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The Off Topic Thread Lolz!

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i notice ppl hate this thread lol

So i wanted to ask, ive not been back 24 hours yet, but do u think sikhsangat has progressed on its loudness level??? not that im saying i did it but ....yeahhhh i want pjs veerji's shardaiii...he h


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ok serisouly i think dera fake sauda guys is on crack and he needs sum psychological help cuz he is serisouyl doing things a normal person would never do and seriously why hasnt there been anything done to him yet... like seriously !! like seriously by now he shud literally be dead

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Kidan Bae ki haal a Janta da....yaar kafi mahinayan baad yaan saal baad i dunno kini der baad aya..par meray na da thhread hajay v chalda dekh k bhut khushi hoye...misss my bandri and other friends. Thanks avi u still have my pic as your profile pic :p

hor das baki saday banday aunday nay yaan bhaj bhuj gaye...

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LOL hahaha

acha ji jarooor veerji lol :D

ok ji so i had a monster technicaly for the first time today.. and i made the decion of never having it again cuz it has a funny after taste thats like serisouly grose

AH ki likhya e kuch palay nahi paya tu monster a waheguru waheguru ty lokan nu kha k tenu sawad anda...ghorrrrr kaljug khorrrr kaljug..


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