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What Can Foreign Sangat Do For Sikhs In Punjab ?

Guest PunjabSingh

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Guest PunjabSingh

Dear Sangat jee,


I was wondering that since most of the sangat is from outside Punjab what could you all do for Sikhs in Punjab like :

Can you help in stopping patitpuna amongst Sikhs particularly young people in Punjab?

They are mistaken that western culture is better than their own .While only people living in western countries can prove them wrong.

Perhaps stories of how you found love for Sikhi despite living in a westernised society will motivate young minds.

Young people in Punjab have been deliberately exposed to hindi movies,porn,drugs,liquor and all sorts of manmat things repeatedly and slowly to make them loose their culture and to make them forget their Sikhi shaan and rich culture.

When some kaum is made to loose it's culture,language,identity and religion then it is very easy to make it a slave so that they dont rise up again easily for their rights.

SGPC is not doing enough though some pracharaks are doing parchaar but they are not getting good exposure particularly in cities.

Im addressing this to Khalsas out there.Moreover you'll have to come over here for this.Apart from this knowledge of Punjabi and Gurbani is a must.

Any one who comes here can give their views in Gurmat camps of Sikh Students Federation.

How many are willing to come here as there are very few members from Punjab here in this forum ?

Perhaps this time the Sikh agitation will start from the west.

das nimana

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Will you help us? If youth from us, uk or canada come to punjab to do what you mentioned. You see, there are lots of youth here and there who wants to go to punjab and help em.. tell them the reality and wake em up and create more realistic relationship. But the problem is that they don't know how and what ways should they interact with punjabi youths without offending them or making them think that "We are jealous." etc...

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I think its all up to them. They need to quit drinking,ripping people off and doing drugs and live by Gurus rehat and it will pull them out of the hole that they {not all} put themselves in.

Theres also more.

I think if people moved back to Punjab and add their intelliegence,example and well being it would help the natives there out alot.

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