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The Wounded Sikh

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Once there was this Singh and he would always crawl into the darbar sahib from the back like he was injured, he would slowly, slowly crawl along the floor croaking in a painful voice:

"Guru Ji!! Guru Ji! oh! Pyara!! OH! Mardita sano! Guru!! Bachala menoo!" "Guru Ji!! Guru Ji!!"

The whole sangat would look at him and get worried as if he was about to die. Sometimes he would go out for ages and when people came around him to see if he was alright he would suddenly:-

"GURU JI!! GURU JI!! Guru maharaj ji!!!! GURU JI!" and continue towards maharaj Ji, crawling and crawling, crying and suffering, crawling on hands and knees dragging himself slowly. People would think he was wounded. when he got to the golak he would reach into his pocket and get some money out and put it in the golak like nothing ever happened then he would:-

"GURU JI!! GURU JI!! GURU JI!! Guru Ji!! GURU JI!!" AGAIN then he would weep and cry and just look at Maharaj Ji for ages. Do dandaut put his arms outstretched towards Guru Maharaaj! After about half an hour of this he would then get up say Fateh! "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru ji Ki Fateh!" and sit down to get knocked out in kirtan where he would sit for hours and just not move an inch.

Anyway about six weeks of this and the sangat started to get a bit ticked off! what the hell is he doing? one day they caught him outside and said what the hell are you playing at you silly Singh?

He looked at them all and then looked down at their feet and started to cry and he said..."Ever since Guru Maharaaj first saw a Dusht, Paapi like me, he took out his bow and arrow and shot me through the heart. When this arrow hit my heart I started to bleed and when this blood was pouring I felt the hunger for NAAM and I took Amrit out of Desperation for Naam. And now every time I come to do Guru Maharajas darshan I feel the teer stuck in my heart and I feel that Hunger For naam! and Pyare! Maaf Karna! I am still bleeding even more each time I come to Maharaaj's Darshan, each time I hear the Naam the teer goes a little deeper, and I cannot withstand the pain of vichora from my preetam Pyara, Jaan Ki Jaan Waheguru!! Each time I see Guru Granth Sahib Ji, I fall to the floor and my spirit cries like a madman, please forgive this kookar as he wants only your Charan toor. Each and every second of the day I feel the pain and cannot concentrate or eat or live even, I yearn for the nectar of naam every second of my worthless life"

And he fell to their feet, crying. They all looked at him and they all started to cry and felt ashamed of themselves. They lifted him up and said go, go Maharaaj ji is waiting for you inside, go quickly we should not disturb you again.

"Antar pyas uthee prabh kayree, sun gur bachan man teer lagaya"

The thirst for God has welled up deep within me; hearing the Word of the Guru's Teachings, my mind is pierced by His arrow.

"Man kee birtha man hee janai, avar kee janai ko peer paraiya"

The pain of my mind is known only to my own mind; who can know the pain of another?

Ram gur mohan mohe man laya.

The Lord, the Guru, the Enticer, has enticed my mind.

How aakal bikal peyee gur dekhe ou *lot pot* how paya

I am stunned and amazed, gazing upon my Guru; I have entered the realm of wonder and bliss.

Firou sabh desh disanatar mai prabh dekhan ko bohut man chaya

I wander around, exploring all lands and foreign countries; within my mind, I have such a great longing to see my God.

Man tan kaat deo gur aagai jin har prabh marag dhikaya

I sacrifice my mind and body to the Guru, who has shown me the Way, the Path to my Lord God. (ANG 838)

Har darshan ko mera man bohu taptai, jou trivhavant bin neer. Marai man prem lago harm teer. Humree bedan har prabh janai mere man antar kee peer.

My mind yearns so deeply for the Blessed Vision of the Lord’s Darshan, like the thirsty man without water. My mind is pierced through by the arrow of the Lord’s Love. The Lord God knows my anguish, and the pain deep within my mind

Ahiunas jagai need na sovai, So jane jis vedan hovai.

Prem kee khaan lagai tan peetar veg ke janai karee jio!

Day and night, he remains awake and aware; he never sleeps or dreams. He alone knows this, who feels the pain of separation from God. My body is pierced through with the arrow of love. How can any physician know the cure? (ANG 993)

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

this is awesome. i thought it was gonna turn out in a whole different direction there. lol. wow! i wish i could feel so much pain whenever im not reciting and/or listening to Sahbads so that i can recite them and/or listen 24 hrs, 7 days. i wanna be like that 24/7 yo! pray.gif

