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Found 182 results

  1. This is really a heartbreaking and emotional episode. This brother is doing great seva and I recommend everyone gives his episodes a listen: Sikh History Series Podcast
  2. Do you think had Indra k#### not been, assassinated, would the genocide had happen? Were they planning to commit a genocide against Sikhs? Was operation shanti planned...are there official records of op shanti?
  3. I want to start a thread about 84 and the movement afterwards so anyone can come here and learn about it more.There isn't enough about it in one place so hopefully with guru sahib's grace this thread will serve to become a useful resource to learn about 84 .It's up to us the sangat to contribute and keep this thread going. It is all our responsibility to honour our shaheeds and to remember them and to keep their legacy ever new and alive to inspire our future generations. No one else can be blamed if our new generations aren't aware of their own heritage. It is all our fault for never teaching them and giving them resources to learn about it themselves. To kick it off here is a speech of jaswant singh khalra I came across a few days ago. You can feel in his speech that genuine pain in his heart, from having seen with his own eyes the genocide of our own people. Here is a channel I came across setup as a tribute to 84 for maybe more rare video footage I'd guess not everyone on here has seen. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCmZvPBEoVmtvLrv07TNYtw/videos also here is an interview of shaheed bhai amrik singh's son bhai tarlochan singh ji, This is the playlist from basics of sikhi about 84. To access the playlist click on the top right corner of the video and you can watch any from that playlist. This playlist contains history and testimonies of people who had been there and shares their experiences.
  4. Guest

