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Sikh And Destroy

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Sikh and Destroy

Posted December 3, 2007

December 1, 2007

Sikh Sangat news

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Holding fierce pride in their identity, Sikhs have for decades been seen as �off-limits� by the missionary machine but not anymore. In a alarming trend, evangelism has begun to tread on the Sikh faith as well.

Every aspect of Punjabi society is being overwhelmed with this new wave of assertive Christianity. Besides nationwide programs in Hindi, Punjabi television channels have been deluged by Christian programs even though the Christian population of Punjab is less than 1%. Taking aim at Sikh youth, animated films and children�s books on Christianity are freely distributed by missionaries.

Because of the strong adherence to tradition by Sikhs, missionaries have attempted to repackage Christianity. Jesus is called �Satguru�, church is referred to as �Satsang� and choir singing is called �Kirtan�. Choir boys in Punjabi churches wear turbans to attempt to minimize the variation between Sikhism and Christianity. However, despite these attempts to disguise Christianity as a version of Sikhism, missionaries still cannot hide their intent: to destroy the Sikh faith.

While there have been some cases of genuine conversions, economically disadvantaged and illiterate Sikhs often complain that missionaries are using extortive practices such as bribing them with material possessions to change their religion. A young boy whose friends had converted to Christianity explained, "When I asked the boys as to why they have converted to Christianity, they said they had been given cash and free education. In our village alone, 5 to 6 people have converted and, of course, their generations to come would also be Christians."

punjab christian missionaries

An advertisement placed in a Punjabi newspaper, featuring a converted couple. Note that the male is portrayed wearing a traditional Sikh turban to woo Sikh converts.

Gurbachan Singh Bachan, former Secretary of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee and a proud Sikh, says "People who are converting from Hinduism and Sikhism to Christianity are those who have lost understanding of their own religion� Khalsa [sikh] institutions and the Government need to educate the people about the values of a religion, and tell them that all religions are equal and no religion teaches us to fight with each other."

Such provocative evangelism in Punjab does not always go unnoticed by the local community. The Open Door Church run by Pastor Harbhajan Singh, a landlord who converted to Christianity from Sikhism, has aggressively converted over 2,800 members of the Khojewala village community. In February of 2004, Singh made derogatory remarks against several Sikh gurus including Guru Granth Sahib. This led to several protests by Sikh youths in front Singh�s church in the. The conflict was ultimately resolved by police intervention and an unconditional apology by Harbhajan Singh. Meanwhile, Christian media painted this incident as an example of �Christian persecution.�

SikhGiving's experience with Christian missionaries in Punjab

SikhGiving, a small sikh charitable organization was helping a Sikh Patient Jaswinder Singh and his family to cope with their medical costs of approx. $500 a month. "At first we didn't take up the case as we could not afford to support the case for a long period of 3 years", said Vicky Singh, a volunteer of the California based non profit organization.

The family went to the point where Jaswinder's dad, Sohan Singh had to sell his cycle in order to cover a day's medicine cost. Somehow this news spread out in the public that a Sikh Organization is helping Sohan Singh's family. After that, their local Christian group came with an offer to Sohan Singh's family that they can cover his child's entire medical expenses for 2 to 3 years. They were asked to visit the church to receive the money. Sohan Singh went to the Church feeling that he will be given the money as goodwill by the church.

When he went inside, he was taken by the church officials to attend a special ceremony which was to adopt Christianity as his religion. Sohan Singh and his family are from deeply religious Sikh background. He was given instructions by them that if they want to get the financial support then he has to follow the ceremony which indirectly was to leave Sikhism and adopt their religion. Sohan Singh left the church immediately after he found that in their instructions he was told to eat Parshad (religious offering) of Christ (which was meat).

With the generous help of many donors, we are glad that we took up the case of Jaswinder Singh for the next 3 years, providing them financial, physical and emotional help.

"I never thought that this would be happening to someone in Punjab who is in need of help. Instead of helping a needy person, they are making him to do something which he and his family doesn't want to do. It was a direct hit at us showing that Sikhs in Punjab can't help each other and others are lending hand to help them but with strings attached", said Satnam Singh, the director of SikhGiving.

A recent study showed that at least 800,000 are converted to Christianity every year throughout India. In the coming years, this number can significantly increase with attacks on the Sikh faith.

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Yes, and it will keep on happening until Sikhs learn to help themselves first instead of throwing money and services at whatever new cause is being advertised in the Western media every other week, whether that's Pakistanis whose government refuses to take care of them, Palestinians who need money in order to kill more Jews, or poor Christians in India who adopted a Middle Eastern religion for financial rewards or pure stupidity and are now realising that neither their paleface Christian missionary friends nor the dead man on a stick they worship is going to help them.

This is Kaljug, get used to it. None of these Middle Eastern religions are religions anymore, they are just corporate enterprises whose profit is in souls not american dollars, and each of them wants a monopoly and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are spiritually a farce, but I gotta give them some respect for realising the nature of the endgame. At the end of the day, they know that they do not have to have believers in this generation of Indian converts - the grandchildren of the grandchildren of these new Christians will be believing Christians, and they will not know any different. It will be the same as Islam in India now, with people who seriously believe that their ancestors chose Islam because it was true, rather than because it was forced upon them at swordpoint, or because it made financial sense to be the same religion as the ruling political elite.

These new converts will be the new Mughals seeking to destroy Sikhi and any other religion, philosophy or ideology that challenges their ideas. This will happen by force, but more likely by simply outbreeding and outnumbering Sikhs and any other challengers.

But keep on feeding on them becaue of your bleeding liberal heart - maybe they will take pity on your great great grandchildren and allow them to keep their religion as historical curiosity.



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the father kept his faith in sikhi and in the end they got the treatement.

i see it this way. we have shri harimandir sahib, what do christians have. i have no fear because there will always be those gurmukhs that will never betray there religion. then there are the sharabdharis (alcohol devotees) who won't follow the path of god if it is jesus, muhommad, ram, or guru ji. they just need a bottle.

a really knowledgeable sikh was telling me about true parchar. the most effective parchar doesn't come from any baba or keertani but from the sangat you are around. if you love sikhi, then try to teach to others around you. this is one of the biggest weaknesses in sikhi right now. people stay in bad sangat and let them influence them in the wrong way. that is why so many sikhs in punjab are giving up sikhi in punjab. no baba or sant can do the parchar that i think will save sikhi. in not saying that you shouldn't stay in bad sangat. i say you should stay in bad sangat and influence them about sikhi instead of letting them mess with your mind.

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