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there was an article which i cant find right now...it was by a Sikh lady doctor...i do have a printout but cant get the URL...will post later when i get it...it says that nails on our hands are comparable to dandruff in the hair...also it says that nails grow to a particular length and then stop...i cant explain much coz of me being a dumb person myself...will find the article for u...

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Just a few things from a scientfic aspect

Fingernails are not alive as the hair is, they are cartilage that protect your fingers while hair is antenna that channels the subtle electromagnetic charge around the body.

The hair is there whether seen or not, belongs on your body and should not be cut.

Just like brushing our hair twice a day, re-tying our dastaar each time, combing and keeping our hair in order, amongst other things are all mentioned in the rehit..it is pragmatic and there is a divine reason for them..

Rochak veer, here is that article

HAIR Vs NAILS Dr. Birendra Kaur Hair VS Nails

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