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'khalistan' Map Found From Escaped Terroist - Tribune

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Amritsar, November 10

The Ferozepur police today raided the house of Harmit Singh, a terrorist who was on the run in the smuggling of arms, ammunition and narcotics through the riverine belt of Ferozepur district, and reportedly found several incriminate documents, including map of ‘Khalistan’.

He was living in the Chheharta area, an industrial suburb, and working on his PhD in Sikh religious study after enrolling himself in Guru Nanak Dev University.

His name figured during investigations in the seizure of arms, including AK-56 rifles, pistols, heroin and fake currency, which was “home delivered” from Pakistan. The special narcotics cell earlier had seized 14 kg of heroin from two smugglers, including Sarpanch Sukhwinder Singh.

It was found that the arms were delivered to kill the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda. He was the key member of the gang who used to provide training to handle firearms to other members of the group.

more and more singhs getting caught? or framed?

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Framed i think, smh at the media hows he a terrorist? because he had a map of khalistan? or punjab police not feeling like telling people what acts of terrorism was he involved in. even if he was dealing arms and drugs isnt he a criminal instead of a terrorist.

These people are hilarious, always claiming to find drugs on Singhs, obvious bull <banned word filter activated>.

And is it a crime to have the map of khalistan? haha my god.

Guru ji keep this Singh safe either way he is giving quite the kurbani for the kaum.

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