind here in this world and that he doesn’t know if it has any meaning after since he has not died yet. Singhs insist that over and over, Guru Granth Sahib Ji answers this there is a meaning and without the recitation of God, no one will find the door of liberation at the God’s court, unless God chooses otherwise. So that being, what right does Dhunda have to say Waheguru Simran is pretty much a waste of time? Conclusion These were the basic questions Dhunda could not answer because he does not believe in these concepts. While is it is of utmost important to live a perfect life, it is important to also live life in a way as prescribed by the Gurus, ie. by recitation and understanding of Gurbani and by doing naam simran, keeping rehit, etc. If after life was not important, then why wear a dastar, keep a beard, keep rehit, take amrit?
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