    It’s driving me mad

    Sangat ji I did some research on 1984. It good because before I didn’t know anything about it now I do. But finding out what happened is driving me mad. I can’t stop thinking about it now, day and night I’m just thinking why did innocent Sikhs have to be tortured so badly and killed. First operation bluestar where innocent sangat were killed. They were lined up and shot at point blank range multiple times. Baba Bidhi Chand Ji’s samparda set off to protect Sri Darbar Sahib, but they were spotted by a army helicopter gunship. It opened fire spraying them in bullets, hundreds of those sangat got killed many more injured. Then operation woodrose, the army went into Punjab to hunt for any Sikh male aged 15-35 who were brutally tortured and killed. Over 1 million Sikhs went missing from June to November never seen again. November 1984 Thousands of Sikhs were beaten and burnt alive. Sikh boys private parts were cut off and forced into their mother’s and sister’s mouths. Sikh children’s heads were cut off in their own homes and left on dinner plates. Some people had their skuls smashed open, kerosene poured in the gash and set on fire while they were still half alive Millions of Sikhs killed and each one died screaming in such pain, and most of the stories remain hidden secrets I just can stop think about all that pain and suffering, why did our pyare gursikhs have to be killed in such evil ways? I feel guilty, I’m 23 and follow Sikhi, until now I lived a life of bliss in the western world not knowing any of our history. It’s driving me mad, how can such crimes be forgotten and go unpunished? Why did it all happen in the first place?
  5. Just read the comments under their tweets...shows how VILE VENOM hinduvstas are! Khalsa WILL ALWAYS BE ALONE
  6. WELL WELL WELL..........How do you all feel about this?! Some are saying it publicity stunt to raise their profiles..either way bet this piece of s### will be ok https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8513443/Bollywood-star-Amitabh-Bachchan-77-reveals-hospitalised-contracting-COVID-19.html
  7. Saw this digitized version of the article on social media just now, its the sept 1984 edition of the surya indian magazine. Very important piece in Sikh history that exposed what Sikhs been saying all these years that it was the indira's congress government provoking violence using secret state agent provocateurs in order to create a pretext to attack darbar sahib and genocide the Sikhs in punjab. Apparently the journalist spoke to high level Indian military intelligence sources from the R&AW at the time only a few months after operation blue star.
  8. Shaheed Bibi Parmjeet Kaur During operation Bluestar Bibi Ji refused to leave the side of Guru Granth Sahib ji and stood alongside Guru Sahib like a guard, Bibi ji was martyred on 5th June. On Vaisakhi, April 13, 1978, thirteen Sikhs attained Shaheedi (martyrdom) whilst peacefully protesting against the fake Nirankari cult in Amritsar. The leading figure of these Sikhs was Bhai Fauja Singh. Bibi Amarjit Kaur, his wife became an influential figure after his martyrdom. Bibi Amarjit Kaur’s sister Bibi Paramjeet Kaur was present at Harmandir Sahib in 1984 during Operation Blue Star, but she refused to leave her Guru to save herself. She chose instead to remain alongside Guru Granth Sahib in a room of the complex, in an attempt to save any sacrilege occurring to her Guru . On the 5th June 1984 she was martyred doing so.
  9. Bhagat Puran Singh returned the Padam Shree and in his letter described what happened during the operation
  10. https://www.panthic.org/articles/2557 Few statements on Sant Jarnail Singh just b4 1984 attack.
  11. does anyone have information about operation blackthunder in 1988 most of us know about 1984 but iv just found out about black thunder what was this operation did the golden temple get attacked again
  12. I'm trying to understand her motivations of what lead her to the path of such death and destruction not just for so many Sikhs but herself. Early on in her life and political career she seemed to have enjoyed a good relationship with the Sikh community but things seemed to have changed around mid 70s to late 80s. Possible reasons could be below: Former BJP MP sumbarimayan alleges the USSR KGB (who was allied with India during the cold war) advised her to targeting and painting Sikhs as terrorists and get the hindu votebank to win elections She had an estranged Sikh daughter in law manika gandhi (who was from a Sikh family married to indira's son sanjay gandhi). Rajiv gandhi and arun gandhi hated manika so maybe developed an eminity for Sikhs cos of her and wanted to teach her and her community a lesson. Akali Dal used Sikhs in punjab to fill mass jails with peaceful agitations opposing indira gandhi's emergency powers. It is alleged she took this very personally and wanted to teach the akali dal a lesson. Being a daughter of Late Prime minister Nehru perhaps she secretly held the same grudges and beliefs her father held about Sikhs that they were a "criminal tribe" when they violently resisted the partition of their homeland Punjab in 1947 and then after the horrors of partition genocide wanted what was promised to them in 1950s.
  13. It seems to me having read articles and documents that the original operation the British SAS advised was a commando raid operation sundown type of plan but in my analysis when the Dharmi Fauj Singh's defending darbar sahib put up a fierce resistance it lead to most of the Indian special forces commando's getting killed early on in the original alleged British advised SAS plan ......so it went out the window and general brar's and general dyal started to panic clutching at straws what to do next (general brar admits in video interviews he didnt expect such resistance) and therefore ordered more troops and heavy fire power to come in around most probably 3rd June. It is quite clear from correspondence letters the British officials wrote that there was a secret Indian commando team within darbar sahib already around Feb 1984. An article in the Indian suriya magazine in 1985 alleged a high level R&AW source was dismayed at what his agency was doing by creating another special agency that oversaw and allowed in arm shipments into darbar sahib. It seems quite clear a trap was being set to paint an image the Sikhs there were terrorists and that darbar sahib was some kinda base of terrorism with weapons galore but where did the weapons come from? It was your friendly no morals Indian terrorist R&AW agency the very same terrorist agency that conducted the air india 1985 bombing and blamed it on Sikh separatists in canada. The question still arises what exactly did the UK know what was happening to the Sikhs of India before 1984 and after? The very fact that Her Majesty's UK Government actually provided a SAS plan to raid our most holiest shrine no matter what the circumstances were is very disturbing and it seems they knew alot of what went on behind the scenes not just merely observing but actively involving themselves mainly it seems due to trade and other bilateral ties. They have a strong case to answer in our 2% minority populations persecution and genocide in 1984 and we should not forget it.
  14. Came across this speech was disgusted by it letting such vile people have platform to speak. What conclusions do you come to from his obvious sugar coated self promoting lies? To me it is quite obvious he is a low IQ guy, has zero knowledge about Sikh history and sikhi and sub servant to his pay masters the dog handlers in new delhi. And for evil minded indian hindu's and indian atheists to think he and indian army did a good thing is only gonna help the khalistan movement.
  15. Guest

