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Family Getting To Me


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vaheguru jika khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

sangat ji ... im amritdhari ... and my fmaily arent religous.. and dont realli like me on the path of sikhi .. but with maharajs kirpa its goin well

when i took amrit my grandad and i stopped talking that much .. as he hates the idea.. wheneva i go gurdwara or events he flips.. so when i say to my mum to take me to gurdwara and that she wil say no ... as he will flip !!

Also i started to wear dastar and that .. hes not to keen on it but so what guru jis crown right

well lately its gotten to much for me and i realli get hurt by it .. as in im coping better ... but you can only take certain amounts right?

well i realli dnt liek him now.. and also .. it hurtsme so much the things he comes out with and also annoys me

dont knwo what to do no more... like my dad even said to me that im not to go gurdwara again!! no.gif

what shall i do sangat ji

vaheguru jika khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

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don worry i have the same or similar problem but not as bad im not to sure what to do about it apart from do ardaas and just keep up the sikhi and dont ever try to please anyone but yourself and maharaj

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Bhenji.... Stay In Chardi Kala :TH:, try not to feel down.. I know its easier said than done.

I guess I cannot really tell you what you can do in this difficult situation because my parents have always taken me to the Gurdwara since a young age and I have had the opportunity to do Sangat and been encouraged to progress with my Sikhi since a young age. I feel so lucky that my immediate family are into Sikhi and we are always encouraging each other on Guru Jee's path and discussing Sikhi with each other but Bhenji I really admire you for being the only one in your family walking on Guru Jee's path. You are truly blessed by Guru Jee. d_oh.gif

Bhenji all I can say is do ardas to Maharaaj Jee, Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee that they do their kirpa, grace on the rest of your family members so that they realise the beauty of Sikhi.

I don't know how I would cope if my parents were to say to me that I cannot go the gurdwara... I would just wanna cry as it would be difficult to live without the Darshan of Guru Jee and the Sangat.

When your family say that you cannot go the gurdwara, just pray to Guru Jee that he blesses you with the opportunity to go to the Gurdwara and do Sangat. Guru Jee will listen to you.. In the meantime stay calm and be strong in your sikhi, do more naam simran, listen to keertan etc at home.


Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

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Panji, that's a real difficult one. I think being a boy and having similar reaction from family is easier to deal with (btw my family are generally supportive, thanks to Waheguru), like you can go to the Gurdwara yourself! But if your Guru Ghar ain't too close, it might not be advisable for bibia to trek it yourself. So I really don't know what to advise. I like to remember to the shabad Chakar Charke Meho Barse Gur Pir Dekhan Jayi i.e. even if it rains and the path is hazardous, don't let anything stop you going to see Guru Ji.

Panji, have you tried discussing it calmly with your family? explain to them how bad you want to go to Gurdwara sahib and what benefits you get. Perhaps remind them of the activities most of your peers get upto and lay the guilt trip on 'em! They may realise how lucky they are to have Sikhi in their household and that they are not having similar discussion with you wanting to go do a club or pub instead.

But remember never hurt your parents, be extra nice, do extra chores around the house, show them the good effect Sikhi is having on you. Stay strong panji - you're a Khalsa and Khalsa don't lose spirit. I really hope and am sure that your family will understand you soon. :TH:

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yeh some peepz in my famz used to talk smack... like 'ah vaykh vadaa baba agyaa' n crap like that... then i jus started punkin them straight... once they know u serious bout it, and aint gonna take no crap.. they usually back off.. make it known that u aint gonna take no crap from nobody... not even ur parents if they say nethin...

indian people love to talk smack, especially to younger peepz 'cause they think they can push them around... the main reason they talk smack is 'cause Sikhs make them feel insecure about themselves.. it's their own ego that they're fueling... they don't like being wrong and when a gursikh is amongst them, their ego gets deflated and it makes them feel insecure, and they don't like that... tha's why gotta talk smack...

so u gotta hold ur own, and things should be aight... u are a KHALSA... let it be KNOWN..!! you stand ur ground and show em that ur a KHALSA... and you tell em STRAIGHT up that u aint gonna take no smack...

and if u need sum1 to punk em for u... jus gimme a shout :TH: :nihungsmile:

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Guest IN the same Boat

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!!!

I have the same problem, recieved amrit just a little bit over a year ago but my mom wasnt too happy about it. my father is a catholic but we dont live withi him, Im sure that if he found out it would be even worse but anyways. My mother is totally fine with other taking amrit and all but when it came to me it was a BIG NO NO. I have been wearing a ramal ( hopfully with Guru ji's kirpa i will beable to wear a dastaar) on my head, i have been wearing it for a while at the gurdwara but was not allowed to wear it anywhere else. Now i wear it on my joora all the time but im not allowed to cover my head all the way. My mom calls me things like " samalian" or " musalmani" and all that nonsense, it really hurts.

sooo this summer i had decided that i was going to cover my head all the time because i just dont feel comfortable walking around even with the ramaal just covering my joora anymore. One day my mom had asked me to just walk to the produce store with her because she wanted to buy some aloo for the aloo matar that she was making for supper that night and soo i agreed to come with her. I walked out of the house with my ramaal covering my head and she was like " you are going like that" and i was like " yes i am, i want to cover my head everywhere" and she was like " well them im not going anywhere with you" soo i said " fine", she got into the car and drove off and i just walked back in to the house. just like that she didnt talk to me for the rest of the day.This is just one of my many examples of what has happened. she will also tell other ppl like my mami ji things like " see... she just wants to go to the gurdwara all the time,doesnt want to dress up and look like a proper girl"

anyways ya.. like Heera Singh was saying about the comments " daykh sadda baba agai" i get the same thing

To the bhenji at the top who posted. I think that you just gotta stay strong and never give up your love for Guru ji. He will take care of you no matter what happens he is always there for you. Just keep doing your paath and go to gurdwara when ever you get a chance. Guru Ji's knows how much you love him and that you are making them effort to go soo that is all that matters.

Just my two cents

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!!!

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Vahegurooo ji ka khalsa, Vaheguroo ji ki fateh!!

Bhanji, I Completely understand what your going through. Apart from the fact that im not amritdhari.

But you know, when people contridict ( big words i know lol ), what you think, or say.. dont let it get to you. People are always, always, always going to talk no matter what you say to them, thats just human nature, people need to learn how to conrtol it, but thats a different story.

For your problem, all you can really do, is do ardaas bhanji.

1 word= Hukham.

Guruji is doing this for a reason, just accept it.

Do simran, sewa, ardaaas!... he loves you bhainji.. .have faith.

it will get better, i promise you.


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