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Some Questions On Rehat

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Just some questions about Sikh Rehat...

Can someone please answer them, as no-one really answers these questions...

1) Are Sikhs allowed boyfriends/girlfriends?

2) Are Sikh bibya allowed wear this (The bangle thingies)? Click Here to see the picture

3) Are Sikh bibya allowed to wear jewellery, because SikhNet says yes...?

Thats all...

Can someone accutally give the answers, and not just divert the topic :)

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Guest Bloom

In My Opinion,

1) No.

2) This Is a Bahman Hindu Practice. Khalsa Wear SarbLoh Karas. Khalsa Are Warrior Princesses. These Bangles Are Bahman and Bollywood Worthless Things With No Place In Khalsa Dharma Whatsoever. Guru Gave Us a Culture, Tradition and Dharma. They Include Sarbloh Karas, Not These Bloody Things.

3) The Shingaar (Decoration) Of a Gursikh Should Be The 'Naam Glow'. Other Shingaars Are Shastar, SarbLoh, Malaas Etc. Jewellry Leads To Vices Including Competition, Showoff, Greed, Pride In Maya, Etc. It Also Makes The Poor (In Wealth) Feel Worse. Often Poor (In Wealth) People Suffer A Lot Because They Feel They Have To Try To Fit In With The Rich Who Wear A Lot of Jewelry. Piercings, Kesh Beadbee Are 100% NO. Many Jewellry Are Connected To Entice Lust Etc. That Goes Against Sikh Dharma. It Surely Is Wrong To Fall For Lust, and It Surely Is Wrong To Purposely Make Others Lust For Another As Well, Etc. At The Same Time, Khalsa Should Present Themselves Well. Our Gurus Were Kings Afterall. Our Gurus Did Have The Finest Of Everything. But At The Same Time They Were Also Pooran Pooran Pooran Pooran Pooran Saints. So This One Is Somewhat, I Would Still Say, Khalsa Should Wear That Jewellry That Makes Others Want To Love Khalsa Dharma Themselves. It Should Not Make Others See 'Maya'. It Should Make Others See Love For Khalsa Dharma That They Themselves Want To Become Khalsa. So It Should Be Khalsa Jewellry, Not Maya Jewellry.

Hope That Made Some Sense. LOL.

Chardhi Kala!!

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