    Dilli is Burning

    Ok ,so long story short here is a bit o background+story+and other s h * t abt the riots in dilli so, as some of u may know or might not know I'm a Delhi Sikh (and no, all of us r not crazy) So the Clash is btween the Pro CAA group (which is mostly just hindu fanatics and some RSS,BJP,bajrang dal ,other radical hindu outfit people)(note closely SOME BJP Peeps not all most r condemming attcks)(i mean thts the irony) and the Anti-CAA group. The pro CAA started the agitation first (and yea it does hv some elements of 1984 riots but this time its not on us ,sikhs)(also note:SOME ).And the riots r only in the Northeast part of Delhi(thankfully not anywhere near me)(but,they could spread judging by the rate they r going) .And yea, Muslim shrine was burnt and vandalized but it was a Mazar not a Mosque (by the Pro-CAA peeps,duuuhh!!!!!) .So thats that.I just wanna say "BE READY WITH UR KIRPAANS SINGHON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ". As for my opinions I dont support The CAA.(but im not part of the Dange [riots]).Also yea journalists were manhandled and any proof /footage them rioters got hands on were destroyed.Many ppl including a cop were also killed.Any way Chardikala Singhon,Akaal Purakh ji sahai hovan ate sabh di rakhi karan.Sarbat Da Bhalla. GURBAR AKAAAL Fatheeeehh. Take care peeps and ready those shastars WAHEGURU,save this violence ridden world
  16. Came across this Nihang Singhs amazing journey and what he went through from his own jathedar but still kept true to his roots and bana. I’m not attacking Baba Santa Singh, I follow budha dal rehat and there are virtues to Baba Santa Singh, such as doing the amazing seva of printing steeks and saroops of Sri Sarbloh Granth ji, which would have probably been lost about now. However I have spent time with all sampardayes and jathebandis which is why I can look at the role of Nihang Singh in 84 with a liberal view. Read about this amazing Singh who was in Budha Dal and decided to talk to Baba Santa Singh how he was wrong in some decisions, a VERY brave thing to do, as almost all singhs in the dal would say satbachan to everything baba ji would say, and would get angry if someone opposed. Dhan Shaheed Akali Nihang Mahakal Farladhari tyaar bar tyaar Fauj Jathedar Baba Ranjit Singh Balangan. https://www.1984tribute.com/shaheed-bhai-ranjit-singh-balangan/
  17. Perhaps the most controversial Sikh personality of our times. His supporters call him a saint/preacher who was trying to save sikhi from govt forces and fought till the end. His haters call him an extremist who indirectly targeted the hindus in punjab and led to killing of many hindus in punjab , esp the ones they claim happened by filtering hindus out of buses and killing them in blank range. I was born many years after Op Bluestar, hence I have no idea of their true personality. Was he really the one crusading for the rights of Sikhs in a nascent hindu indian state and was truly a man of peace and sikhi siddhant , or was he hungry for power ? I honestly really don't know . Waheguru ji forgive me if I slandered him accidentally . But at the same time, hindus really hate him and his fellow gursikhs. why is that ?? EDIT --- I was about to create a new thread about trying to understand what exactly transpired upto the 1984 op bluestar. Some say Bhindrawale was propped up by Indira Gandhi to counter the akalis in punjab, but that he later on started speaking against her and got out of control. And thats why she decided to end him and perhaps storming the temple on a holy day was her way of not only hurting him physically but also spiritually , apart from crushing the sentiments of millions of other sikhs. Hindus just believe he was a terrorist and that army had to be taken in to "free" golden temple from the clutches of the terrorists.
  18. This is a old video. It's an interview with the author of the book "fighting for faith and nation" It's inhumane and disgusting how this brave lady was treated by the punjab police.
  19. Has the page been taken down? Has the name changed? If so, please let me know.
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