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Weapon Masters - Chakkar Tv Show


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Fateh !

I have received a number of requests to upload the 'Weapon Masters' TV show that examined the Chakram / Chakkar weapon of the Sikhs, so as requested here is the show - unfortunately I didn't have the time to edit out the advertisements (commercials) - but hey all you N. Americans get to enjoy UK adverts (commercials) !.

The Show features Nihang Dals, Nihang Nidar Singh, The Chardi Kala Jatha and students from the Miri Piri Academy - while I enjoyed the show I would of liked to have seen the Nihangs given more time to speak - the presenter didn't let Nidar Singh complete a sentence - I know the Black Country Accent is sometimes impenetrable but even so !!

Anyway here it is ENJOY !

Weapon Masters - First Shown 10 Sept 2008 on Discovery Knowledge


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Great Picture - I loved the 'Pack of Cards' throwing technique - the day after the show a mate at work said 'now I know why you wear such a heavy Kara ' - he wants one now! :D

my friends said that to me also, ''can you get me a kara like yours and that chakar thing''

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