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Found A Bibi To Marry

Guest marriagewalasant

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Guest marriagewalasant

wjkk wjkf.

i found a bibi i want to marry, but shes 22, and im 21.

we are both ready, inc. family, but is this against gurmat?

the boy = 21

and the girl = 22

is that ok? :\

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Sikhvibes ji is correct, to a Gursikh age is not a venerable criteria. However i remember in the past reading the DDT Rehit Maryada found here http://www.damdamitaksaal.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=80&Itemid=68&showall=1 and seeing that it stated that it is usual for there to be a 4 year age gap between the male and younger female. i was never sure as the reason to this and put it down to in my mind that perhaps it was so that in the eventuality that the husband was killed the bride would still be able to remarry and continue her life, as it was a majority of men who fought and died on the battlefield. this may be completely wrong, maybe sangat ji could embellish this point for me aswell.

Bhul Chuk Marf

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A study has found that marrying a woman six years younger is good for long lasting marriage. Another study found that same age is beneficial to women relating to staying healthy in long run. If you get married your marriage has less probability of lasting longer than a marriage where the woman is six years younger than her husband. However if you get marriared your wife will probably have a healthy life than a woman who is married to guy who is six years older than her. Another note mostly a Man grows more fit as he ages. A study has found that a Man is ready for another term when he is sixty. Majority of playboys have started after sixty. You cannot say the same for a woman. However in my opinion 21 is too young to get married unless ofcourse you are well settled already and are ready for children. Otherwise it gonna get boring when you hit thirty.

On Gurmat note its perfectly fine. Nothing can go wrong if god is with you. :)

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Guest My2cents

It's been shown that women live five yrs longer than men so technically it would be more better if the female is older than the male atleast they would pass away at the same time according to stats.

If u really like this person make sure u go for it there's no point at looking back at life thinking of what could have been. I do think 21 is young but i am 24 and have met many people who are younger and more mature than me.

Just do what u really want and be happy. The age gap is nothing to be concerned about. It's nothing but a number

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our previous generations would get married normally at around 18-21, but there iws nothing in gurmat that puts any restrictions on age of either partner. Nor should we with our limited budhi give opinions that any age is too young.

What age did Guru Nanak Ji get married? When you get the answer you will know the truth.

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Guest older_bibi

Age shouldnt be an issue, I am 28 and my husband is 25. i am older than him by 3 years but he is more mature than me. we have a daughter together and we havnt found age to be an issue. I disagree when people suggest a man should be older, age is just a number its a persons personality that makes them who they are and how mature or immature they behave.

I say if your both happy and parents are happy then go for it!

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My mom is a year older than my dad, and theyre relationship is solid!

The reason that i kno of why the singh must be older then the girl is that guys mature later, but like the above poster says maturity sumtiems doesnt come with age,

1 reason it makes sense for the guy to be older is that he should be done skool working and be settled in a house and be able to suport his wife,

because the wife is leaving her family and moving in with her new one,

Oh wait i kno of a singh that got married to a singhni 5 yrs older, his family said okay cuz they both looked the same age,,

there are alot of things u look at to see if its a good fit,,

so get the parents to talk and it'll be fine :)

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