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Vaheguru jee ka Khalsa. Vaheguru jee kee Fateh.

With Guru Jee's grace, BritAsia Television in the UK (Sky channel 836) have devoted four hours every morning to religious content - and its all Sikhi, all keertan and all with english translations and Gurbani subtitles. So tune in every morning from 6am. At the moment, we are piloting the shows - along with RKK.net - and they are updated every week. However, the keertan is really amazing and really uplifts your morning to give you a spiritual start to your day. If your feedback is good, we will aim to produce new shows for every day of the week.

This week, in particular, we have two featured keertani - both with new albums which you can download the audio keertan to for free! They are :

1. Bhai Maninder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale)

http://www.sikhroot s.com/audio/ index.php? q=f&f=%2FKeertani+ -+International% 2FBhai+Maninder+ Singh+%28Sri+ Nagar%2C+ India%29% 2FDaya+Karho

2. Bhai Satvinder Singh / Harvinder Singh (Delhi Wale)

http://www.sikhroot s.com/audio/ index.php? q=f&f=%2FKeertani+ -+International% 2FBhai+Satvinder +Singh+and+ Harvinder+ Singh+%28Delhi% 2C+India% 29+%28pz036% 29%2FVade+ Mere+Sahiba

Please keep visiting the SikhRoots website which we are always updating.

Please forgive any mistakes.

Vaheguru jee ka Khalsa. Vaheguru jee kee Fateh.



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This is really great to see. Uplifting is definitely the word.

The times need to be extended for sure. If 24 hrs can't be done, I would say minimum would include Rehras Sahib + keertan in evenings and keertan to a longer time in the mornings esp weekends. I doubt there are millions wanting to watch bhangra at 9am!

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