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Just got my copy of the book from dal khalsa california and I hope you are getting your's also because the book is full of shaheed that we will never forget so please order you copy today. I will get the whole book in pdf form but only on one condition if the dal khalsa has run out of hard copies. So order your book then I will be able to bring it online. I scanned the cover of the books and some pictures. Pula nai sakdi sikh kaum singha dia kurbania nu d_oh.gif

Front cover of the book.


Back Cover of the book.


There were total of 305 shaheeds and I scanned some pictures.

SINGHNIA who were shaheed also that i didn't know of.

Shaheed bibi paramjeet kaur(wife of harminder singh sandhu, member of All india sikh student federation,shaheedi date is 6 june 1984)


Shaheed bibi oupkar kaur(member of All india sikh student federation,shaheedi date 6 june 1984)


SINGH shaheeds

Shaheed Bhai Tarlochan singh jee(dheroo) urf:teja singh.(Akhand Kirtani Jatha,shaheedi date 5-6 june 1984 inside darbar sahib)


Shaheed Bhai surjeet singh jee(Damdami Taksal,shaheedi date 5-6 jne 1984 inside darbar sahib)


Nephew of sant jarnail singh jee khalsa bhindranwale

Shaheed Bhai hardeep singh jee(Jatha damdami taksal,shaheedi date 6 june 1984 inside darbar sahib)


Shaheed Bhai Dara Singh jee(Damdami taksal, shaheedi date 5-6 june 1984 darbar sahib)

NOTE:Bhai dara singh jee's son on the bottom left Bhai bachitar singh was also attainded shaheedi in the yudh.


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Some places dont like showing this stuff around here :| , I dont know why, maybe because their corrupt.

I like just starting a conversation about it and act as if I didnt know they want me quiet about it. blush.gif

Good job scanning it, so people can see it online :TH:

I bow to the shabad Guru d_oh.gif

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Guest PunjabSingh

Dear Khalsa Force,


You have done a good job of scanning some pages of the shaheeds of June 1984 Indo Sikh war and putting them online.

My generation will never forget this as well as the Anti Sikh so called riots of November 1984 in Delhi and other places and also the genocide of sikhs there after .

But I was suprised to read some comments in Indian newspapers ,one of which said "time is the best healer ..." meaning Sikhs will forget all that has happened to them with time.

But they have been badly proved wrong.

No Sikh of my generation can forget those events till our death.Im sure the newer generation will also never forget them and efforts like these(preparing shaheed directories) are very much appreciated to let the new generation know what and how actually everything happened.

In June 1984 there was no cable TV or internet and the only means to get info was by watching Doordarshan TV or listening to AIR or BBC.

Since radio and tv were under control of govt the GOI succeeded in persuading some section of Sikh society that the war was against a handful of misguided youths as Indra and later Rajiv Gandhi used to say "muthibhar log jo videshi taakhton kay isharay per gadbad phaila rahay hain" and another famous phrase of politicians was "videshi haath" which could imply Pakistan or even CIA of USA.Meaning GOI is used to say a handful people were involved in "terrorist" activities at the behest of foreign powers and not an internal problem.

It was later when many people realised that it was a full scale war Indo Sikh war .

In those days we used to listen to Sant Bhindrawale's speeches clandestinely on audio tapes (there were no CDs also in those days) even at the risk of being arrested .Although now the internet has made them available to all freely.

Had those events taken place now in the days of cable tv and internet the effects would have been very different .

This is a very good effort by Dal Khalsa to make aware not only the new sikh generation but also us about the shaheeds of that time.

Hope someone also prepares a directory and jeevnees of the pure Gursikh Shaheeds of the Khalistan movement also.

d_oh.gif Parnaam Shaheedaan nu d_oh.gif

das nimana

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