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Guest PunjabSingh

Potrayal Of Sikh Characters In Bollywood Movies

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Guest PunjabSingh

Amitabh Bachhan will now play the role of KPS Gill ! I have a feeling that in this movie they will try to potray Sikhs at Pakistani or ISI agents.

The potrayal of various Hindi actors as Sikhs is getting on my nerves now.Every third actor is trying to potray a Sikh character.After seeing such movies no Hindu is encouraged to become a Sikh or even wear a turban whereas Sikh youth are encouraged to trim their beards and follow bollywood culture which has nothing to do with Sikh culture.So such potrayal of Sikh characters by Hindi actors is in fact disadvantegous to us rather than doing any good as none of the Sikh characters shown is a "Saabat Soorat" Sikh.

The latest I have heard is that now Anil Kapoor is playing a Sikh character in some hollywood movie where he is shown chasing "terrorists".Dont know which terrorists he will be chasing but the character hardly has any beard but has a turban.Details are awaited.

At the moment Sikhs have a "chaltaa hai" attitude towards bollywood and in fact think that this is beneficial for the Sikhs but we will regret later.

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