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What Are Your Criteria?

Guest umm

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Guest umm

What are the most basic ideas/things would you want to know about a potential spouse before thinking of meeting them?

For example:

Someone tells you about a potential, he/she has this job, this car, a house, cultural background/race, age, good cook, location etc.. his/her avastha..

How do you prioritize these?

This thread isn't for debates/discussions but merely for each member to list their own individual preferences. Thanks.

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Guest Iron man 2

I don't know about the others but I do need to get me one of these avastha meters. Is it easy to use? Point and shoot just like a camera?

Kidding aside, the first thing I would look at is the person's personality and it will fit in with mine. Once that is set, other things will just fall in to place, even Sikhi (now bring on the bashing :rolleyes: )

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Guest -Gupt Singh-

As per Panj,

- Amritdhari (Sikhi Oriented Parvaar)

- Keski

- Keeps Rehat

As per myself,

-Just whatever the Panj have gave hukam.

-Keertani, maybe...

*i dont really care about caste, or job status/ study status, or in that matter anything else.... just these 3/4 requirements should be there...

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Guest gupt

gupt singh my panj pyare never told me to marry another amritdhari or even she has to have a keski.... interesting.

Anyway back to the point. If I was going to marry criteria would be:

-Rehat is most important

-Has strong values and beliefs

-Does bare part

-Is beautiful (my def of beautiful is someone who's rehat is dear to them, who doesn't cut her hair even if she has kes on her face, who loves to do amritwela, inspires others around her)

-Looks after herself (exercise lol)

-Main aim in life is to meet waheguru


-Her job doesn't matter but it would be nice if she earned well in to six/seven figures :lol: (but we can't get everything in life hunna)

-Is gian khandi at least lol (joke btw)

Personally this may sound weird but whats the point of marriage? I've spoken to so many gursikhs they all are so negative about marriage and say it is so much dukh and their part/simran gets reduced? Their other half annoys the *""* out of them. Like I'm very fortunate to know a gursikh who sits in samadhi doing simran all day or even for days, his wife doesn't like him and throws stuff at him, swears at him. So this completely puts me of marriage I see no benefit. My philosphy is born alone die alone. Also I've met some brahmgiani's as well and their take on marriage is always NEGATIVE as well. So whats the point.

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Guest singh

nice personality (we have to 'click'), soft hearted (not stubborn - this is huge!!), full sharda in maharaj (with this base i feel a person can build up), intelligent. Amrithdari of course.

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hahaha theres always a good and bad,

YEs sum ppl get stuck with a partner that doesnt walk on the path of sikhi, and maybe they looked like they did becuz looks are decieving,

it is kalara if we make it a mess,

so we making a mess would be dating every girl in town HAHAHAHa-- u kno what i mean vikaar dristi naal kuriyaa dekhi janeeya, not cool and not good for ur eyes,

if its a nice bibi she wont like u becuz she can see the ghand/dirt on ur eyes,

respect everyone as a sister, Maharaj apay rista karlogay thru family/ gursikhs,

jsut dont get excited that just causes us to fall becuz our mun becomes kaala(fast) so when we do things in a hurry that is usually when we make a mistake (like driving for example-better safe than sorry! happened to me today worst highway driving day ever lol)

me persoanlly i would never want a girlfrend they Pi** me off soooooooo much, they say to their bf--get me this get me that,, ohh u never think bout me why didnt u do this,, always complaining and wanting attention,

Bhaji i kno exactly what ur talking bout as to why even bother getting married, U can take 2 paths, dont get married but for a single man with hormones ur gonna have trouble controlling so u gonna need alot of abhyaaaaaas and kirpa, on the other side u do get married--- that does not mean kuli shooti( ur free to do w/e) u still have to control kaam, I heard in KAtha Mahapursh Dhan Dhan Giani Gurbachan Singh ji said that a women-Suhaagan should not see anyone as a man but her husband, she does not have the desire to look upon anyone else--

As for a Male-- ur are only to see ur wife as a women, everyone else is family-sisters,mothers,daughters

Sum ppl there minds are so dirty every where they look they have kaam furney, thats groseness to the max, its sooooo bad man its KALJUG,, i was innocent about this but Maharaj made it clear to me, that even Guys that are 30 year olds they look upon teenage girls in a bad way, :sad:, thats disgusting

And girls tell me they see uncles married men with older children,, looking at them with their dirrty eyes, :o

Oh Satyug why cant we go back to u, when everyone spoke truth

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Guest err

Guys that are 30 year olds they look upon teenage girls in a bad way, :sad:, thats disgusting

And girls tell me they see uncles married men with older children,, looking at them with their dirrty eyes, :o

thats the most disgusting and saddening thing ive ever heard.

my criteria:

1. Naam Abhiyaasi, Nitnemi, Amritdhari Gursikh

2. Must be able to do keertan (can play both jori and vaja)

3. Personality (Maharaaj is everything to them, not arrogant, doesnt argue/softly spoken, respectful of my family, matching vichaar, funny, healthy etc)

4. Employed

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1. Good knowledge in Sikhism and Sikh history

2. Decent personality (caring, loving, honest, trusthworthy, patient, etc)

3. Virginity (i would respect and value a woman more who saved herself just for me)

4. Attractive to me (doesnt matter to me if others dont feel the same about her)

5. Educated to college or degree level

6. Can cook good Indian food

7. Has no financial debts

8. Comes from good decent family

9. Never lived out

10. Wont put her friends before me, in terms of priority.

11. Keeps herself in shape, fit and healthy,


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