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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    • I suppose Bhagat Ravidas Ji's heart-wrenching lamentations about caste discrimination (which later became part of Gurbani) were just a figment of his imagination?
    • What do you propose we view them as when they become the enemy again ONLY because they were nursed back to health by our side? If we keep healing them and they return to reduce our numbers thanks to our demented efforts to please God knows who, what then? It's cloud cuckoo-land. Who fights a war to WIN with such a horribly confused philosophy hanging over their heads?   Too late for this now. My cynical self suspects this to be revisionisim to save face or rectify centuries of damaging parchaar that has had the opposite affect of what was intended. NOT ONE giani or kathavachak has EVER contextualised Bhai Kanaiya's escapades on the battlefield by discussing his martial prowess. The sakhi has always been employed as a tool to illustrate compassion and fairness. If we suddenly start hearing about how Bhai Sahib cut off Mughal limbs and heads one moment, and then provided water to dying Mughals a few minutes later, we'll become an even bigger laughing stock than we already are.
    • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9831797/Bradford-child-abuse-report-reveals-victim-raped-forced-Islamic-marriage.html?ito=amp_twitter_share-top Social worker 'attended wedding of terrified girl, 15, to her abuser': Carers turned a blind eye when teenage grooming victim was forced into Islamic marriage, damning report reveals Independent review on child sexual exploitation was published on Tuesday The review was commissioned in the wake of the sentencing of nine men in 2019 It found social workers in Bradford had turned a blind eye to grooming victim  By JAMES TOZER FOR DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 19:47, 27 July 2021 | UPDATED: 01:39, 28 July 2021                       e-mail     8kshares 1.2k View comments   Social workers in Bradford turned a blind eye when a 15-year-old grooming victim took part in an Islamic marriage to one of her abusers, a damning report revealed yesterday. Despite the teenager not coming from a Muslim background, professionals meant to protect her then allowed the parents of her 'husband' to foster her after she became pregnant, it revealed. One of her social workers allegedly even attended the wedding ceremony. The terrified girl – referred to as 'Anna' – was left in a state of 'domestic slavery', too scared to leave the controlling relationship for fear she would be the victim of an honour killing, she told the report's authors. Details emerged yesterday in an independent report into the treatment of five abuse victims in the West Yorkshire city over the past two decades, which found that 'children suffered abuse no child should have to experience'.  Alarmingly, it concluded that some youngsters in Bradford 'remain unprotected' from sex exploitation.   +2   Social workers in Bradford turned a blind eye when a 15-year-old grooming victim took part in an Islamic marriage to one of her abusers, the damning report revealed yesterday (stock image) The report – described by the body which commissioned it as making 'difficult and, at times, distressing reading' – began two years ago after nine men of Pakistani heritage were jailed for more than 57 years over the sexual exploitation of girls who had been in Bradford Council's care. Anna was placed in residential care as a teenager in 2002 but went missing more than 70 times, according to the report. She disclosed details of sexual abuse – including rapes – to a confidential support service for girls involved in prostitution, but nothing was passed on to police or social workers. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Lumberjack, 24, doing his 'dream job' was crushed to death...Britain's biggest travel insurance provider stops offering... SHARE THIS ARTICLE Share The following year, aged 15, she told the project worker she had converted to Islam and married her older Asian 'boyfriend' in a Sharia law ceremony. The report said it appeared there had been 'collusion' with this by her social worker 'who allegedly attended the ceremony and assessed that her marriage was likely to reduce the risks incurred when Anna was missing'. Staggeringly, despite becoming pregnant, after a review Anna was formally placed with her abuser's parents as a foster child, with the family even paid a fostering allowance.   +2   The report began two years ago after nine men were jailed for more than 57 years over the sexual exploitation of girls who had been in Bradford Council's care. Pictured: Basharat Khaliq, Saeed Akhtar, Naveed Akhtar, Parvaze Ahmed, Zeeshan Ali, Fahim Iqbal, Izar Hussain, Mohammed Usman and Kieran Harris who were all jailed at Bradford Crown Court in 2019 Anna told the report's author: 'At 14 years old I was engaged to be married, taking on the role of an Islamic wife fulfilling the needs of my husband and the extended family somewhat like a maid. 'We had no similarities in race, religion or culture and I continued to be subject to domestic violence and was subject to a coercive, controlling sexual relationship with a known perpetrator. I was frightened to leave, in fear of an honour-based killing.' The report concluded: 'It is hard to understand how this decision can have been made and it resulted in Anna being entirely reliant on her abuser and his family.' Instead of protecting her from harm, the placement left her 'at greater risk and made her entirely dependent on them', it added. While there, she was subjected to 'domestic slavery' and 'sexually abused and exploited by dozens of adult males', it went on. The Bradford Partnership – which includes Bradford Council children's services and Bradford Police – has since apologised to young abuse victims who had been failed. It said a large number of defendants have been found guilty and given substantial prison sentences. The joint statement said: 'We believe that practice across all agencies is improving... but there is much more to do.'  
    • I don't think narcissism is on their increase per se  I think that narcissism was always there in people and all that has happened is the narcissism is now out in the open. It has been amplified.  Similar to how people who become rich become arrogant and obnoxious. Money did not change them, it just exposed them to show they really are.  We had social controls in society that shunned narcissist aspects so that it got buried. With social controls now being untangled it is no longer taboo and with social media (instagram and tiktok ) it has upscaled attention seeking and the narcissism. But with a overload of narcissism and attention seeking in society, I think what could happen is: 1. We could see narcissist insensitivity in that we will see people less bothered with the attention seeking 2. A backlash and swing in the pendulum 
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