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I am very sad after reading the closed thread "questions" and really shocked to read posts that this forum belongs to this group or that group EVEN they know the group of ppls who started this forum and still controlling it. Reading Sarcastic replies and throwing all of your temper at us is not going to stop us providing sewa ^_^ nor it will change forum visitors mind because they know that all we do is Provide online space where sangat can come and discuss what's in their mind. Yes that's true we sewadars only provide you space rest is all working/running by common members. If you want to hate us then do it but please don't come and spread the hatred.

* Sikhsangat.com name is chosen by our veer bsbk (forum id) and he is not Akj or taksali or dodra or xyz jatha.

* Sikhsangat.com is started by two singhs and they weren't even amritdhari when they started it and they are still running it.. (Btw they are amritdhari now & they are not part of any jatha)

* One of our FIRST and most active moderator is programmer guy and he is not part of any jatha either and he is not amritdhari (just trying to make my point that we are 100% diverse)

* We have equal moderator power divided into all jathas and everyone has power to make any changes. Its upto them whether they wanna play the role or not :umm:

Sikhsangat.com is totally unbiased forum and wah

eguru je blessed us to have a forum and talk what's important to Sikh today. If still someone does not like us for some personal grudge, then a request from us to them is leave sikhsangat and it's thousand members alone. We are not blaming anyone, if someone got hurt by any forum sewadar then pls accept our apologies ^_^

Rock on SikhSangatooo ! :D

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

I am very sad after reading the closed thread "questions" and really shocked to read posts that this forum belongs to this group or that group EVEN they know the group of ppls who started this forum and still controlling it.

That makes two of us, i am very sad as well after reading that particular thread, I been on the forum from day 1. I am the programmer singh i guess. Waheguru knows i try my best and dont hold any grudge against anyone. I dont have any affiliation with any Jatha, ( never been to an Akj Rehinsabhai ).

We dont reveal our Identities so we can all have thought provoking discussions, without intimidating the forum members by our statues. All Activities of the moderators and Admins are monitored and questions are asked by fellow sewadars.

Its not an easy task to moderate as well as add new content to the site.

WE have Admins and mods from USA, Canada, UK, INDIA,and some other countries

This ensures that topics are moderated throughtout the day, but we are still humans and cant moderate everything.

Closing Topics

When we close topics, we do provide an explanation as to why we closed the topic, if someone requests it. Most of the topics that are closed , are the one that have drifted away from the origional question and have turned into fighting grounds between indviduals.

I personally dont think that the closure of

lengthy topics that are just being used for baseless arguements, need any justification.

Lastly, Feedback forum is available if at anytime members have any query or complaint.


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Guest SikhForLife

well i know how some people can think this forum is dominated by 'AKJ Version of sikhi'


people shouldnt get upset over it.. or quit the forum.. but i do agree with Ryu guy that u shouldnt always 'accept' everything u read unless u understand it fully ..

anyway wat im tryin to say is.. this all goes back to the fact there are so many versions of the rehat.. but i think the first step is to understand our guru SGGS... we r just too involved in rehats (not that im saying they r not important.. )..

we know mostly all of the rehats and what they say.. but we dont know what a shabad means.. and i think there is somethin wrong with that.. thats where we lack..

vjkk vjkf

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Guest rsingh

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Big Up to Admin :D

it is sad we are divided in jathas. :umm: im not saying there not good they can do great things but if we united we could do things 10x better.

so many versions of the rehat..
i agree but Y are there so many? we do we not stick to Akal Takath and rehat Maryada. im not getin in an argument.

my views, Pull Chuk Maff

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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although in the odd instance i may not agree with one or two postings, this site is nice . The admins are doing selfless service off their own back for all of us, i respect that and wish you all the best, not only have you given a platform for sangat, your given freedom to talk, this is a much cherished privelidge . The sangat which has been attracted here (excluding this dirty soul ) is pretty much good there are a lot of humble nice people whom i have lernt a few things in my short time here.

Thank you all and admins dont worry about few people complaining your seva is really good

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