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yes its true.

u have to collect all the hair and do a special ceromany to cremate the dead hair..

i am afraid that it applies to all other hair on the body..

u have to check your bed first thing in the morning and also your boxer shorts for any lost hair.

also check the showers at the gym...

please dont frett if your cat came into your bed and left millions of hairs, just do a dna test to see which ones are yours.

whops and the same goes for your nails. collect all and do special burning ceromany................. :) @

You say we have to do a special ceremony... how does it go?

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Guest HaRdKaUrWaRrIoRz

the extent to which u do it is up to u, but all u need to do is just gather the hair u see when u comb it and then do sanskar of it.i noe its not a hard fast rule, but it all depends on how much u wana do for ur sikhi, some ppl treat their hair like its their body so they respect it just as much...the extent to which u take ur sikhi can never end...look at bhai munj, ppl were prolly telling him u dont need to do THAT much seva, just do some dishes, hand out sum parshaday and there u go...but he went above and beyond what was expected and thas why he's an excelllent gursikh...something we cannot all achieve...

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grin.gifgrin.gif some good points raised ya? :)

i might start doing that tooo then....actually i recently had a dream about that. heres how it went

i am combing my hair with my kanga n then i take all the hair from the kanga n just when i'm about to throw it into the garbage my mom shows up outta nowhere n says oye aa kee karda, you are suppose to burn em.

i woke up that day all confused as my nobody in my family burns their hair we all just put it in the garbage.

i would do it solely for the practical reason u know hair not decomposing n all....

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just burn hair off ur head/beard

u dont comb ur arms, legs, so why the hell would you burn the hair that fall from there?

also rather than worrying about burning, counting or making a cn tower out of hair there are other imp things you need to worry about, these small things you should always do. you put them in the garbage can anyways.. buy a sep one just for hair

keep your head/dhadi clean, the hair from head and dhadi should be burned

just keep a seperate garbage can, put all hair in there, then tie the bag up and burn it in ur backyard lol

probably makes good fertalizer too :TH:


Good soil+

Win win situation :)

btw, nice sig Dilkhush , you should write something in the black on the left of the lion.. maybe a ak47 mm watch out for my sig/av coming in a few days

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ehh.....which book did you read? i have the from damdami taksaal n i dont remember reading anything like that....

although one thing kinda sounded wierd. they were like female should atleast 4 yrs younger than the male for marraige...huh...makes no sense

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I believe I got this quote from this website. It basically describes what is considered beautiful and acceptable in the eyes of God. I think it was from the Guru Granth Sahib:

That family, whose son has no spiritual wisdom or contemplation

- why didn't his mother just become a widow?

That man who has not practiced devotional worship of the Lord

- why didn't such a sinful man die at birth?

So many pregnancies end in miscarriage - why was this one spared?

He lives his life in this world like a deformed amputee.

Says Kabeer, without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, beautiful and handsome people are just ugly hunch-backs.

It doesn't matter what you look like, were just ugly to begin with. Only those with the naam are considered beautiful.

That aside, this whole hair thing. If you can't shut your mind up and focus only on god, then you have other things to worry about then your hair. Such as why does my mind wonder about how to dispose of hair rather then trying to understand the truth.

Don't worry about perserving our surroundings by "burning hair that fell off", worry about why your mind refuses to focus on god.

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    • This is what I'm talking about. Can you imagine this happening in Europe and the USA let alone India? Apne are just as bad as respecting whites over others and this is seen in pretty much every other ethnic group. The main reasons are- the vast majority of white nations don't have abject poverty and they have invented and discovered so many things. People therefore think that whites are rich and that also gets them respect. Do you think a Korean or Japanese will get respect by the average Indian in India? They'll probably get mistaken for a poor Nepali or North East Indian and be called chinky.
    • True bro in 2011 when 1.7% of Indians were enumerated as Sikhs that translated as 20million Sikhs back in 2011. The problem is that with a vastly below replacement fertility rate since 2011 there is no guarantee that Sikhs will be much more than 20million by 2050 or the 2051 census when the Indian population is projected to 1,650-1,700 million with Muslims on track to be 350million among that figure. The Sikh population in India needs to be 100million plus strong by the planned census of 2051 if we diaspora Sikhs do our best to financially support education, healthcare and parchaar to the most economically weak communities in Punjab and throughout India.
    • Scomo is just doing what every politician does. Remeber when there were state elections a few years ago, had a few politicians come to the gurdwara on a few Sunday afternoons while all the aunties and uncles could not understand a thing.
    • Day 1 finally got up at 4am today without alarm clock, hoping to keep it going this summer
    • Not really but been to some south east asian countries like Thailand,Singapore and stuff but I'm talking about like korea and japan and the people from there that i have met. They seem just as materialistic. They also see the world in hierarchies and think whites at top and then them at 2nd and all of us below them. I had many east asians in my uni including international students. They will respect white people way more than they will respect other people of color. Maybe it was the past that the societies had an influence of confucion thought like in Punjab sikhi uplifted many people but look at the state of it today. Even Korea now is largely influenced  by Christianity since America helped them rebuild their society and anyone can tell its a largely materialistic society at this point. Also the spiritual Japanese culture is long gone now.
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