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Fao Of Everyone! Esp Nindaks! Now Is The Time To Change!

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yes, i am a terrible horrible person and i say mean things that i shouldn't. :2:

i'm sorry.

Jasleen bhenji

Yes! You ought to be sorry! How dare you speak the truth? Don't you know its bad manners? I warn you not to express your opinion ever again, otherwise I will do a jakara for you and you will have to bake me an eggless chocolate cake (you are the third person I am penalizing with this penalty this week). Don't ever question anyone ever again, otherwise we will land at your place and you will have to make langar for everyone, and since I will be leading them, you better make some Indian sweets as bribe for me as well.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

:D :D :D


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i hope you like kheer. it's the only indian sweet i make, but i make it REALLY well. :D

langar is no problem, bring the jatha over any time. :p

and eggless baking has become a hobby of mine, so chocolate cake, no problem. but are you sure you want chocolate? i mean, chocolate contains caffeine and theophyline, two mind altering substances! :o

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