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bhai sahib randhir singh death

Sarbloh Soulja

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Sat Sri Akal:

Alright, I'll take issue with it then. (Typical manmukh behavior...can't leave well enough alone... ;) @ :( @ :wub: @ ):

Guru Nanak Dev Sahib, when passing on the Guru-Gaddhi to Baba Lehna, who then became Guru Angad Dev Sahib, bowed before Baba Lehna to confer him the Guruship. In the same tradition, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib entrusted the Guru Granth Sahib the Guruship by bowing before the Adi Granth Sahib to make it the Guru Granth Sahib, Guru of the Sikhs.

Next, the authority of the Panth was delegated to the Panj Pyare. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, with the authority of the Almighty, bestowed them the status of the Guru's authority. To them Guru Gobind Singh Sahib kneeled and asked to be made one of the Khalsa.

My point: I do not think that the Sants listed at the page would appreciate being put at the level of the Guru Sahiban. In human form, it takes 5 humans who themselves embody the teachings of the Gurbani to become the Guru's authority; and yet, the website puts the Sants at the Guru Sahib's level. NO ONE Sikh is able to be put at the level of Guru Sahib.

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