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Promo Of Killas New Album

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Press Release by Killa

I am not going to talk much, because I am going to let the album do the talking and entertain the Fans. In the past albums I have held back on some dark secrets from my life, but in this album I have opened my heart a bit more. I have spent a lot of years of my life on the streets and I share my experience of what I have seen and describe the harsh realities of today’s world in a poetic form.

As the world heads for destruction and doom, the light of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji eases the pain of many Sikhs of the world. But there is so much disrespect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Gurbani, that Sri Guru Gobind Singh JI is not happy with our community. There is a very bad time coming to earth, we will see this in the next few years to come. All I say to the Youth is read as much Gurbani as possible, because Shaheed Singhs are telling Gursikhs out here that Gurbani is going to Vanish from earth soon because the Sikhs did not appreciate the value of Gurbani (And are doing a lot of Disrespect of Gurbani). When this happens the world is going to be doomed and that time according to a lot of Great saints is very near. So read much Gurbani as possible and do as much seva as possible. Stay out of planet Pluto and deal with current and real issues.

R.I.P to shaheed Bhai Sukhwinder Singh JI (barking – East London)

I knew the Singh personally, once we did Maharaj di seva together, he had a lot of respect for Guru Ji and was a sincere but really naive person (you know the ones that are too good for this corrupt world).

I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters who have shown me support over the years and I have to big up gadget boy the production of this new album is off the hook, he has done a very good job and i hope it will keep a lot of our youth entertained. Thanks for all the emails of support and encouragement from all the fans.

1luv from Killa

P.s Watch out for ambitions solo album coming soon!!!!!

click on link for the promo

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    • I've been seeing this more and more recently,  in middle of Paath or Shabad an advert will just pop up throwing me off completely when concentrating. I always thought its very bad to monetize Gurbani,  but then again it could be YouTube themselves. But either way wish it stops, I don't mind it on Katha's but really annoying in Paath and Shabad. Anyways rant over lol
    • Lol. Way to be late to the party there Ravi. 
    • The liberal mafia attacking Amaan Baali because he committed the ultimate sin of standing up for the Sikh community in Kashmir and told the truth of the grooming of Sikh girls. Let's look at the background of these liberals who are now attacking Amaan. Monica Gill - failed model latched on to the Farmers agitation in order to gain more exposure and credibility. On the grooming of the Sikh girls in Kashmir she was solidly on the side of the paedophiles. She promoted the Quint narrative that the Sikh girl was an adult even when the paedophile admitted that he had started to target her when she was 12/13. Her sister apparently 'researched' the grooming of Sikh girls in Kashmir and found 'no evidence'!  Ravi Singh KA - we all know about him and his liberal agenda and his main focus on using the Panth's money to help our enemies and gain him a Nobel prize.  This Angadh Singh Khalsa guy - another liberal mupp.et using the Sikh identity to further the cause of the Jihadis. here's an article about him- his main claim to fame- being a dhimmi and helping in the Kashmiri plan to turn Kashmir into an Islamic state like Afghanistan. What could possibly go wrong for Kashmiri Sikhs when that happens? His views on the grooming of Sikhs - he is 'nuanced'! How Kashmir's Fraught Political Journey Led a Young Sikh Man Into Activism (thewire.in) You can judge the value of a person to the Panth by knowing the background of the people  who are attacking him.       
    • Is that Surrinder Shinda in the video?
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